My Thoughts On Urban Decay's Naked Heat Palette + Swatches

19 Mar 2018

I was inspired by the weather to do this post, as weird as that sounds. Currently, as I sit tip-tapping away on my laptop keyboard, there is a blizzard going on outside. I thought we were done with snow after the Beast From The East swept in, but oh no, it looks like we're having a 2.0 right now. So because it's absolutely freezing outside, I felt compelled to tell you about the warmest, most sizzling palette that I own - the Naked Heat palette by Urban Decay. I know that this palette has been out for a while now, but it's about time it made an appearance on my blog, so keep reading to find out what I think of this product!

I'm actually a bit surprised that it's taken me this long to feature the palette in a post because I've been using it for around 3 months now. I purchased it (along with the Shapeshifter palette) on Boxing Day whilst looking at the sales. Neither of them were on sale, so I saved no money at all, but I've been wearing the pair of them non-stop, so I'm definitely getting my money's worth. Like all the other Naked palettes, the Heat was £39.50 and you get 12 shades inside, so that works out to be around £3.20 per shadow. That isn't too bad considering I've used each shade at least once, but we'll talk more about those a little bit later.
So I absolutely love the Naked eyeshadow palette range and I'm the proud owner of the Naked 3, Smoky, Ultimate Basics and now the Heat. What sets this one apart from all of the others is that it only contains warm tones, which is exactly up my street. Finding shades that work with my eye colour is difficult because of my sectoral heterochromia (if any of my other heterochromia babes have any resources that they use to find out the best colours to wear, please share them with me), so I kind of just use what I want and hope for the best. Of course, this is how it absolutely should be in the makeup world, but sometimes, I just wanna know what will make my eyes pop! But for the past few years, I've been heavily into warm tones and pops of gold, so I knew that I had to pick up this palette and give it a whirl.

First of all, the packaging for this palette is stunning. As with all Naked palettes, it comes in a cardboard box, except this one is more of a sleeve and the palette sits inside an open-topped box. When you lift it out, you expose the print of burning matches underneath, so you get a fiery vibe without even looking at the colours. I wish I'd remembered to take a photo of the outside of the palette because the lid is stunning. It has the Naked logo printed on to see through acrylic, and underneath it, there's a 3D sort of effect going on with lots of beautiful red and orangey shades. It's very difficult to describe, but trust me, it looks gorgeous. The whole thing is made from a sturdy plastic and it locks shut with a magnet, which is very similar to the Smokey. And then, of course, you have the 12 gorgeous colours inside in their own individual pans with the name printed underneath and the dual-ended brush. I'm not a huge fan of these brushes, so as you can see, mine has been barely touched, but if you don't have many eyeshadow brushes to use, this one will work just fine!
So let's talk about those colours a little bit, shall we? It's pretty clear that this whole palette is based around those strong terracotta tones, but it ranges from warm-toned nudes, through the terracottas and reds, and ending with deep burgundies. In total, there are 7 matte shades, 2 shimmers and 3 metallics, so you've got a pretty wide scope on the looks you can make with this. For example, for a day look, I tend to stick to the mattes, but if I want something with a bit more pizzazz, I can pop a metallic shade on for a night look. It's extremely versatile, so let's look at some swatches.
  • Ounce - a very pale, ivory with a slightly gold shimmer. This is barely visible on the photo against my ghostly skin, but that makes it perfect to use as a highlight shade for me.
  • Chaser - a light, beige nude matte. This is something that I usually use to set my eye lids. It's slightly warmer than my skin tone, but with a light hand, it works beautifully.
  • Sauced - a red-toned, medium nude matte. This is the perfect transition shade for me, but for medium to deep skin tones, this could be the ideal shade for setting the lids!
  • Low Blow - a deeper, red-toned brown matte. Again, this is another shade that I use for transitioning, but could work as a base shade on medium to deep skin tones.
  • Lumbre - a pale terracotta and copper shimmer with a pearl gold shift. This is the shade that I've used the least - not because I don't like it, but because it's one of the weaker shades in my opinion.
  • He Devil - a burnt red matte. Be still, my beating heart. This shade is beautiful. At first, I was a bit scared of it, but now, I'll wear it like it's going out of fashion. It looks gorgeous as a crease shade and under the lower lashes for some fiery drama.
  • Dirty Talk - a metallic burnt red with a slightly orange undertone. This works perfectly all over the lid with He Devil in the crease.
  • Scorched - a metallic deep red with gold shimmer. This is my favourite of all the metallics because it packs such a punch. Seriously, pop this all over the lid or use as the centre for a halo eye and you'll look amazing.
  • Cayenne - a terracotta matte. I really like this shade, but I just wish it was a bit more intense. As you can see, the swatch isn't as good as some of the others, but I really love the colour of it!
  • En Fuego - a rich burgundy matte. This is my favourite of all the matte shades. It looks so so gorgeous on the corner of the crease to deepen up a smokey eye and it's just such a pretty colour!
  • Ashes - a deep, red-toned purple-brown matte. Again, this is another shade that is ideal for deepening up a crease. Or you could smother this over the whole lid and smoke it out for a grungy look.
  • Ember - a metallic, deep copper-burgundy. I wore this all over the lid when I went to see Lady Gaga and I felt so fierce. It's one of those shades that kind of shifts in the light, so it can either look super dark and vampy, or a metallic copper. It's beautiful!
In terms of colour payoff, you definitely get the most with the metallics, but this is to be expected. Scorched and Ember are the standouts in that particular formula for me, purely because they are just so jaw-droppingly stunning and pigmented. They are the two that I've had the most use out of and I'm likely to hit pan on them before any of the other metallic shades. As for the mattes, the formula is similar to other Urban Decay shadows. Some are a bit hit and miss pigmentation-wise, like Cayenne, but they feel very soft to the touch and glide on to the skin with very minimal fallout. For me, He Devil, En Fuego and Ashes are the three that stand out for me in the palette and are usually the three that I go to when applying my eye makeup. I'm a creature of habit, what can I say? As for shimmers, the only one I use regularly is Ounce as an inner corner highlight or on my brow bone. Lumbre doesn't do it so much for me - it's a really pretty colour, but in comparison to the others, it's a little bit 'meh'.
So what are my overall thoughts on this palette? Well, I think it's pretty clear that I love it. I've been using this and my Morphe 25B nonstop these past few months, and I'm not sick of it yet! I use pretty much all of the mattes and Ounce on a regular basis and dip into the metallics when I'm feeling daring or have a night shift. When you work in a student bar, daring eye makeup for night shifts is a-ok. I absolutely think it's worth the money if you're like me and love warm shadows, but if you're more of a cool-toned makeup over, then stay clear of this. It's become a firm favourite with me though, and I feel like it's going to stay that way for a very long time!

Do you own this palette or have you been eyeing it up? What are your thoughts?

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