What Are My Goals For 2020? (And Did I Achieve My 2019 Goals?)

26 Dec 2019

I'll be the first to hold my hands up and say that I'm rubbish at sticking to New Years' resolutions. In fact, I'm yet to meet someone who can wholeheartedly say that they have stuck to one, possibly because they simply just forget what their resolution was or that they just couldn't be bothered (it's the latter camp that I tend to fall into).

But in recent years, I've been trying to set myself five loose goals to aim towards over the coming year, because I find the word 'resolution' to be loaded with unnecessary pressure. No one's bothered if you didn't shift that Christmas stone or whether you picked up that niche and extravagant hobby. As long as you're happy, then that's all that matters, amirite? And I'm happy when I'm taking baby steps to try and achieve these little goals.

Along with these five goals comes a blog post where I write down what exactly it is that I want to achieve, and I also look back over the goals I set back at the end of the previous year. It's always interesting to see whether I actually achieved them or not, so let's chat about that a bit shall we?

What were my goals for 2019?

1. Lose some weight
We're kicking off this list with 'lose some weight' - a goal that absolutely everyone and their cats set themselves, but did I achieve it? Absolutely not. In fact, I think I'm the heaviest that I've ever been, which is a bit disheartening, but it's given me a little bit of a kick up the bum. I think I was very broad with this goal, which is why it wasn't something that was at the forefront of my mind for the year.

2. Find a job
This was a goal that was so important to me at the end of 2018. I'd just graduated from university and struggling with an awful foot injury that meant job hunting was a bit difficult. Setting myself this goal and getting it down in writing really spurred me on to find myself a job that I thought I'd be happy in. This led me to starting in my first grad job in the middle of February, and I still work there now!

3. Sell at least one batch of baked goods
I honestly thought I'd struggle with this goal the most and I'll admit, it's one that I kind of forgot about until my manager asked if she could buy an Oreo and white chocolate cheesecake off me! I was so bloomin' chuffed and excited because it was the first time that I'd ever sold anything I'd baked. It's been a dream of mine to open up a tea lounge and this just gave me a little taste of what works and how I'd feel about baking for a living!

4. Use up the makeup that I have
I really want to say that I did a good job of this and I think in some aspects, I have. I have a few firm favourites in the foundation, concealer, brow and mascara departments that I pick up when I run out, but when it comes to eyeshadows, I really struggle to resist. I've realised just how bad it is because of the mess that is my palette drawer in my dressing table, but I'm desperate to improve on this. I don't need as much as I have, so I want to use things up or give bits away.

5. Improve my mental health
This is definitely one of those goals where the baby steps have helped. There was no fixed point that I wanted to get to - I didn't say I wanted to be 100% happy or I want to stop feeling anxious all of the time. I just wanted to improve and in some ways, I feel like I have, but in others, not so much. I've met some really incredible people this year who have really helped to improve my mental state, but I'm still working on improving myself when these people aren't around.

So it was a bit of a mixed bag for my 2019 goals. There were some areas that I could have done better at, but there are two goals that have got big, fat ticks next to them, which is better than none at all! Now it's on to the fun bit... let's chat about how I want 2020 to look.

What are my goals for 2020?

1. Start pitching my blog, especially to local businesses
I've been loving the content that I've been producing lately and I've really got a focus on the areas that I'm most interested in - Teesside and being female. These are two things that I want to really hone in on through my blog, so I'd love to start properly pitching to businesses over 2020 to find partners that want to collaborate! I want to set up a Teesside directory with links to all of my relevant posts and share more about my trials and tribulations as a woman, so please, if you fit into either of these categories, get in touch!

2. Get back into exercising regularly
Like I mentioned earlier, my 'lose some weight' goal was a little bit broad, so I think 'regular exercise' is much more specific, therefore much more likely to happen. I want to pick yoga back up and I've got a bit of space that I can hula hoop in. I want to go on more long walks on the weekends and just make a bit more of an effort to see some results.

3. Become more assertive
I've been told that this goal sounds a little bit scary, but trust me, I'm not about to start calling the shots and saying 'no' to absolutely everything with no remorse. What I mean by this is that I tend to be a little bit of a doormat and if I'm ever slightly anything above meek and quiet, I feel kind of bad, particularly in work scenarios. In 2020, I want to work on my assertion and find a balance.

4. Shop smaller
This is something that has become quite important to me after my mum set up her Etsy shop. Yes, I cared a lot about independents before that, particularly independent eateries, but when she said she wanted to start a shop, it just changed my whole perspective. I want to support people who make and sell things for the love of it, rather than huge corporations with millionaire head honchos.

5. Introduce myself to more plant-based meals
Alex and I watched the Game Changers documentary towards the end of 2019, and it was like a big punch in the face. We both quickly realised how important it was that we eat more purely plant-based meals and this is something that I want to put into action in 2020. Sure, going vegan won't ever be an overnight change, but introducing more plant-based alternatives and solutions to my usual eating habits will help!

So there you have it - my five goals for next year. It's shaping up to be a pretty nice one, especially because I've already enquired about reviewing a Veganuary menu, adding a little tick to two of the goals. The only thing that would make it even better is if the place wasn't a chain! But even still, baby steps!

I would absolutely love to know if you've got a goal that you'd like to achieve in 2020, so comment down below or send me a cheeky little DM.

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