6 Things We Want To Watch On Disney Plus

28 Mar 2020

It's the time that everyone's been waiting for! That's right - Disney+ is finally available in the UK and I don't think I've been this excited since I found out that you could make cakes in a mug. Matthew pre-ordered Disney+ when it was offered on a special price and we've been counting down the days until we could explore it. It's a bit of a coincidence that it's been released at the exact same time as a UK lockdown though, right?

With all this extra time on our hands, we've got the perfect opportunity to do some binge-watching. I don't know about you, but the idea of having a place that contains the whole of Disney's catalogue is incredible and I can picture myself sprawling on the sofa for hours at a time to watch all the films, shorts and series.

That being said, I thought that I'd write up a post with a few things that I'd like to watch on the new platform. I also decided to rope Matthew in to lend me a hand and share some of the things that have caught his eye! We're gonna give you the titles, the section they're in on the platform and a bit about why we fancy giving them a watch. So without further ado, let's jump straight into it!

1. The Imagineering Story (Disney) - Olivia

I absolutely love the Disney parks and I think I say 'I need to go to Disney World' at least five times a week nowadays. With The Imagineering Story documentary series, you get taken behind the scenes to have a look at the Disney parks and everything that goes into them - from design all the way through to finance. It sounds absolutely perfect for nosy parkers like me! Plus, it's a series with six episodes (at the minute), so it's a good'un if you want a binge sesh. I'm gonna dig my Disney ears out and probably watch this all in one go!

2. The Mandalorian (Star Wars) - Matthew

I'm a massive Star Wars nerd - think branded tshirts, socks and decorative merchandise kind of nerd - so when I heard about The Mandalorian, I was intrigued. Obviously, America got Disney+ before the UK, so I had to sit and watch all of the positive reviews flood in and see the baby Yoda memes (which were adorable, by the way), but now I finally have the chance to watch. It's a part of Star Wars that was introduced in The Clone Wars (also on Disney+), but it was something that I didn't keep up too much with. But now there's an origin story and who doesn't love an origin story? I loved the Bounty Hunters of Star Wars, so it's going to be cool to learn more about them!

3. A Bug's Life (Pixar) - Olivia

One of the things that I love most about Disney+ is that it's a massive long trip down memory lane. While all of the companies on there still produce films, there's nothing like looking back at all of the old Disney and Pixar classics. One of my favourite films as a kid was A Bug's Life - I loved the characters, the little one liners and I especially loved the blooper reel during the credits (does anyone else remember when Pixar used to do that?). I'd love to watch the film again and I can guarantee that I'll be doing that annoying thing where someone says the lines all the way through.

4. All of Marvel - Matthew

When Olivia said to choose a few things for this blog post, I knew I had to have something from Marvel. The only problem is that there's so much choice and I love Marvel so much that I can't choose just one, so I want to watch all of Marvel. When I used to want to watch a Marvel film, I'd have to hunt over every platform I had - Netflix, Amazon and NowTV - but now, they're all in one place. Marvel also bought the rights to X-Men, so all of those films are available too! If you really had to push me to choose just one to rewatch, it would probably be Guardians of the Galaxy. But then there's the Avengers, and Captain America... there's too many to pick!

5. The World According To Jeff Goldblum (Nat. Geo.) - Olivia

I'm obsessed with Jurassic Park and therefore have a bit of a soft spot for Jeff Goldblum. The video of him singing the made up words to the Jurassic Park theme song is totally burned into my brain and will often burst out into song with said made up words. The World According to Jeff Goldblum is another documentary series follows Jeff as he 'explores the world', discussing certain topics and interviewing relevant people in those areas. It sounds like a basic 'this is how things work' documentary, but listen, Jeff Goldblum makes everything more exciting!

6. Lady and the Tramp - Matthew

This one is a total no-brainer for me and I think it's something that possibly every Disney+ watcher will be interested in at some point. As a kid, I was really into the Disney films that featured animals, like 101 Dalmatians and Lady and the Tramp, so when I heard that Disney+ was creating an exclusive, live action version of the latter, I was pretty excited. Absolutely everybody knows and loves the story of Lady and the Tramp, as well as that ever-so-romantic song from the spaghetti scene, so I'm really looking forward to seeing it with real dogs. I also think it's pretty cool that this is the only way to watch the film, because it wasn't in cinemas.

Honourable mentions

While we picked out our top three things to watch each, there were actually tons of other things that caught our eyes whilst we were flicking through to refresh our memories, so I just thought I'd do a little honourable mentions section, just in case you fancied a few more suggestions!

The Wizards of Waverly Place (Matthew) - Pete's Dragon (Olivia) - The Clone Wars (Matthew) - Tarzan (Olivia) - UP (Matthew) - Homeward Bound (Olivia) - Honey, I Shrunk The Kids (Matthew) - Toy Story 4 (Olivia)

This was a bit different from the usual stuff that I publish on my blog, but it's a bit of fun while we're all stuck at home. I'd absolutely recommend Disney+ to anyone who is a massive kid at heart like we are, or just love the whole Disney universe. There are tons of things to watch on there, from classic Disney shows like Recess to exclusive films and documentaries. It's worth checking out!

Do you have Disney+? What have you been watching?

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