August 2020 Gratitude List - New Friends & Newcastle

2 Sept 2020

I realise that you've probably had this conversation so many times in real life, but how on earth is it September?! While lockdown felt like it lasted a lifetime, I feel like it's also sped up the whole entire year, and now, we're closer to Christmas than we were to 2019. It blows my mind a little bit! But anyway, because it's a brand new month, that means it's time for a new gratitude list!

Over August, I've seen a bit of an increase in readership (I probably owe a big thank you to my Teesside Eat Out to Help Out guide for that), so if you're new, my gratitude list is a little thing that I write at the start of every month. I take a look back at all of the things I was thankful for in the month before because it keeps me positive and sets me up for the next few weeks. Plus, it gives you guys a little look into a bit of life behind the blog.

August was such a dreamy month and this is another gratitude list where I've struggled to condense it down to five things. I've felt very happy with the direction of my content, both on here and on Instagram, I've been making moves at work, and I feel me and Matthew are in such a good place right now! So without further ado, here is what was wonderful about August!

  1. Our shared birthday trip to Newcastle - my birthday plans were dashed back in March because of lockdown, but thankfully, restrictions were lifted slightly towards Matthew's birthday in August, so we made a bunch of plans and had an amazing trip to Newcastle. I realise it's not the most exotic place on earth, but it's somewhere that I've wanted to explore more and we spent an incredible two nights there, eating, exploring and playing Ghetto Golf. It was definitely my highlight of the month and I loved every minute of it, especially our luxurious stay in a Hotel Du Vin suite. I'd love to do the whole trip all over again!
  2. Meeting Insta friends in real life - you guys know me, I'm an anxious little bean and pretty shy about meeting new people, but when two of my Insta pals asked if I'd like to come along to meet them at a restaurant we'd all been eyeing up, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and said yes. And do you know what? It was an absolutely lovely time! Katie and Sophie are definitely my type of people, and we managed to spend 3 hours together, eating, laughing and chatting, without realising that any time had passed at all. I can't wait for our next little meeting!
  3. Matthew's new job - it sounds so daft to be grateful for your fella's new job, but listen, I haven't seen Matthew glow in the way that he does when he comes home and talks about his day for such a long time. It's definitely weird to not work in the same place as each other anymore and I often catch myself looking at his desk to see if I can catch his eye for a cheeky smile, but I know that he's so happy in what he's doing now, and I'm grateful for his happiness.
  4. Exciting collaboration opportunities - I really don't like to toot my own trumpet too hard because I'm very much a believer in staying in your lane and making your achievements gracefully (but totally shout about your successes if that's your thing!). But towards the end of August, I was approached by a national baking brand, a.k.a. Miss Betty Crocker UK and I'm now part of their content creator pool, which is just INSANE to me. I realise that it's totally outside of my Teesside food and lifestyle niche, but you guys know how much I love to bake, so I'm honestly really excited to get started.
  5. The autumnal weather - bit of an unpopular opinion, but I really love that the weather is turning a bit more autumnal. I like the odd bit of sun every now and then, but give me a cosy day in my PJs, listening to the rain and drinking a hot chocolate any day. Yes, I know we should still be having summer weather at the minute, but I really can't lie, the cooler and rainier weather was one of my favourite things towards the end of the month.

I feel so incredibly lucky and happy that post-lockdown has been really exciting and positive. I couldn't have asked for a nicer few months that I've had lately, and I'm really hoping that the rest of the year heads the same way. September is definitely shaping up to be a lovely one, so let's meet back here in a few weeks to chat about it!

What were you grateful for in August?

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