September 2020 Gratitude List - Bake Off & Bobs

4 Oct 2020

Guys, we're well and truly on the road to... dare I say it?... Christmas! It's kind of crazy to think that this year is pretty much nearly done because the months have absolutely flown by. Anyone still processing all the events of March, even though we're in October? Same! And despite the months flying by, September was one of those funny ones where time crawled. Maybe it was because it was one of those funny 5 week months or maybe it's because so. much. happened.

September was a crazy eventful month for me. It feels like I didn't get chance to stop and sit down, which is probably why my gratitude list is late and I posted about The Scruffy Duck before I even wrote this. My bad! But I've got so much happy stuff to cram into this list, so let's get started.

  1. Appearing on Bake Off: Extra Slice - let's be real, this was always going to be the first thing on the list, wasn't it? Technically, I appeared on Extra Slice on October 2nd, but the actual filming took place on September 26th, so you bet I'm counting it! I took my punt at being on the show, and after some back and forth emails with my ideas, I was on my way down to London with Biscuit Boro and an excited boyfriend in tow. This was such a fab experience and even though a lot of our section was cut down, it was still so surreal to see us on national TV. And I had the most amazing feedback from people, both nationally and locally, with a lot of love coming for my representation of Teesaurus Park!
  2. Cutting my hair for The Little Princess Trust - another surreal thing that happened during September was cutting off 7 inches of my hair to donate to The Little Princess Trust. I did this alongside my pal from work and I can't lie, it's been weird trying to get used to having extremely short hair (not that it's that short, it's just a lot shorter than I've ever had), but it feels good to have done it. It's something I've always wanted to do and I would probably do it again in the future!
  3. Exploring London - heading down to be on Extra Slice meant that we had a bit of time to kill in London, and even before Matthew and I made this an official thing, we talked a lot about how much we wanted to visit London together! While we didn't have the longest amount of time to explore, we took in Camden and all of its amazing food, the area around London Bridge and Leicester Square. It was a fab time and it's made me itchy to go back! There's just so much I want to see and do - stay tuned...
  4. Doing grown up things and building a life - I think I speak for a lot of 20-somethings when I say that I don't always feel like I have my life together, and of course, there's no expectation to have your life together or even really know what that means or looks like. But as of late, I feel like I've been getting it together. Me and Matthew moved in together during lockdown, and we've decided to get joint car insurance, order a brand new sofa (which we're both incredibly excited about) and we've both started back at the gym. It feels like we're making moves and I'm loving it.
  5. Catching one final show at the Virgin Money Unity Arena - sadly, the Virgin Money Unity Arena in Gosforth was only around for a couple of months, but my goodness, what a sweet couple of months they were. It was so much fun to be able to go to live gigs again, especially in an outdoor setting with street food. We got to see Sam Fender back in August, then at the start of September, we got to see the wonderful Frank Turner. It was a fantastic night and because we got there so early, we managed to bag a pen two rows from the stage. We both had an amazing time and I can't wait til we can gig properly again!

Like I say, we're on the road to Christmas now, so I'm hoping for lots more festive things in the next couple of months. And if September is anything to go by, I've got high hopes for October, so make sure you come back next month to find out what I get up to.

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