Why & How I'm Growing My Hair* (AD)

21 Mar 2020

This post contains gifted items from New Nordic. All opinions are my own.

I'm not a hair person. I've never been good at styling it, I cut it myself in front of the bathroom mirror and I don't know a single thing about hair products. Give me an eye liner or an eyeshadow palette that's full of wild shades, and I could talk you to death about it, but my hair? I'm just naff at that topic! But that being said, I wanted to write a post for you all about my hair because I'm doing something with it that I didn't think I'd ever do!

If you were to ask me what the reason was behind my loathing towards my hair, I'd have to hold my hands up and say that I'm not entirely sure. I don't find it to be very inspiring and prefer to be practical rather than adventurous. I keep it around shoulder length and almost always tie it up because I can't stand it flying around my face. It also gets greasy quickly if I leave it down, so a simple ponytail or a bun does me just fine. However, over the last month or so, I've been doing my absolute best to grow my hair past my shoulders and for a very good reason!

Why am I trying to grow my hair?

At work, I am part of the Corporate Social Responsibility team, which means that I help with organising charity events and fundraising activities. So far, we've done an amazing Children in Need event, we're organising our summer fundraiser (which is probably going to a school sports day-style Olympics event) and we're doing The Chop for Little Princess Trust. So basically, I'm trying to grow all of my hair out, so that I can donate it to charity!

The Little Princess Trust make real hair wigs for children and young adults who have been affected by cancer treatment or other treatments. Because the wigs are made from real hair, there is the option to match it as closely as possible to the wearer's natural hair colour, plus the ability to curl, straighten or cut it to create a style that suits! After seeing the effect that losing her hair had on my grandma during her cancer treatment, I couldn't even imagine how a child must feel, so this is a charity that truly resonated with me.

When the email was sent around to find out who would be interested in taking part, I didn't even hesitate. I knew that this was something I should do and if I didn't do it now, then I might not get the opportunity to do it again, especially as a group. I'd said years ago that I'd shave my head to raise money in support of a cancer, but shaving my entire head was quite a scary commitment. So to hear that the minimum donation for the Little Princess Trust was 7 inches seemed a lot more doable.

The only problem was that my hair was reasonably short (and still kind of is reasonably short). My lovely colleague measured my hair and said that I probably would only be able to donate the minimum amount, and I'd have to grow my hair about 3.5" in the space of six months. It seems like an impossible task, but here some of the things I've been doing to help it along.

Taking hair growth supplements from New Nordic*

I've never been someone who believed in vitamins or supplements that are supposed to give you visible changes much, but I guess that's because I've never really taken them before. When New Nordic got in touch to ask if I wanted to try out their hair growth supplements*, I was intrigued. They're one of the UK's leading supplement brands, so they must be doing something right! With my goal of growing my hair out for charity in mind, I gave a solid 'yes' to trying out their Hair Volume range*.

I'll hold my hands up and say that I've been a bit naff at taking the supplements on the regular, however, I truly have seen results in my hair, particularly in thickness. I've talked before about how my hair became quite thin while I was at university, but after taking these supplements (and not on a strict schedule), I've seriously noticed my hair feeling a lot thicker. Currently, I eat two of the Hair Volume Gummies* a few times a week, which taste like apple, and contain biotin and zinc to help maintain normal hair. They taste so delicious and they're ideal for people that don't like to take the regular tablet supplements. I just eat them alongside regular meals (they're not replacements) and go about my day.

I've also been taking the Hair Growth and Volume supplements*, which a whole load of hair-helping ingredients, like horsetail, millet, zinc and copper. These aren't chewy, so I recommend having them with a glass of water because otherwise they get stuck and it's not a pleasant feeling in the slightest. Again, these aren't meal replacements, so I take one and carry on as normal, usually alternating against days that I've had the gummies, and this little routine seems to be doing a world of good to my hair!

I'll definitely keep you posted with my New Nordic hair growth experience, but for now, the supplements certainly seem to be doing the job in terms of thickness. With length, I'm not entirely sure, but then again, I think it's difficult to see hair growth in yourself until a couple of months down the line, so we'll see how I get on!

Using less heat

Obviously, heat plays a massive part in how damaged your hair is, and therefore affecting how it grows, so I'm trying my absolute hardest to reduce the amount of hear I use. As someone who is a serial I-must-straighten-my-naturally-wavy-hair-into-oblivion type of gal, it's kind of hard to shake off my old routine. However, I've stopped blow drying my hair after a shower (so I've been sleeping in wet hair, which is gross) and it's been difficult to get used to, but I'm hoping that my hair is thanking my for it.

I think using less heat has also played a part in how thick my hair feels. When I've used a hair dryer in the past, it's made my hair feel super glossy and silky, which I freaking love, but then once it's styled or slept in, it feels thin. Whereas now, when I allow my hair to naturally dry, it feels so much more full-bodied. Granted, it's not all sleek and sexy, and I kind of look like a wild bush lady, but it definitely feels like it has more to it.

Quietly willing it to grow

This might seem a bit daft, but I've been saying quiet little thoughts to my hair to make it grow. It's almost as if my brain thinks up these thoughts, pushes them through my skull and into my hair follicle to help them be a little bit better at doing what they're meant to do.

Granted, I don't think that this actually does anything, but in my mind, it's kind of like speaking into the universe to ask for what I want. I'm asking my hair to grow a little bit quicker, and I'm hoping that maybe by some placebo effect, I'll start to see it grow. I also think that by quietly willing it to grow, I'm sort of reminding myself that it's a goal I want to achieve and it's a reminder to not lose sight of it. Like, I see the other girls who are getting involved and their lovely long hair, and it's hard not to think 'they're waiting for me', so the little reminder to myself every now and then is nice.

Understanding that this isn't an overnight thing

Despite giving myself little reminders every now and then that I'm growing my hair out for a great cause, I think it's also key that I understand that this isn't an overnight thing. Stressing about it will only make the hair grow slower and most likely fall out, which is what happened to me at university. So remembering that it's a lengthy process and taking it one day at a time is definitely beneficial for me.

Not only does it stop me from getting overly annoyed about how slow hair grows, it'll also make the destination feel so much better. Imagine spending all of this time trying to do all that you can to make something happen, then seeing that final chop - it'll just feel so worth it! It could be so easy to get frustrated about the length of time, but I'm in it for the long haul and doing all I can to help it along.

Like I said, 3.5" in six months is almost an impossible task, so I need all the good vibes and positive hair omens sending my way, guys! I'm determined to do The Chop for Little Princess Trust and I'll most likely have my hair cut even if I haven't grown the extra length I was after, but of course, I'll keep all of you lot in the loop about it. No doubt I'll even do a cheeky Instagram story on the day of the hair cut too!

Do you have any tips for growing your hair quickly? Send them my way!

All items that are marked with a * have been sent to me or gifted by a PR company for review purposes.

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