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12 Jun 2021

Source: Lucy Addison Jewellery

We have such a gorgeously diverse mix of businesses here in Teesside, and I find Instagram one of the best places to find new people to shop from or admire. And that's exactly where I found today's Indie Tees Collective feature! This business is also a little bit different from the rest of my other features as she's out first jewellery maker, so if that sounds up your street, keep reading!

As I mentioned, I first came across Lucy Addison Jewellery on Instagram, and I instantly fell in love with her pieces. She creates some of the most stunning and minimal gemstone jewellery I've seen, as well as giving us glimpses of the setting process. You can tell that so much love goes into each piece, and I think she's truly perfected her craft. I'm always looking forward to see what she produces next, and I think that the future is definitely bright for her! I was eager to know more about her and her biz, so I absolutely had to get her on for a feature.

Hello! Let's start with a bit of an introduction. Who are you and what is your business all about?

I’m Lucy Addison and I make silver and gold jewellery, which often incorporates text and beautiful gemstones.

Where did the inspiration for Lucy Addison Jewellery come from? What made you want to kickstart it?

I studied Applied Arts for Enterprise at The Northern School of Art (formally know as Cleveland College of Art & Design) and graduated in 2013. During my degree, I worked with jewellery, ceramics and textiles, and knew during this time that I wanted to sell my work. I focused on jewellery and ceramics in my third year, and sold work at my degree show and it kind of just went from there. Although jewellery has become my main focus and keeps me busiest with commissions, I still occasionally create batches of ceramics which are slip cast using porcelain slip.

Source: Lucy Addison Jewellery

Which of your pieces is your favourite and why?

My favourite thing in the world to make (and wear) is rings! Personalised rings have always been my best seller, until recently when I started using gemstones in my work, which have quickly become a favourite of my customers and I love making them into rings.

Where do you take inspiration for your jewellery from?

My main inspiration comes from text and letters, which I translate across most of my jewellery pieces using metal letter punches. Personalising my work with a customer's message means the piece becomes sentimental to its wearer and is worn for years to come. To be honest, with my gemstone jewellery, the inspiration came from wanting to teach myself something new, so I read books, watched tutorials and attended a workshop in Leeds to learn about stone setting, and after showing a few gemstones I was working with on my Instagram, it kind of just blew up.

What do you enjoy most about running Lucy Addison Jewellery?

I LOVE having my own business - something in which every aspect is mine and created by me. I am the designer, maker, photographer, order packer, website maker, the list goes on, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love being busy and being a maker is just something that is in me. If I’m not making jewellery, my hands are always fiddling with something.

Source: Lucy Addison Jewellery

What has been Lucy Addison Jewellery's biggest achievement so far?

I think my biggest achievement overall is just growing my business year on year - it just keeps getting better and better. I’ve exhibited work across the UK, and stock shops and galleries from the Channel Islands, across the UK, right up to Scotland. I’ve been featured in some great magazines, including Living North and Craft Magazine.

What do you love about the Teesside independent scene?

I love how many small independent businesses there are in Teesside, and I love shopping small to support them. I think we are lucky to have so many creative people in our area. If you are looking for a gift or something for your home or a treat for yourself, there will definitely be somebody locally in Teesside who make what you’re looking for. I think it's so important to support local small businesses rather than the huge chain shops.

What's next for Lucy Addison Jewellery? What do you hope for the future?

I think to continue to grow my business is number one, but I’d also like my own premises to work from. As well as this business, I’m also a Director of Creative Village CIC along with Jess Langford. We, as Creative Village, deliver art-based workshops throughout Teesside to different organisations and we’re funded by Awards For All, Big Lottery Fund. So our hopes for the future are to have premises to continue to grow our jewellery businesses, as well as have somewhere to deliver our workshops from, which will bring more opportunities for more specialised jewellery and ceramics workshops.

Source: Lucy Addison Jewellery

And finally, recommend one other Teesside independent to us!

I honestly can’t choose just one! Jessica Langford, my wing woman in business, also has a jewellery business. Amy Elaine Nails - one of my bests has a nail business, which despite only starting just over a year ago is going from strength to strength. Her nail art is insane and keeps me from biting. Rosebud Casson has recently turned her product-based business into a digital virtual assistant biz, which I feel all small businesses should know about. The services she offers are everything a business needs a hand with!

How beautiful is her work? I'm a particular fan of her moonstone, opal, and rose quartz pieces, but every single one is just stunning! Like I say, I think the future is really bright for Lucy and I can't wait to see how her business grows. If you would like to make a little purchase from her, you can head to the Lucy Addison Jewellery website, or if you want to keep up with her work, check her out on Facebook or Instagram.

Make sure you check back next week for another incredible Teesside independent!

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