September 2019 Gratitude List - Thrifting, Pride & Breakthroughs

1 Oct 2019

I know I sound like such an old woman when I say this, but I can't quite believe that it's October. 2019 has been a jam-packed year and September has been one of the busiest months yet for me, but I've really loved it. As always, with the start of the new month, I've selected a few things from the past month that I was pretty grateful for. It helps me to see the positives, even if they are the teeniest and possibly insignificant things! Take a look through my little list and have a ponder about what you loved about September.

  1. Festival of Thrift - ok, we all knew this was gonna be on my gratitude list because I haven't stopped harping on about it. September is the month that Festival of Thrift is held in Redcar, near my hometown, and it's one of my favourite events of the year. It's such a brilliant festival and whenever I go along, I'm just instantly in a good mood. Thrift is all about sustainability and living a more eco-friendly life in a fun and inclusive way. Honestly, if you live up North, it's definitely something worth looking out for in the future. But for now, you can read my post about 10 reasons why you should visit Festival of Thrift or my review of The Town Is The Menu, just to get a flavour of what it's all about.
  2. Seeing Hozier in Newcastle - I freaking love Hozier and his witchy, otherworldly music, but I had never seen him live, which is a total travesty. So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw that he was touring with a stop in Newcastle! I snatched up some tickets and patiently waited for the day to come around. We finally got to see him play on September 22nd and it was magical. Even Alex, who hadn't really listened to Hozier before, thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was a fab night and I'm so so pleased I got to go along.
  3. Having a breakthrough at work - I hadn't talked about this subject too much on here, but me and my work life, we just weren't getting on too well. I was finding it hard to switch off when I was home and I was feeling overworked and stressed all of the time. After making my feelings known and really working on my processes and thinking, I'm starting to see little change. I'm feeling happier about where I am and I'm managing things a lot better. I'm still not 100%, but it's a breakthrough nonetheless.
  4. Middlesbrough Pop Up Pride - the LGBTQ+ community is something that I hold very close to my heart. Growing up with close family and friends in the community, I am passionate about LGBTQ+ representation and getting involved to support them as an ally. There hasn't been a Pride event in Boro since 2014, despite there being a massive LGBTQ+ community here, but the council are keen to bring it back, and dipped their toes in the water during September with Pop Up Pride. This was a fantastic event that was merged with Orange Pip Market to bring food, music and arts, as well as Pride representation! It was an incredible day and I honestly can't wait to see how the event grows for next year.
  5. Falling in love with my content - I absolutely love blogging. It's such a fun hobby and it's even better when people enjoy what you're writing, and in September, I had a huge spike in readership. I know it isn't all about the numbers and it still isn't for me after almost four years of writing on this blog, but knowing that people are reading, sharing and talking about your content is unbelievably good for your self confidence. It also helped me to really fall in love with the content I was writing and have a bit more belief in myself. If you were one of the many people that started reading my blog last month and have stuck around, thank you!

There are SO many other things I wanted to write about in this gratitude list and I even considered extending the amount of things I was writing about, but no, it's always been five, so five it will be! So goodbye, September, you were a doll, but I have really high hopes for October. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled because I've got some brilliant collaboration posts coming up and beauty content!

Let me know what you were grateful for in September!

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