TEESSIDE TV (06/06/2018)  - Teesside landmarks MADE OF CAKE
I got involved with Cake Fest Middlesbrough to celebrate the refurbishment of the Town Hall and as part of the promotion, I was featured on Teesside TV (Made In Teesside at the time). I made a practise cake to show them how my finished Baker Street cake might look and talked about what the event meant for our town.

CRYSTALLISED & MIDDLESBROUGH TOWN HALL (04/07/2020)  - The Great Boro Bake Off hailed huge success
Food expert and even creator, Simon Preston, takes his Cake Fest concept up and down the country, and I got involved with the Middlesbrough leg to celebrate the refurbishment of the Town Hall. Each participant is asked to bake a cake that represents a landmark or building in the town, then an edible map is created. I made Baker Street and came third place!

LOVE MIDDLESBROUGH (14/07/2020)  - How to support local independents after lockdown (Buy Boro)
In order to support Love Middlesbrough's Buy Boro initiative, my blog post was shared on their website and adapted to aid their cause. This included ideas, such as write a positive review, engage with businesses on social media, reschedule events rather than cancelling bookings and more.

BBC TEES (20/07/2020) - Teesside Eat Out to Help Out with Neil Green
After the lockdown restrictions were starting to lift, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the Eat Out to Help Out scheme. To promote this, I compiled a list of places across Teesside who were taking part in order to help elevate our local businesses. This blog post went viral with thousands of views and hundreds of shares, and BBC Tees interviewed live me to find out more about it.

BBC TEES (27/07/2020) - Teesside Eat Out to Help Out with Rachel Teate
My Eat Out to Help Out guide picked up attention quite quickly and I was invited to talk about it on Rachel Teate's 6PM - 10PM show on BBC Tees. We talked about the list, when I started my blog and what I write about, and I also gave some recommendations of places to visit from my list. This was a pre-recorded segment.

TEESSIDE LIVE (27/07/2020) - Every Teesside restaurant taking part in the government's Eat Out to Help Out scheme
After the government released a search function to find out which restaurants were taking part in the Eat Out to Help Out scheme when a postcode was entered, Teesside Live created a full list of all participants. They referenced my blog post in the article, which I posted a couple of weeks before after doing my own research and approaching restaurants directly.

TEESSIDE LIVE (28/09/2020) - Foodie's gingerbread map of Middlesbrough set to appear on telly's Bake Off Extra Slice
Towards the end of September 2020, I applied and appeared on Bake Off: An Extra Slice, the spin off show from Great British Bake Off. I used this opportunity to bake 'biscuit Boro', a giant map of Middlesbrough with a few iconic landmarks and some hometown favourite spots, made entirely of gingerbread. I was interviewed by and featured on Teesside Live.

LOVE MIDDLESBROUGH (06/12/2020) - Christmas in Middlesbrough
Love Middlesbrough produced a page of information to provide people with information on what was available for Christmas in 2020, including activities, car parking and more. This page linked to my Teesside gift guides, giving shoppers a bit of inspiration when it came to buying gifts locally.

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