April 2021 Gratitude List - Dream Collabs & Holiday Planning

4 May 2021


I'm not quite sure how to explain this, but for me, April went by so slowly, but so quickly at the same time. As I'm sitting and typing this now, it felt like it went by in a flash, but when I was living the month out, it absolutely crawled by. That's not always necessarily a bad thing though, and April was actually a pretty great month for me!

If you're new around here, I like to do a post every month to chat about the things that I was grateful for in the previous month. It's just a really nice way for me to reflect and sort of ground myself, particularly if there have been no major happy events to report on. It reminds me to enjoy the little things and be thankful for what I have. And so today, I'm talking about everything that I was grateful for in April!

  1. The world starting to reopen - I'll be honest, when it was announced that restrictions would start to ease from April 12th, I was a little bit anxious. My whole thought process was "we've been here before and we could end up going back into lockdown again", which no one wants, of course. So we didn't plan to move with the herd and decided to just stick to getting back to the gym, but after everything sort of relaxed, we did some al fresco dining and loved it! It was also nice to walk about in town and see people out on the streets again. It all felt a bit more normal, didn't it?
  2. Achieving my dream collaboration - if you're not following me on my The Northernist Instagram, then you may have missed all of the stuff that's been going on. But towards the end of 2020, I said that one of my dream collaborations would be with Enjoy Tees Valley, and I achieved this dream in April! I worked with them to put an Insta video together to highlight some of the best things about the Tees Valley, and the final thing is pretty cool. Big thanks to Matthew for being amazing at filming and editing, and helping me put it all together.
  3. Planning a glamping trip - apart from our trip to London for our appearance on Extra Slice, Matthew and I have never had a proper little trip away because we got together right at the start of the pandemic. Now that everything is relaxing a bit, we have been looking to put a little glamping getaway together. We've been putting money aside in little holiday pots, and we've managed to get a good amount so that we don't need to scrimp on accommodation or little excursions. I'm really looking forward to it (even though we haven't actually book anything yet) - some downtime is very much needed!
  4. Getting back to the gym - I'm not a gym bunny by any means, but working out and getting my sweat on makes me feel some type of way. When the third lockdown hit and it was announced that everything would be closed, it was the gym that I missed most. So when everything started to reopen, we were back on the first day and my gosh, did it feel good. We're trying to get back into a routine, which is difficult as it's always so busy, but as long as I get to go and feel the burn, I don't really mind!
  5. The sunny weather - April saw a bit of a turn in the weather for us and we had some gorgeous days of sunshine. Granted, there was one day where I spent so long outside and hadn't realised how sunny it was, and my whole face burned (I'm still seeing the peeling now). But it was so lovely to actually feel some warmth, and get out and about to explore in the sunshine.

And that was my April in a nut shell! It was a really amazing month and I'm feeling so positive about myself and the direction that I'm going in. Let's keep our fingers crossed for the same momentum in May.

What were you grateful for in April?

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