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13 Mar 2021

Source: Daisy Distillery

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, we have such a wealth of amazing breweries and distilleries in Teesside, with so many names that I'm sure you're familiar with. I've only become a gin fan over the last couple of years, but ever since I've been really interested in our local gin scene, but one business that particularly stands out from me is Daisy Distillery.

You may have seen Daisy Distillery popping up at all the local markets and noticed their gorgeous bottles. Each features the silhouette of our beloved Roseberry Topping and with all the different colours, they are difficult not to spot! And what's even better is that there's a great man behind the business with so much support for the local area and plenty of stories that bring his gin to life. Take a look at the rest of this post to find out more about Daisy Distillery and treat yourself to a bottle.

Hello! Let's start with a bit of an introduction. Who are you and what is your business all about?

I’m Steve and my little business is Daisy Distillery. I started it with Gail, my wife, in 2018 and we named the distillery after our little bulldog, Daisy. We distil small batch, premium gins in Skelton, near Saltburn.

Where did the inspiration for Daisy Distillery come from?

The inspiration came from so many things - love of my local region and a love of good gin. I had a good understanding of distilling and I really enjoy cooking. Distilling combines the enjoyment of flavour profiles with the skill of the distilling process. I wanted to develop and showcase what can be done with a good dry gin, all natural, keeping the inspiration of each gin from local flavours and utilising as much local content as possible.

Source: Daisy Distillery

You've got a selection of amazing flavours, but which one is your favourite and why?

A very difficult question - almost impossible to answer! I’m a lover of dry gins so I really enjoy our Original and Apple gins. I love these neat or in a dry gin martini so you can really enjoy the complexity of the gin. Our Lemon gin I enjoy as a longer drink. It’s really zesty and brings back memories of enjoying a Pacittos lemon top at the seaside. The Roseberry is our fruitier gin, but I didn’t want it to be syrupy sweet. It starts as a dry gin before we steep it with fruit and it's delicious with a good tonic or in a bramble. Ironstone gin, our oak aged - wow - still makes me smile every time I taste it!

What do you enjoy most about running Daisy Distillery?

I love distilling. I love the process, the creativity and skill. Balancing the botanicals, understanding how they react together, the flavours and deciding when to take the cuts. There’s also the technicality behind the still design, shiny stuff - boring to some, maybe, but I love it! I’m a bit shy around new people, but I do enjoy meeting people at the markets and events we do - it brings me out of my shell. It’s been great to meet and get to know local businesses and producers, Gail and I have made a lot of friends through the business.

What do you enjoy most about running Daisy Distillery?

Actually opening! It was such a challenge.

Source: Daisy Distillery

What do you love about the Teesside independent scene?

Where do I start? Teesside and the surrounding area has so much talent and excellence in its independent producers, retailers and hospitality. There’s more to Teesside than steel and chimneys (proud of that part too!). There is a fantastic community building in the area of great independent artisan distilleries and gin businesses – Little Quaker, Yarm, Pitwheel, Captain Cook, ABV and The Little Gin Palace. It’s really great to see good distillers, while being competitors, enjoying good relationships. It drives the scene forward in a positive manner.

What's next for Daisy Distillery? What do you hope for the future?

2020 was a challenging year for us and we have some ambitious plans for the future, but at the moment, we are staying flexible and adaptive to try and ensure we can get over this difficult time.

And finally, recommend one other Teesside independent to us!

I can't single out just one - sorry! I've got a whole list.

For innovative food, I need to recommend Deja Food Truck. They are just superb and continuing to fly the flag for the Teesside food scene.

I love delis and in particular, Deli at No. 85 and R&R in Skelton, and Rose & Potter in Marske. They are all really great and they've dealt so well with the terrible year that was 2020.

The Shed in Normanby - until lockdown, you used to find me there enjoying a pint or a G&T with Daisy, just like 'Cheers' but with a smoggy accent.

And a special shout out to The Little Gin Palace. Bridget started her events business as lockdown hit, and to reinvent the business and grow in such a way shows a real strength and resolve. Her service is absolutely second to none.

Source: Daisy Distillery

I mean, does it get better than a person who is passionate about where they live and makes gin with Roseberry Topping on the bottle? I really don't think so! If you like what you've read, make sure you check out Daisy Distillery's site to pick up a bottle, or their Facebook page and Instagram to keep up with them.

Make sure you check back next week for another incredible Tees independent!

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