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27 Feb 2021

Sources: OH Hair by Rebecca Crook
Hair is something that I'm terrible at and I'm always in total awe of people who find that hair styling just comes naturally to them. Seriously, I'm just a 'whack it in a half up, half down' kinda gal and then I can go about my day, which is probably horrifying for today's Independent Tees Collective feature to hear! This Saturday, I'm talking all about OH Hair by Rebecca Crook, which is a brand new business to me, but one that I'm definitely going to be watching in the future.

After asking for suggestions for businesses to include in this series, OH Hair was one of the top recommendations, so of course I had to have a little look. I was instantly so amazed by Rebecca's talents and her huge portfolio of hair transformations... I just had to know more! Take a read through this post to find out what made Rebecca start this business venture, what she loves most about her biz and her most memorable transformation to date!

Hello! Let's start with a bit of an introduction. Who are you and what is your business all about?

My name is Rebecca Crook and I'm a hairdresser that set up just before Covid-19, due to start within Middlesbrough Sports Village prior to the first lockdown. I have only been up and running after the first gym restrictions were lifted, since my salon is based within a gym facility. I then remained open until the instructions to close again for the second lockdown came into place. While I have only been up and running for a short time, I specialise in colouring.

Sources: OH Hair by Rebecca Crook

Where did the inspiration for OH Hair come from?

I've worked in a salon from the age of 15, but the confidence to go alone was always an issue, however, I always wanted more. I left the salon that I'd worked in for years and joined a place named Sunshine Wood. This gave me a little inspiration and gave me the drive to really make things work back. As a mum of two, I always held back as failure was never an option for me. My son Oliver, age 3, and daughter Hope, age 1, gave me the extra drive. I wanted them to see that anything was possible and this is where the inspiration for my name came from, OH Hair. I now feel like my name holds a sentimental value and always reminds me when things get hard who it is that I'm doing it for.

Describe the most memorable hair transformation you've undertaken!

Box dyes... they're every hairdressers nightmare! I remember a client of mine colouring her hair blonde and it just being a complete disaster when she came to me. Fortunately, we managed to transform her hair that day and it was actually that day that really gave me the confidence boost to think 'I really could do this alone if I want to and work hard enough'.

What do you enjoy most about running OH Hair?

For me, family is a huge part of my life, so the fact that OH Hair fits perfectly around family life really helps me balance everything so much easier. Where I'm based, I work alongside another self employed hairdresser under the name Elljay and beautician under the name Beauty & Holistics with Kat. We all really help each other along, there's no competition and at the moment, I am really enjoying having the support of friends throughout my journey.

I think this year, I really have gained so many genuine friends along the way whilst running my business. A lot of clients have really turned into friends that I would see outside of work. That's easily been the most enjoyable part of my journey so far.

Sources: OH Hair by Rebecca Crook

What has been OH Hair's biggest achievement so far?

I think for me, the fact that I'm still standing and still getting support from loyal clients really speaks volumes. For someone who has barely even been open for 8 months, to have the response it has had is more than I could have ever dreamed of.

What do you love about the Teesside independent scene?

I believe everyone in Teesside is very supportive. A lot of small businesses have shared, liked and even come to my salon themselves for treatments and that's what I believe is paramount to helping little local businesses succeed. I have certainly realised the importance of shopping local during this uncertain time.

What's next for OH Hair? What do you hope for the future?

Hopefully restrictions ease and I can work to a set schedule a lot more across the rest of 2021. I would love to do some extra training courses to really help make my business grow. As a child who worked in a salon for some pocket money during school all those years ago, it would be great to eventually have someone working for me like I did all those years back.

And finally, recommend one other Teesside independent to us!

For me, I would have to recommend Sunshine Wood Billingham. Not just because I'm biased, but it's an amazing setting for families. The natural educational centre that's set within 84 hectors of woodland is honestly breathtaking.

If you're in need of a new 'do, especially if it's a fresh and updated colour, don't hesitate to get in contact with Rebecca of OH Hair. She's such a lovely and genuine person, and as you can tell from all of these photos and this blog post, she's extremely talented and passionate about hair. Make sure you check her out on Facebook or Instagram and get yourself booked in.

Make sure you check back next week for another incredible Tees independent!

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