KathleenLights x ColourPop The Zodiac - Full Collection First Impressions + Swatches

27 Aug 2018

Well, hello there! Long time no see, am I right? I'm slowly but surely dipping my toe back into the world of blogging after what's been a nightmarish couple of months. I may end writing a post about it all, but just know that I've found life a little bit difficult. But I've missed writing on this little space and taking pretty photos, so I really wanted to bring The Northernist back to life. Obviously, I won't be back on my regular posting schedule straight away, but let's see how I get on! Enough of all that, let's get to chatting about these beauties that you came to see...

I never had myself down as the type of girl that would spend a whole load of money when she's feeling sad. Of course, I've made large purchases when it's been late at night and I just happened to find myself on Amazon, but never when I've been particularly sad. It just so happened that KathleenLights announced her collaboration with ColourPop at a pretty rubbishy time in my life, and I thought "well, I'm going to buy the whole lot and absolutely no one can stop me," and that's exactly what I did. Can you really blame me though, have you seen that packaging? I've always been a fan of things a bit darker and witchier, so when I saw that the collection was themed around the signs of the zodiac, I just knew it had to be mine.

As always with Colourpop, the package took forever to arrive and there was a nasty customs charge waiting for me when it did. The day that the brand is finally sold in the UK (it really ought to be - they spell 'colour' the way that us Brits do) will be the greatest day ever, and there should be a national holiday to commemorate it, but for now, I had to face the music and pay the damn customs charge. When the box arrived on my doorstep, I couldn't rip it open any quicker and when I did, I was bathed in the glory that was the beautiful blue, black and metallic gold packaging. I was instantly obsessed with the little stars and all of the gorgeous illustrations of the zodiac signs. Just look at that gorgeous Aquarius symbol! What a brilliant design job from team ColourPop and Kathleen! Of course, while we could sit and gawp over the packaging of each product, I absolutely have to show you what's inside each one.
I tend to be a 'save the best til last' kinda gal, but not today! We're kicking off this first impressions chat with the palette, which is the thing that I gravitate to most in almost any collection release. What can I say, I'm an eyeshadow person! Anyway, this palette has 12 stunning shades with one to represent each sign of the zodiac. Kathleen put a lot of thought into the colours that she thinks best suits each sign, and while I' not an expert on colour matching zodiac signs to colours, I think she's managed to put together a beautiful product. It also has a really great mirror, making it ideal for popping into your bag for touch ups (not that you'll need them - wait til you see the pigmentation). While the box the palette is inside is black with the gold detailing, the palette itself is midnight blue, matching the packaging of the other products. It's a super slim, cardboard palette with a magnetic closure, so it's ideal for travelling, especially when you consider the range of shades you get inside.
And here they are in glorious technicolour! I'll run you through each one (starting from the left because I'm an idiot and started my swatches at the wrong end) and tell you a bit about the formula, what I'd use each shade for and my favourites.

  • The Aries - this is the shade that represents my sign and I think it's pretty spot on! Aries folk are supposed to be fiery and confident, and this shade screams that in my opinion. It's a vivid metallic orange and I think it would look unbelievable on the entire lid with a warm terracotta in the crease.
  • The Taurus - a warm matte brown is a shade that every palette needs, and a warm matte brown we have been given. This would be the most perfect transition shade and could definitely be something used for neutral looks or more smouldering, dramatic looks.
  • The Gemini - this is one of my favourite shades in the palette. It's a metallic antique gold and I think it could be used in so many ways. It would be brilliant for a halo eye, in a cut crease or with a wet pencil brush to create a graphic liner look.
  • The Cancer - this one was quite difficult to catch in the light because it's so pale, but it's a beautifully soft peachy pink with a golden shimmer. This is something that I can see myself reaching for to pop in the inner corners or dusting lightly on my brow bones.
  • The Leo - after looking up who an Aries would be compatible with, I did some research into Leos. Apparently, they love to be the centre of attention and can be rather dramatic, which is exactly what this shade is! It practically demands to be seen and does seem to be rather compatible with the Aries shade. It's a soft coraly-orange with a vivid gold shimmer and it's just stunning.
  • The Virgo - this is something that I'd refer to as a 'comfort zone shade.' If you're like me and you love a natural eye or something brown and smoky, this shade will be your best friend. It's a matte, dark chocolate brown and can be used to deepen up practically any look.
  • The Libra - Kathleen has said that a lot of Libras were complaining about this shade, but why? It's a dependable shade, just like The Virgo, and can be used in almost any look. It's a pretty dusty rose shade and it's perfect as a transition.
  • The Scorpio - this is another favourite of mine. It's a ridiculously rich and juicy metallic plum, and I can only imagine how gorgeous this would look all over the lid. Or imagine it as a cut crease! *Swoon*
  • The Sagittarius - in my opinion, this is the perfect pairing to The Scorpio. That all over the lid look I mentioned? Imagine this the crease - perfection. It's a matte, red-toned purple, and I'll admit, it was very patchy when swatched, but I'd love to see how it performs on the eye.
  • The Capricorn - this is the shade that represents my sister's sign, but I know it's something that she'd never go for. It's a matte black with flecks of glitter micro-gold running through it. It's so unique and pretty! You could pull off some really sultry smoky eyes with it.
  • The Aquarius - I loooove this shade and don't have anything quite like it in my collection. It isn't something I can see myself wearing all that often, but I think this matte periwinkle blue would be ideal all over the lid or as a crease shade for the more daring among us. If you're like me and a bit frightened of brights, I think it would also look fab as graphic liner or on the lower lash line for just a pop of colour.
  • The Pisces - and last, but certainly not least, we have another beautiful and unique shade. Again, I don't own anything quite like this and it's not something I typically go for, but it definitely is another of my favourites. It's a vibrant metallic aqua and it gives me all those mermaid vibes.

