A Twisted Valentine's Day with Scream Factory*

22 Feb 2019

Source: Scream Factory

Valentine's Day - probably the number one day of the year that divides the nation. On one side, we've got the people who love to be in love and celebrate V Day because why the heck not. And on the other side, we've got the Valentine's Scrooges, the 'you should show people you love them every day,' the 'commercialism is real' clan. I'll be honest, I sat firmly in the latter group for a long time, but as I've got older, I've warmed to the idea of Valentine's Day. However, I do believe that the whole dinner date thing is a bit overdone. Alex and I like a dinner date on a regular date night, so any date with a twist is right up my street. That's why I was so excited when Scream Factory invited us along to their My Bloody Valentine event*...

You might have seen me talk about Scream Factory before because I was lucky enough to go along to their Halloween tour in 2017*, but if you haven't read my post about that, let me tell you all about this incredible event!

Scream Factory is a walking horror tour around incredible sets with plenty of scares and things to cater to almost all the sense. Imagine all the sights, sounds and smells from your favourite horror films and bung them all into a spooky tour in the grounds of Kirkleatham Museum, Redcar, and that's exactly what Scream Factory is! They're proud to hold the title of the North East's largest Halloween attraction and it's now in it's eighth year, so it's definitely stood the test of time. Thousands of people from across the country head up to Yorkshire to experience the thrills of the Halloween event, but there's also a Valentine's version for those of us that want a bit more of a twisted date night. In fact, this V Day event won the Best Out Of Season award in the European Scare Awards in 2018 after coming up against competition from across the UK, so if I can't convince you with this blog post, listen to the judging panel!
Source: Scream Factory
Source: Scream Factory

Because I'd been along to the Halloween event, I had a little idea of how things were going to go. The main difference for me was that on the Halloween tour, we went around in a fairly big group of 10 people, but on the Valentine's tour, there were only 5 of us in a group. That meant there was nowhere for me to hide! I absolutely didn't want to be at the front of our tour line, but I didn't want to be at the back either, so I managed to stay firmly in the middle (I have to point out, our group were amazing. We had Jake who was so brave and led our group the whole time, has mum, Jane, who held my hand through all the dark bits, and Ralph, who was extremely tall and protected us all from the back of the line. We couldn't have asked for a better group!). Granted, the middle wasn't always the best place to be, but I felt a heck of a lot less scared when I had people on either side.

Another difference from the Halloween tours was that there were points where you could stop and interact with the characters, which made the experience so much more immersive. We had a wonderful chat with a priest and a nun that made my sides ache from laughing! But there were also plenty of interactions that made me scream in fright and run as fast as my little legs could carry me. Just like with the Halloween tour, I was completely amazed by the sheer size of the tour. It was easy to follow because there's only one set path, but the sets feel like they span across a huge space. As it's dark, you can't really tell, but for real, it feels like you get a good walk in (that could be all the running away I was doing, mind you).
Source: Scream Factory

There were some brilliant jump scares that gave even Alex a fright, amazing sets that I had never seen before and actors that played their parts so perfectly that you wouldn't have even known they were acting! It was just a fantastic night all round and Alex, who had no idea what to expect and is a bit of a grump, even said how much he loved it.

Now, I don't want to give you any spoilers and it would be a bit pointless anyway because all the sets could change for the next My Bloody Valentine, but I will say that my favourite part was the slanty Elton John room. THAT'S ALL I'M GONNA SAY, ALRIGHT?

You might also be thinking, "this is all well and good, Olivia, but I am a mahoosive scaredy cat," and to that, I have to tell you that I am too. I scare so so easily, but this tour was definitely a lot more funny than the Halloween experience I'd had. I honestly screamed myself hoarse during the Halloween tour, and yes, I screamed a lot during the Valentine's tour (don't do this if you don't want to be singled out and targeted!), but I laughed a heck of a lot too. So if you're a little bit of a chicken like me, you would definitely be ok to do this! Just make sure you're with someone responsible and remember that it's all a load of fun at the end of the day.
To round off this post, I thought I'd chuck in mine and Alex's photo from the Lovebooth at the end of the tour. As you can see, we were still standing (pun definitely not intended after my mention of Elton John), so if we can still smile after My Bloody Valentine*, we're sure you can too! It was the perfect date night for Valentine's and we still talk about it now, so it's definitely for those of you out there that are looking for something a little bit different.

My Bloody Valentine* ran from February 14th - 16th. Keep your eyes peeled for it next year! I'm sure that the Halloween tours will be held again in October, so watch the Scream Factory website for updates.

I was invited as a VIP guest to My Bloody Valentine for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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