Morphe 25B Bronzed Mocha Palette + Swatches

18 Jul 2017

When it comes to makeup, there are those people that are all about achieving the perfect base and getting that flawless finish. There are some people who love nothing more than to get their lips looking luscious and then those that are about getting that perfect bronzer-blush-highlight combo. For me, I am all about eyes. I think that they're the most attractive feature on my face, so I love experimenting with eyeshadows, liners and mascaras to get my eyes popping. Now, do I really need more eye products to play with? Absolutely not, but did that stop me from buying this palette? Did it heck! As soon as I saw this beauty I knew it had to be mine. This is the Morphe 25B Bronzed Mocha palette, the first Morphe palette I've ever owned, and I'm just head over heels for it.

Something you may not know about me is that I have sectoral heterochromia, which is a genetic mutation that causes a section of your eye to be a different colour from the rest. As you can see in the photos on my Universal Brow Pencil post, I have stony grey-blue eyes (although they look kind of green on there. I promise, they look much more blue in real life) and then about a third of brown in my right eye. You'd think that because my eyes are mainly cool-toned, those would be the types of shadows I go for, but I'm just a sucker for warm shades! Not only do I think that they suit the yellow undertones of my skin, but I also think they make the brown in my eye pop, so because this palette is filled with warm shades, I just had to snap it up. There a few cool shades thrown in the mix too, but it was definitely those warms that pulled me in. I hopped on to BeautyBay and gladly parted with the money (£19 for 25 shades, can you believe that?!), and it was on my doorstep within a matter of days.
On the day it arrived, I was actually sorting through a ton of my old clothes and clearing out my wardrobe, but all that got forgotten as I ripped open the box and saw that signature black and metallic red packaging inside. I'll admit, it was a lot smaller than I had anticipated, but I was floored when I opened the packaging and saw the palette. As you may know, Morphe's larger palettes have opaque, black lids so you aren't able to see the shades inside, whereas the 25B has a clear, plastic lid, meaning that the shades can show off in all their glory. Something else that's different from the other, bigger Morphe palettes is the pan shape. Usually they're round, but this guy is filled with squares, meaning that there's no wasted space. It's super light and compact, making it ideal for travelling, and with all those shades, you won't need much else! Let's chat about them a bit, shall we?
When the shades are in palettes, Morphe don't give them any names, which is perfectly alright, but it makes it a little bit difficult when it comes to talking about specific colours. I'll be doing each row at a time, so hopefully you can get a good idea of which shade I'm talking about. Without further ado, the first row is all matte nudes. The first looks like a pale pink-beige in the pan, but swatches very yellow on me. It isn't one I can see myself using too much, but a light sweep of it would be ideal for setting down lid primer.
The next is another fairly yellow shade with a bit of a warm honey hint to it. This one mixed with the next shade, a light beige nude, is pretty much my lid colour, so the two combined make the perfect base for me!
The next shade is a medium, warm-toned camel shade, which would like beautiful as an all-over-the-lid shade or as a transition.
And the last shade on the first row is a deeper camel shade, but still holding all that warmth. This would be stunning in the crease to give the eyes a bit of dimension.
The second row is home to matte shades that are a fair bit darker than the first, so if you've got a deeper skin tone and are looking for some nude shades or you just want to create a warm smoky look, this row is ideal for you! The first shade is quite similar to the last on the first row, except that the colour is ever so slightly darker and cooler.
Next is another fairly cool-toned brown with a bit more of a chocolate hint and less orange.
The third shade is a lovely ash brown that looks a bit similar to the one before, but it's ever so slightly deeper.
The next shade is another cool-toned brown that kind of swatches slightly olive on my skin. It's one that I can see myself using quite a lot, despite it being a cool shade!
And the final shade in the row is a gorgeous, deep brown with a strong red undertone. When I've played with this palette, this has been a shade that I've gravitated towards when it comes to the crease. It's just stunning!
It's fair to say that the crowning glory in this palette is the third row. Each shade is a metallic shimmer that has crazy pigmentation with just one swipe. Plus, I just can't explain the texture of them to you. I think I finally fully understand what it means for an eyeshadow to be buttery because these guys are seriously buttery.
The first shade is a beautiful yellow gold that would be perfect for festival season. Imagine rocking up with this slapped on your eyes and lightly dusted over your cheekbones - you'd look amazing!
The next shade is champagne pink, which I don't think I'll get too much use out of, but that doesn't mean it's not unbelievably pretty.
The third shade along is a pink with a bit of a rusty, dark edge to it. It's difficult to describe this colour, but it's gorgeous.
The fourth shade is a deep, cool taupe shimmer and the last is a warm brown that has a slight gold sheen to it in the pan.
I wish that I'd managed to get a better picture of these swatches for you, but they're just so reflective that it was difficult to position my arm so that you could see the colours as well as the shimmery metallic goodness. Just trust me when I say that these shades make this palette well worth the money.
Despite absolutely loving the third row, it's the fourth and fifth that I love the most. I'm really into smoky eyes, so the deeper and darker the shadow the better, and as we get further down the palette, the deeper and darker they get!
The first shade shows up fairly warm-toned in the pan, but has a slightly cooler edge when swatched on my skin. It's a gorgeous, matte shade of brown though, and one that I can see myself using time and time again.
Next up is another shimmer (squee!) and this time, it's a metallic bronze shade. How gorgeous is that?!
The third shade along is another matte brown that is slightly cooler than the first in the row with a bit of a mustard tinge to it.
Next, we have one of my absolute favourites in the palette - a deep, terracotta-brown with an orange undertone. This is a stunning shade for warming up the eyes whilst also adding a bit of depth.
Last on the row is another favourite - a plummy brown with just the tiniest hint of a shimmer. I've been loving popping this in my outer corner for a purple twist on a smoky eye.
Last, but certainly not least, we have the final row, which as I mentioned, is one of my favourites. The first is a very deep brown with a bit of a shimmer and a strong blue undertone.
The second shade in the row is a deep, warm, matte brown that contrasts beautifully against the first shade. I think these two together could create a very interesting look!
Next up is another deep brown that is quite similar to the second shade, except it has a bit more of an orange undertone. This one is also matte, so those two would be ideal together.
The fourth shade is just so so gorgeous. It's a matte, berry purple with a bit of a burgundy hint to it. I can imagine this paired up with so many shades in this palette for a bunch of autumn looks.
And the final shade of the entire palette is a matte black brown that is ideal for darkening up the crease, outer corner and just below the lashes on the waterline. I also think that this colour would make a great eyeliner!

Overall, I do really like this palette, however, there are some shades that stand out more than the rest. I found that first row of nude shades to be difficult to work with. While they are pigmented, I didn't find the texture of them to be anything to write home about. This was something that I found was typical of the matte shades. Many of them were lovely to work with and had a soft texture, but some of them just weren't great. That being said, the metallic shimmers totally made up for that. They were so pigmented and so buttery that you only need a little dip of the brush for amazing colour payoff. While some of the matte shades are a little similar, I can definitely see myself using a great deal of them all through the year, particularly in autumn.

For £19, I do think that this palette was worth buying, but I'd love to know your thoughts on it!

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  1. These shades are gorgeous! I love Morphe shadows, the pigmentation is amazing:)

    Emily xo

    1. This was my first ever time trying out any Morphe products, but I've fallen in love completely! You're so right about the pigmentation! x

  2. Although I love a shimmery shadows, the last two rows are stunning! I would die if I could get my hands on this xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. Those last rows are beautiful, aren't they? I'm a sucker for a good, dark shadow, so those plummy shades are right up my street! Take a little look on Beauty Bay! x