Overall, the metallics win, which isn't a surprise as ColourPop's metallic shades are famous for how great they are. They're all so pigmented and they swatch like a dream. They almost feel creamy to the touch, making them better to apply with your finger as opposed to a brush, and the colour pay off is arguably better than some higher end brands. Like I said, my favourites are The Gemini, The Scorpio and The Pisces, I just need to get a bit braver to wear them!

Almost all of the mattes impressed me, but I was left feeling a little flat by The Sagittarius. I'm obsessed with the colour and think it's something that could be incorporated into an everyday makeup look, but it was so patchy to swatch. I do want to see what it's like when applied with a brush to a primed eye, but I was so disappointed by the first impression.

Upon first glance, you might think 'oh my gosh, that palette is totally unwearable,' but I hope by breaking it down and looking at each individual shade, you think a bit differently. You can easily pair up The Libra, The Virgo and The Taurus to put together a neutral eye look, or if you something a bit more out there, The Libra, The Scorpio and The Sagittarius combo is the one!
Next up, we've got the two Supernova Shadows, which are something I've never tried from ColourPop. After giving these two babies a whirl, I've decided that I 100% need more! On the left, we have Astrology - a super reflective antique gold - and on the right, we have Constellation - an insanely gorgeous champagne pink. Out of the two, I think Constellation is my favourite because I'm a bit of a sucker for that rose gold look, but I find that it applies a little bit streakier than Astrology. Both of them are so pretty to look at though and I can't wait to find an excuse to wear either of them!

What sets the Supernova Shadows apart from the normal, powder ColourPop shadows is that they begin life as liquids, then dry down once applied. And let me tell you, once they've dried, they aren't budging! That makes them perfect for all-over-the-lid application, or you can be a bit more precise with a brush and turn them into liners. ColourPop say that you can also use them as a base, but you've got to work quickly because they dry almost instantly. For only $7 each, which is about £5, you really can't go wrong!
Lipstick is my worst enemy - not because I hate it, but because I have the worst lips known to mankind. I would absolutely love to be able to wear lipstick comfortably and I'm always watching lip swatch videos, but my lips, man. They're always inexplicably dry and cracked, so nothing I wear on them looks good. They're also really thin and I have quite a small mouth, so it's abnormal to see anything accentuate them. However, my sister loves all things lippy, so if I can't get these to work for me, I know that I'll have a little helper to take them off my hands. I have heard that this particular formula, Creme Lux, is quite comfortable to wear, cracked lips or not, though.
We've been treated to two shades in this collection - What's Your Sign? (the top shade) and Scorpio Moon. Because of my inability to get along with lipstick, I haven't really tried all that many out, so can't really compare the formula of these two to anything. However, they swatched like an absolute dream! They're super duper creamy and pigmented, and I found that one swipe gave me colour payoff for both of them. I have to say, I'm more drawn to the light neutral shade of What's Your Sign? as opposed to the rosy plum of Scorpio Moon (which I think would go really nicely with a smoked out The Scorpio all over the eye), but I do need to give them a go to see how I really feel. My first impressions are fab, though!

Last, but by certainly no means least, we've got the two Super Shock Highlighters. I remember the dark days when I wasn't a fan of highlighters... how naive I was. I now feel like my face isn't complete without it, and while I'm not massively into being completely blinding, I do enjoy having a little wash of a sheen over my cheeks.
On the left, we have Fire, which is a little bit too dark for my skin tone, but I think it would work beautifully as an eyeshadow base. It's a peachy gold that would look stunning on medium skin tones. I'll be honest, it's not something that I can see myself grabbing too often, but like I said, it would make for the most gorgeous glistening shadow base, so I'd be up for giving that a go. And finally, that absolute stunner on the right is On The Cusp, which is a shade that isn't quite a silver but not quite a gold - it's literally on the cusp *badum tsh*. This particular shade is jaw-droppingly beautiful and is 100% something that I would wear.

Now, the formula of these highlighters are much different to the shadows. While they come in similar packaging and have a similar look, they actually feel almost creamy. I can't find any information on the ColourPop site to say whether they are creams or not, but that is what the texture is like! They have this unique, bouncy quality about them, so when you pop your finger into it, it leaves a dent. It's so difficult to explain... you'll just have to try it for yourself! I will say though, that because the texture is quite creamy, I'm not sure this will work on a powdered face. Mixing this formula with a powdered base might leave you with patches or weird crumby bits (I know you all know what I mean).
Well, if you managed to make it to the end of this blog post, then well done you! I realise that this has been pretty lengthy for my first post in a while, but we don't do things by half here on The Northernist! I'll admit though, it's been a lot of fun writing it and it's definitely brought back my love for blogging just that little bit more.

I think my absolute favourite of the whole collection is the palette - shocker! I'm just head over heels for all the unbelievable metallic shades and I can't wait to dip into it and start playing about with looks. I think this is closely followed by the On The Cusp highlighter. I know for a fact that I'm going to get so much wear out of it and work it on every available opportunity.

What product do you like the look of the most? Have you tried anything from the collection?

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