I've Graduated!

27 Jul 2016

It's official, I'm an English graduate! I won't lie, it hasn't really sank in yet and I can't quite believe it's all over. But saying that, I'm so proud of myself and I can't wait to see what the world has to hold for me.
I had been looking forward to the day for such a long time, and I actually started planning my outfit months in advance when J bought me this ASOS dress for Christmas. I just knew there and then that that was the dress I wanted to wear! And so I ended up buying these shoes from Next and the brown and nude version of this bag from New Look to complete my whole outfit. Of course, barely anyone saw what I had on because of the gown, but I was still crazy pleased.
What I wasn't crazy pleased about, however, was the heat. It was last Tuesday that I graduated (19th July), which was officially the hottest day of the year so far. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate being too hot, and I think the temperature on the day reached at least 31c. Hot weather + black gown = extremely grumpy Olivia. There were almost tears in the morning because my hair wouldn't hold curls due to the heat, and then it went mega frizzy because of the humidity. I swear, I was about ready to put it in my usual ponytail and call it a day. But I finally managed to get myself together, make do with the frizzy hair and get out of the house.
I'll admit, I was absolutely terrified to do the whole walk-across-the-stage-and-shake-the-vice-chancellor's-hand thing. Having everyone's eyes on me and the fear of tripping over felt a little overwhelming, but I managed to do it without falling flat on my face or losing my cap!
I actually left quite early because the heat was too much for me, at around 3pm, and I went home for a shower and a lie down. But then J and I went for a little walk around our local park, and we went out for a delicious tea with my family to Central Park. I had the most amazing pizza and treated myself to a Daim bar cheesecake for dessert. It was such a nice evening, and there was even a table magician that just made it even better!

Overall, the day was absolutely lovely, and it was a great end to my 4 years at Uni. I have been thinking a lot about doing a Masters in creative writing, because it's been a dream of mine to be in the writing and publishing world. But I've convinced myself not to rush back into education and take at least a year off to find a job. Very responsible of me, I know, but you never know, I might be publishing my own books one day!

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  1. Graduations are the best. I loved my high school graduation even though there was a lot of pressure!