5 Places For The Best Burgers In Teesside

9 Feb 2021

You guys all know how much I love a parmo, but I'm also a massive sucker for a really good burger. They're something that both Matthew and I order, and we're always on the lookout for the next best burger, so much so that I've decided to write a whole darn blog post about them! If you've been on the hunt for the best burgers in Teesside, look no further than this blog post! I've got five recommendations, from both of us and from others that have recommended to me, so take a look and get stuck into some meat!

1. Ding Burgers at The Pot House, Hartlepool & Ta Moko, Middlesbrough

I'm kicking this list off with one of my most recent favourites, Ding Burgers. This business is currently a pop up that's run from The Pot House in Hartlepool and Ta Moko in Middlesbrough, but I can guarantee that they'll be making it big and opening their own spot in the next year or so. These bunch of dings have taken Instagram by storm, offering slots to collect their famed smash burgers, which sell out in mere seconds. Their burgers are like gold dust, but they're so worth trying to get your hands on! Their burgers are incredibly juicy, humongous in size and completely to die for.

Slots for Ding Burgers go live on Instagram. Hopefully they'll have other social media pages soon - watch this space!

2. Salt, Darlington

If you're looking for great burgers, gorgeous decor and a trendy spot for a casual dinner or get together, Salt in Darlington is a massive shout. Their branding is on point, their food is absolutely killer and the restaurant is like something from Pinterest. Seriously, people rave about Salt and their burgers, and for very good reason. Salt have a massive range of burgers on offer, including chicken, beef and veggie options, but each pimped in their own way to make them totally irresistible. I highly recommend the Your First Rodeo burger with some upgraded fries - thank me later.

For more info, check out Salt on Facebook, Instagram or their website.

Source: Salt Darlington

3. Sticky Fingers, Middlesbrough

Fancy the experience of a rock-themed restaurant, but don't want to drive up to one of the big cities to visit that well known brand of restaurants? Sticky Fingers in Middlesbrough have got you covered. Sticky Fingers eat, sleep and breathe all things good music, good drinks and good food, so their spot offers live music nights, cold beers and a gourmet burger menu. But not just any gourmet burgers - they're all music-themed. Take a look to see 'The Patti Smith', the 'Red Hot Chilli Pepper', the 'Stevie Chicks' and so many more amazing names and ingredients! If that wasn't enough, there's also a dog-friendly menu too, so your pooches can be in on the rockin' food.

For more info, check out Sticky Fingers on Facebook, Instagram or their website.

4. Hope & Union, Stockton-on-Tees

If you haven't heard of Hope & Union yet, you absolutely need to get yourself down to Stockton to check them out! Nestled away in Silver Court, away from the High Street, you'll find Hope & Union - a gorgeous little spot with a white front and a cosy vibe. This place is a firm favourite in Stockton (even my mum is a fan) and it's somewhere that is constantly raved about. Their gourmet burger menu doesn't have tons of choice, but it's perfectly formed, with towering beef burger creations and veggie options, too. Give the Beast Burger a go - it's stuffed with three patties, bourbon jam, candied bacon, onion rings and Parlour Made cheese!

For more info, check out Hope & Union on Facebook, Instagram or their website.

Source: Sticky Fingers Middlesbrough

5. Tasties, Darlington

I put out a call on Facebook for people to contribute their favourite spots in Teesside for burgers and one answer that came back multiple times was Tasties in Darlington. This spot is specifically for those of us who want to order a takeaway, so you can also grab a pizza or parmo alongside your burger too. Now, I'll be honest, I've never had a Tasties takeaway, but they've got a fantastic burger menu, given that they're a takeaway. It includes the XXX burger, which sounds like a meat lover's idea of heaven, and the Hot Shot burger that's packed full of spice. If you're planning a cosy night in, this could be a new takeaway for you to try!

For more info, check out Tasties on Facebook or their website.

I hope that this blog post has made you sufficiently hungry and that you've got a little list of places to try for the best burgers in Teesside. If there's anywhere that I've missed, please let me know - I'd absolutely love to give some new spots a try and find out if their burgers can match up to these five!

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