What I Got In My Tarte Custom Kit

29 Nov 2018

I don't know what it is about this time of the year that does this to me, but as soon as winter comes, I just can't resist sales. An email will ping into my inbox about an offer at some shop, I seriously can't help but take a look. Usually I'm great at ignoring sales, but winter... it just does something to me! When I saw this particular Tarte offer appear in my email, I couldn't stop myself. 7 items for £56 - are you serious?! Did I need new makeup? No. But was I curious to find out more about the offer? Absolutely.

So as you all may well know, Tarte is a pretty big, high end brand. I'm not entirely sure how I managed to end up on their mailing list because I've never bought a product from them in my life, but I've always wanted to try them out. However, they're stuff is pretty much completely out of my budget and I have some drugstore faves that I always go back to (why would I buy a foundation that costs £33 when I've got one that I love that's £15?). But like I said, I've always wanted to try out some of their things, so when I saw this email and did the maths, I was like "this seems like a pretty unmissable offer." When would I ever get the chance to try a Tarte foundation or highlighter out for £8 each again? Never, most likely!

The deal worked as a 'kit', so what happened was you picked a makeup bag to store everything in, then a foundation, a complexion product, something for your cheeks, then eyes, mascara and lips. There were over 200 products to choose from, so I spent a whole lot of time investigating what I think I wanted to try out the most, and looking at photos of the shades on other people. That way, I'd hopefully get a kit full of things I'd actually like and want to use!
If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times - I really don't like wearing things on my lips unless they're hydrating. My lips are especially dry at the minute, thanks to the cold weather, so I really wasn't interested in picking any sort of lipstick up. Lo and behold, almost all of the hydrating lip products were out of stock and the ones that were left were in shades that wouldn't suit me whatsoever. So I ended up picking a Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in Homeslice (RRP £17). You might be thinking "why would you pick something matte after you've just told us that your lips are dry?" and it's because my sister is an avid liquid lipstick fan, so I've passed this on to her. The colour is a peachy nude, which is something that she's massively into and she thinks she'll get a ton of wear out of it. She's also never tried anything from Tarte, so was more than happy to take this product off my hands.

Picking a cheek product was extremely easy for me. There was a fair amount of choice, including the limited edition blush and highlight duos, but I was instantly drawn to the Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Highlight in Exposed (RRP £25). This is a nude highlighter with a slight golden glow and it's just stunning. I can't wait to use it! Plus, it smells exactly like the most delicious vanilla, which is going to make using this product even more fun. I'm thoroughly enjoying highlighters at the minute, so this is a great addition to my collection.
Foundation was another section that I found really easy to choose from. I'd heard so much about the Shape Tape concealer (that wasn't one of the products you could pick, unfortunately), so I really wanted to give the Shape Tape Matte Foundation (RRP £33) a try. Of course, the problem with a buying a new foundation, let alone buying a new foundation online, is that you're never quite sure what shade you are. By having a look at some swatches online and looking at the current foundation I use, I think I'm fair-light neutral in the Tarte foundation. It may be a tad too light, but I can always even it out with a bit of bronzer. I'm really interested in doing a wear-test post though, because I've heard very mixed things about this foundation, so look out for that!

This offer couldn't have popped up at a better time because I've literally just ran out of my beloved Better Than Sex by Too Faced, so I was in the market to try something new. There were a few options, but I went for the Maneater Voluptuous Mascara (RRP £21) because it looks like the type of mascara that I would typically go for. I love volume and length because I always want my eyes to be dramatic (I can't be the only one that has a bit of their face that they really want to show off?), and from the photos I've seen online, this mascara will give me that!
Did I need another contour palette? Absolutely not. But with the lack of concealers in the options, I thought why the heck not. Plus, the Tarteist PRO Glow To Go Palette (RRP £19) is only little, making it perfect for travelling! The contour shade is pretty neutral - not too warm and not too cool, but it's pretty pigmented, so I think I'm gonna have to go in with a light hand, but I'm really excited to try it out. The light shade should be great for brightening the undereyes and oops, another highlighter! I can't wait to see what that looks like on the skin and how it fares against the Exposed highlighter that I mentioned earlier in the post.

Finally, I've got the product that I was most excited to see, but most disappointed to receive. You guys all know how much of an eyeshadow junkie I am, so you can imagine how long I spent pondering over which shade of single shadow I wanted. I went for the Tarteist Metallic Shadow in Amethyst (RRP £13), which is a rich lavender shade with a metallic shift. I was so excited to receive it and give it a go, but as you can see, it arrived pretty smashed up. I tried my best to save it and pack the shadow back into the pan, but thankfully, Tarte are sending me a brand new one! It looks like such a pretty colour though, and I'm reeeeally excited to slather it over my lids.

So, let me do some quick maths... while I paid £56 for this box of goodies, all of these products together are actually worth £128. That is insane! That's a saving of well over 50%, which I can definitely get on board with. Unfortunately, this deal was only running for 24 hours, but I would definitely keep your eyes peeled for a similar offer in the future. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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