May 2020 Gratitude List - Sunny Days & Birthday Cakes

1 Jun 2020

Another month in lockdown is over and done with. How are we all holding up? I'll admit, it's starting to get a little bit much for me and I find myself dreaming of busy city centres, date nights in restaurants and being able to give my little goddaughters a hug more than I ever did before. It's also making me so much more lethargic and demotivated, which is why my blog has been a little bit silent lately - sorry! But as my little monthly tradition goes, I've looked back over the month of May to bring you a gratitude list and inject a little happiness into this weird time.

I think May was definitely an odd month for everyone. We had lockdown restrictions loosened slightly, it was announced that schools would start to reopen and shops were preparing to open up in June, which all caused some controversy and a bit of anxiety amongst many people. We'll see where it all gets us in the coming weeks, I'm sure, but for now, let's focus on the positive bits of May!

  1. Birthday baking - it was my eldest goddaughter's 5th birthday towards the end of May and I was honestly heartbroken that she had to cancel her party. She's had a tough old time of lockdown and can't wait to get back to school to see her friends, so I had everything crossed that her birthday would be a hit, even though it was in lockdown. As promised, I made her a birthday cake (as seen in the photo above), which was a ton of fun to do and she loved it! She even said "this is better than I ever expected" which made me totally melt. I've been making the odd traybake here and there, and I was gasping for an excuse to make a big cake, and this was it!
  2. Instagram - throughout May, I was obsessed with Instagram. I used to not really care too much for it, but in 2020 and especially in May, I've loved it. I've got no idea why or what changed for me, but I've been so into posting photos, researching hashtags and discovering new people. So if you fancy following someone who posts a lot of foodie photos, likes exploring and might appear on Stories for a chat every now and then, hit me up.
  3. Sunny days - it would be a crying shame for me to talk about all the lovely things in May and not give a little credit to the glorious weather we've been having. Sure, I am super sun sensitive and can only sit outside for 10 minute bursts at a time, but my gosh, there is something about the sun hitting your face and smelling the wafts of barbecue food from neighbour gardens that makes everything feel ok. Yes, I said "I'm too hot" more times than I can count, and I will most likely keep complaining about being sweaty, but Mr. Sun, please keep your hat on!
  4. My mum's Etsy shop - my mum is mega into sewing and quilting, and was keen to use her skills and retirement to make a little online shop. So at the end of last year, I set one up for her with a logo and everything, and it sat kind of dormant for a while, until it absolutely boomed in May (thanks to North East Family Fun for sharing!). She had an insane amount of orders for face coverings and I took up the role of customer services, spending hours each day answering questions, personalising orders and relaying info to my mum. We had a good little system going on, but now that face mask mountain has been conquered, she's got lots of ideas in the pipeline (like matching bucket hat and bibs for babies, lined makeup bags and scrunchies). I've loved helping her and seeing how happy it made her!
  5. RuPaul's Drag Race season 12 - while the most recent season of Drag Race started back at the end of February (how?!), I really started to enjoy it properly towards the end of April and throughout May. In earlier weeks, I hadn't really chosen a favourite or found anyone that I was rooting for, but as the number of Queens dwindled, I was hooked. I even got Matthew on to the Drag Race train and it became our Saturday routine to watch the episode in the morning, then hop on Twitter to look at the hashtag and show each other the memes. What will we do with our Saturdays now?!

There we have it, the happy bits of May in a nutshell. I don't really know what to expect from June, but I'm praying that there's no more curveballs. I'm also not putting too much pressure on myself to post if I don't feel like it, so we might have a few quiet spells, but I'll be back when my motivation levels are up.

What were your best bits of May?

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