July 2020 Gratitude List - New Home, New Readers & A New Job

1 Aug 2020

You guys. I don't know about you, but for me, it's felt like there was something in the air during July. Everything was just really amazing and it was good news, after good news, after good news in my little life bubble. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure I could've asked for a better month! And of course, because we're now in August, it's time for another gratitude list, but I've struggled so hard to narrow it down to just five good things from July! But I've chosen the things that I was most grateful and happy about, so take a look.

Before we start, it's worth me saying that I found being on furlough extremely difficult, even though I tried to shift my mindset to make me more appreciative of the extra time to myself. But it feels like ever since I was allowed back to work, things have been on the up in so many different areas of my life. I'm definitely not saying that it's because I'm back at work that everything is so positive at the minute, but being taken out of the cabin fever has really helped.

  1. Fully moving in with Matthew - if you remember in my last gratitude list, I said that I had made the decision to end my tenancy and move in with Matthew, and at the start of July, the process was pretty much complete! There are still a few boxes that I need to unpack, but it's official, I actually live here now and it feels so bloomin' good. The thought of moving back to a house that had so many memories in the walls after lockdown just didn't appeal to me. Plus, after living with Matthew for three or four months, it would've just been weird to be apart! I'm so flipping happy and excited to really start making my mark on the place.
  2. My Teesside Eat Out to Help Out guide - I definitely couldn't write about July without talking about my Teesside Eat Out to Help Out guide. This was a little idea that I'd had when the Chancellor announced the scheme for August and I set about putting it together, messaging a whole load of different places and making a blog post that was easy to read, but it had loads of info. Ever since I posted it, the response has been overwhelming - I've got lots of new readers (hey guys!), my follower count has grown, I've had restaurants message me to be added and so many people thanking me for putting it together. It feels like one of the best things I've ever put together and I'm so proud of it! It's also now my most viewed blog post - at the time of writing this, it's sitting at just over 16,000 views. I can't wrap my head around it!
  3. Featuring on BBC Tees and Love Middlesbrough - as a Teesside blogger, any sort of feature in our local press is huge and always extremely flattering, and in July, I was featured on Love Middlesbrough's website for my How To Support Teesside Independents After Lockdown post, and was interviewed live on BBC Tees about my Teesside Eat Out to Help Out guide. It was all very surreal for these major media players in our area to take notice of what I was doing, but I'm forever thankful for it. It's definitely geared me up to make more Teesside content, which is what I love to do!
  4. Matthew's new job - for those who don't know, Matthew and I both work at the same business, so we're in an office relationship (ooooh taboo!), but not for much longer because he's got a new job! It means that we'll be able to spend weekends together, he won't be working night hours and will have more of a structure. I'm really looking forward to see him feel less stressed and tired, and I'm just so happy and proud of him.
  5. Lockdown restrictions lifting even more - I've had mixed emotions about lockdown restrictions lifting even more - I started off by feeling that it was too soon, and part of me does still feel that way, but I also know that I've never been more happy to be able to get out of the house and go places. Matthew and I went for dinner in a restaurant for the first time in months during July, and it was just so bloomin' lovely. We're also looking to join a gym because the lockdown weight is REAL and I'm excited to get involved with the Eat Out to Help Out scheme (two totally contrasting things there - the gym and food - but it's all about balance, right?). I do worry that a second wave will come, but I know that right now, I'm happy that we've got a bit more freedom again.

I'm not entirely sure July can be beaten, guys. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what August holds for me, but I honestly feel like nothing can come close! Some honourable mentions are birthday planning and feeling like I'm starting to get a bit of direction in my day job - but you know how it is, I like to stick to five points.

Let me know what you were grateful for in July!

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