5 Teesside Women Who Inspire Me - International Women's Day

11 Mar 2021

Source: Wander Films

I decided that one post for International Women's Day just wasn't enough - we've got too many inspiring women in this region and it's only right that I have a bit of a say. And so for my second International Women's Day post, I want to talk about 5 Teesside women who inspire me. I look up to each of them for different reasons, but the one thing that ties them all together is that they are all fantastic females who I think you should all check out!

1. Chloe Clover & Lou Tonner

If you read my female-led Teesside businesses to watch post, you'll remember Clover and Lou from the bit about Wander Films. This duo travelled around the world together, creating amazing video pieces and exploring all corners of the globe, before coming back to Teesside to set up their video marketing and production company. To see two women around a similar age to me set up such a thriving and innovative company is amazing, and it inspires me to want to do the same. Stay posted for my content marketing biz! But seriously, seeing these two absolutely storm the video marketing game in Teesside has been incredible and they're just going to keep going up.

Source: Ellie Rees from Teesside Live

2. Ellie Rees

There are so many reasons why Ellie Rees has made it on to this list, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that we were in the same year at school. To start with, she's another woman who's gone on to start her own company, Collab Media, after her university degree. This biz specialises in social media marketing and social content creation, and she works with some dreamy clients. Not only this, but Ellie also does amazing work for charity, and one of her most recent projects was gathering food to deliver to schools for the kids that would go without dinners during lockdown. It was a great campaign and she absolutely smashed it. She's definitely one lady to keep your eye on because she's going places!

3. Sharon Williams

I'm such a little social media creeper, but one Tees lady who I absolutely love following on Instagram and Twitter is Sharon Sinclair Williams. As a fellow blogger, I'm always going to support her content, but I also love everything that she stands for. I'd say the first thing that someone would notice about Sharon is her love for colour, both in her interior design and in her clothes. She's not afraid to be herself on social media, which is admirable in this current climate. But she also advocates for over 50s and shows that life in 50+ isn't to be stereotyped and can still be vibrant. She's just fabulous and I hope to be even half as cool as her when I'm in my fifties!

4. Claire Whaite

You guys have heard me talk about Punky Pins so many times, both on my blog and on social media, but I've loved the brand since I was a teenager. So when I found out that this biz was owned by Claire Whaite, a kick ass woman whose social beliefs ooze through the products she creates. It's so inspirational to see a strong, creative lady sitting at the head of multiple companies who injects her passions into the things she puts out into the world - whether that's awareness around chronic illnesses, vegan representation, or an undying love for cats and dogs. From the pins she creates with Punky Pins, to the production of corporate pins and stickers with Zap! Creatives, Claire is making waves, not just in Teesside, but around the world.

5. Erica Saul

I could recommend so many places to eat and drink in Teesside, but if you wanted a pub with oodles of charm and an eclectic edge, it's got to be The Twisted Lip. This spot, which is my favourite watering hole in Boro, is owned by Erica Saul and her husband, Matthew, along with the popular restaurant, Vine. While I'm sure that there are plenty of women at the helm of eateries across Teesside, knowing that one of my favourite indie pubs that offers music nights and actual drinks instead of just your typical Carling is super inspirational to me. I'm really excited to see where she takes the two venues post-lockdown and I know she'll bring the world back to rights!

I'm all for learning about other awe-inspiring and incredible women in our area, so please let me know who I need to follow and watch. I hope that I've helped you to learn a little more about the talent in Teesside, so let's hear it for the girls!

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