6 Places To Order Homemade Sweet Treats From In Teesside

30 Aug 2020

Blondie Baker

I think it's fair to say that during lockdown, pretty much everyone and their dogs developed a sweet tooth. With all of the extra time on our hands, we were all ordering so many homemade sweet treats to our homes and really supporting little local businesses like it was going out of style. But since lockdown restrictions were lifted, the sweet treat sales have slowed slightly, which may be because we're back at work or because we've realised that we've piled the pounds on over the last few months.

I've absolutely loved treating myself over the past few months, and I've also loved seeing all of the new sweet businesses popping up, as well as discovering some of the already existing businesses that we have in the area. So to give our sugar-coated gems a little boost after the craziness that was lockdown, I thought I'd put together a post with six of my picks that you can order sweet treats from in Teesside!

1. Blondie Baker

I'm pretty sure this lady doesn't need any introduction because she's basically dominating the blondie game right now, but The Blondie Baker makes the most beautiful blondies that I think I've ever had. This lovely lady has been dishing out her delightful treats to Teesside for a few years now, but her popularity really ramped up during lockdown - so much so that I'm pretty certain she's been able to make it a bit of a full time gig.

With blondie bars, tiered blondie celebration cakes and her signature blondie pies, she bakes up all things blonde, so if you want to try something a little bit different, she's the gal for you!

LaLa Bakes

2. LaLa Bakes

Something else that took a bit of a hit over lockdown was schools. Of course, all of the schools closed and students were left wondering when they would return. At 16 years old, LaLa Bakes is the youngest baker in this batch and after her school was locked down, she took it in her stride to set up her own little business. Her creations are absolutely beautiful to look at and they taste even better too!

This girl boss is so humble and relaxed about her talents, but every time I remember her age, I'm totally floored. I wish that I'd been so business-focused at 16! But she whips up a variety of goodies, from those adorable cakesicles that are taking Instagram by storm, to celebration cakes, cupcakes and brilliant brownies, so she's got plenty to offer to suit all tastes.

3. Fudge It Middlesbrough

If cake isn't your thing, maybe you'll be a fan of Fudge It Middlesbrough. This Boro-based biz is all about making their own fudge pieces in a variety of flavours, as well as sharing trays and specially designed delights. This is another relatively new business, having launched in December 2019, but it's another that really picked up speed during lockdown. It's been an absolute joy to see them grow!

What's absolutely fantastic about Fudge It is that they have the option to collect from their Boro home, but they also do postal orders, so if you're reading this and you're outside of the Tees area, you can also get your hands on some gorgeous homemade fudge. They've got a fab range of flavours that they switch up every week, so make sure you keep on eye on their feeds to see which they'll have on offer. I have to say though, the cookies and cream fudge looks right up my street.

Miss Moneypenny's Cheesecakes

4. Miss Moneypenny's Cheesecakes

If you've been keeping up with my posts, you'll know that I recently had a huge love outburst for Miss Moneypenny's Cheesecakes, but I absolutely had to feature her again. If you didn't catch it from the name, Miss Moneypenny is all about making the most devilishly jaw-dropping cheesecakes on the face of the earth. And if I haven't convinced you, just look at the image above! This is a creator that I only discovered during lockdown, but I'm so glad I did because my Instagram feed is filled with cheesecake porn on the regular now.

Not only does Miss M make massive celebration cheesecakes, but she also makes cheesecake slices to sell individually, as well as mini sharer cheesecakes. And when I tell you that hers are the best cheesecakes I've ever tried, I wholeheartedly mean it. I've eaten a lot of cheesecake in my day, but nothing compares to the flavour, the crunchy base and the insanely stunning toppings that hers have. Make sure you take a look!

5. The Baking Room by Emily

The Baking Room by Emily's slogan is 'all things desserts' and that's exactly what she brings from her Boro kitchen! She doesn't like to put herself into one box, so offers up a massive range of treats for us Teessiders, as well as a whole load of different flavours. I'm talking about classic cornflake tarts, primary school cake, cheesecakes and brownies with a whole load of toppings - Biscoff, chocolate orange, Mint Aero and Kinder Bueno, to name just a few.

Emily's business is another one that appeared during lockdown and she's one that deserves a whole lot more love. I'm really looking forward to seeing how her business grows post-lockdown - I'm pretty sure the only way is up for her!

Tallulah's Bakery

6. Tallulah's Bakery

Last, but by absolutely no means least, we've got Tallulah's Bakery, a hotspot in Middlesbrough that was once a hotspot for celebration cakes, but now also offers up the most amazing themed treat boxes. The lovely lady behind this bakery is seriously, so incredibly talented, and I'm always in awe by the things she creates, whether it's the little crab macarons that you can see above or a towering volcano cake with sparks flying from the top!

Her treat boxes are available every month and the theme changes each time, so at the time of writing, her most recent box was Alice In Wonderland themed, complete with Eat Me macarons, white rose cupcakes, Chesire Cat brownies, jam tarts and so much more. Everything is so meticulously thought through and created with so much precision, it's just unreal. She's definitely one to watch!

There we have it, six of my picks for places to order homemade sweet treats from in Teesside. Of course, there are tons of other places out there, but this list would be ridiculously long if I included everyone - these are just some of the bakers and cakey goodness creators that had my heart during lockdown and who I think deserve a bit more love!

Make sure you go along and check all of these lovely ladies out, and maybe even order yourself a little something!

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