Baking With Kids With Baking Agent Kits

7 Jan 2019

I'm usually a big old snob when it comes to baking. I tend to stay far away from baking kits that basically involve packets of powder and not a lot else. I'll only really use them if I'm in a pinch because I just prefer to bake from scratch. However, when it comes to baking with littles, kits are really helpful and I'm lucky enough to have a enthusiastic cake-loving goddaughter to help me out with this post. I seem to be on a bit of a giveaway winning streak at the minute and I won this vanilla muffin baking kit from Baking Agent via their Instagram. I was under no obligation whatsoever to write this post, but I was keen to see what Niamh thought of the kit, so I invited her over for a playdate and we got to baking!

So in this kit, I received the cupcake cases, sprinkles, a packet of powder mix for the cakes and a packet of powder mix for the icing. For me, the addition of the cases and the sprinkles instantly set this kit apart from the usual boxes that you'd find in the supermarket because you'd usually have to buy them separately. But much like the standard box kits, all you need to add is things like water, oil, eggs, milk and butter, so my initial thoughts were that it was going to be pretty easy to achieve the look of the cupcakes on the box. Of course, with a three year old, that wasn't going to be the case.
As you can see, Niamh got fully stuck into the mixing, which is the part that she loves the best. I think this might be because she likes getting silly with the whisk and making a mess, but she managed to get all these ingredients combined pretty well! She also enjoyed being able to tip the packet of powdered ingredients into the mixing bowl. With baking from scratch, weighing out each ingredient is a bit too difficult because she can't read numbers properly yet, so having her tip the packet in and mix everything together let her feel fully involved.

You might be able to tell that she also helped with spooning the mixture into each cupcake case, which she struggled with a little bit, but loved. After a while, I had to take over because things were getting a bit too messy, but she was quite happy to sit on the counter and lick all the mixture off her hands. Once each case was filled, we popped them into the oven and waited patiently for 20 minutes until they were baked.
Now, if anyone has any tips on how to keep little kids patient, please tell me! As soon as the cake mix has gone into the oven, Niamh was hopping about, saying "are they done yet?" Little did she know that she'd also have to let them cool fully and make icing before she could get her sticky mitts on them. But when we did take them out, we were mega chuffed with how they'd risen and the golden colour on them. So then it was on to the icing!
For this part, we had to use softened butter, and even though I'd left it out for about 2 hours, our butter was still pretty hard. I had to give it a quick blast in the microwave in order for my assistant to be able to mix it, but again, Niamh loved being able to pour in the contents of the icing powder packet into the bowl. I started her off with the mixing and added a little bit of milk to make it even softer for her to have a good go at combining everything, and I think she did a pretty good job.

So, if I was just making these cakes on my own, I would use a piping bag and a star nozzle to get a lovely swirl on top of each one. However, I didn't think that Niamh would be able to get to grips with the whole squeezing and swirling of the bag, so I gave her a teaspoon and let her go in on the cakes. And boy, did she go in! I think she let me do two cakes and she claimed the rest, blobbing a huge amount of icing on and smoothing it out as best as she could. She was pretty proud of herself, especially after she threw fistfuls of rainbow sprinkles on top of each one. If you've read the Halloween baking post that Niamh helped me out with, you'll know that she LOVES sprinkles, and no matter how many times I showed her how to be controlled with them, she just went all out! But like I said, she was pretty happy and proud, which is what matters.
Just look at that face! If that's not the definition of 'chuffed', I don't know what is! She couldn't wait to share them out with everyone and even said which cake was for who while she was decorating them. It was so cute and so lovely to see her get excited over a hobby that I enjoy. Hopefully I can get her into baking from scratch when she gets a bit older!
These cupcakes went down a storm with Niamh and everyone who tried them. They might not have looked the best, but they tasted delicious, which is what counts! We both really enjoyed baking them and would quite happily use this kit again. Thank you to Baking Agent for picking me as a winner in their competition - I can't wait to see what other products that they come out with!

This kit was won as part of a competition. It was not gifted to me in exchange for a blog post and I was under no obligation to write a blog post.

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