Our Second Hand Home: Furnishing With Freebies #1

12 Jul 2019

This could be the most boring blog post on the planet, but if you love a good nosy in people's houses, it could be a gold mine. So, as my blog series title would suggest, our new house is pretty much getting filled with second hand items. We just don't have the funds to kit out the place with new things, so we're taking things from lovely strangers and family members who have no need for things (if you want to read more about the reasons why this is going on, read the first post in this series). I figured that plenty of people might want to see what we actually get from people, so I thought I'd do the odd little update!

I realise it's been a little while since my last update in this series, but we actually haven't accumulated too much stuff since then. Seriously, we're still living out of bags and boxes because we don't have any substantial forms of storage (we've got a wardrobe and a chest of drawers secured, but it could be weeks before we're able to go and collect them). We do, however, have some really good basic bits and even a few little extras, which have all been kindly donated to us. Take a look through this list to find out what we've been given and who they've come from.

A microwave

We're starting this list off strong with a good old microwave. To be honest, we might have been able to get by for a little while without a microwave because the oven and hob were still in the house, and we had a kettle. But I'm extremely grateful to my grandad for donating this to us! He bought this microwave years ago as a temporary replacement to his broken one. I think he said it only got used a couple of times, then sat in a box, just waiting to be taken to the charity shop. It now takes pride of place in our kitchen!

A slow cooker

This was definitely not a necessity, but I spotted that this was being given away in a 'Freebies Teesside' group on Facebook. I asked for consideration and later that day, I was on my way to collect it. This came from a lovely lady who must've just been having a clear out because it's in pretty good condition, but obviously, not everyone has use for a slow cooker. We're too excited to start making stews and curries in this thing, so if you've got any recipe suggestions, please send them over to me!

An iron

This was another 'Freebies Teesside' find. I had an iron already, but the pointed tip had snapped off, so it was no good for ironing with precision anymore. While I could've made do with the iron that I had, no one was claiming the iron from this lovely lady in the Facebook group, so I offered to take it off her hands. She was the sweetest woman in the world and when I went to pick the iron up, she told me that she's always active in the group and she'd seen that we were starting from scratch, so I should keep my eyes peeled for her posts. This is a really big, heavy duty iron and it's a dream to use, so I'm very happy with this donation.

A dining room table and six chairs

After my auntie put a plea for furniture donations on to her Facebook page, a gorgeous lady from her church came forward with a dining table and chair set for us. And when I say a dining table, I mean a proper dining table. It's a lovely wood and features a design that allows it to become compact for four people or pulled into a longer shape for all six chairs. The table had to be taken apart to fit through the front door and we haven't had chance to put it back up yet, but we've been using the chairs when we eat our dinner and when we're sat together on an evening. I'm so looking forward to getting all of the bags and boxes out of our dining space so that I can set the table up how I like! I thinking a rug underneath, our personalised carafe on the table and some flowers.

A bed frame with matching drawers

A bed was kind of a massive essential. If we weren't able to get anything in time, we always had the blow up mattress option, but of course, anyone would rather opt for a bit of comfort. We were kindly donated a temporary bed frame from my auntie's friend, which came along with a little set of matching drawers. This was the first time that Alex and I had built furniture together, and it didn't half test my patience. We have different ways of going about things and it was an extremely hot day when we made the bed, so I was tested. When we've saved up a bit, we'll be buying a different bed frame because this one is practically on the floor, which isn't the comfiest, but we're so grateful to have it for now!

A standing set of white shelves

The last thing that I found in the 'Freebies Teesside' group was a standing white shelf unit with three shelves. It comes up to around my elbows, so it's not humongous, but it's perfect for what will become our office space. The lady I took the unit from was moving home herself and needed to have a big chuck out of stuff, so we were both thankful! It's currently stuck behind a ton of stuff, but once we've got a desk and a vanity table up in the office, it will be taking pride of place in there too.

So far, that's pretty much all we've accumulated. Like I say, this is probably the most boring blog post, but I wanted to give you guys a glimpse into how we're getting on. We're doing what we can to make it feel a bit more homely and it's definitely brought us closer together, but stay tuned to see my next updates!

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