10 North East Food Spots I Want To Try After Lockdown

26 Apr 2020

Source: The Violet Green
We're still living the lockdown life at the moment, but that hasn't stopped me from dreaming about all the things I want to do and places I want to go once it's lifted. But more importantly, it hasn't stopped me from dreaming about all the places that I'd like to eat! I've actually compiled quite the list with Matthew, but for this post, I thought I'd whittle it down to 10 North East food spots to share with you all! Who knows, it may inspire your next date night, so take a look and find out where I'm planning on eating when we're allowed out of the house.

1. The Violet Green, Norton

I really love places that have got something different about them, like a theme or a cool design feature. The Violet Green in Norton is one of those places - it's located underneath Norton Green. That's right, it's an underground restaurant! I only learned about this place within the last few months, but after stalking them for some time on Instagram, I think it's about time I went along and tried it out!

They serve up sumptuous seasonal dishes and have a host of set menus for early evenings, a Wednesday chop night and Sunday dinners. It just sounds completely up my street and I'm looking forward to a date night!

2. The Impeccable Pig, Sedgefield

I used to a bit of a believer that there was nothing in Sedgefield and it wasn't a good spot for a meal out, but The Impeccable Pig silences all of those thoughts. This characteristic restaurant serves up bistro-style food in a plush setting, and plenty of hearty favourites too - I've heard their Sunday roasts are to die for. It's nestled just off the high street, almost behind Co-op and Aubergine Continental Cafe, so it's ideal for that exclusive, secluded feeling.

The Impeccable Pig also has 10 rooms to stay in, which is my absolute dream. Each of them looks so gorgeous and luxurious, and I'm absolutely dying to spend the night there! The giant baths, fancy beds and hot tubs are calling my name.

Source: Proven Goods Co.

3. Proven Goods Co., Newcastle

Nowadays, I'm a massive doughnut person and I'm constantly looking for the next place to try to satisfy my sweet tooth. Proven Goods Co. has been on my radar for a little while and it was somewhere I fancied visiting for my birthday trip to Newcastle, but after my plans got dashed in this whole corona debacle, I didn't get to go! But once all of the lockdown has lifted, you can bet that this is one of the places that I'll be visiting ASAP.

Proven Goods Co. bake up a whole range of doughnuts, but it's their filled treats that have truly caught my eye. Just look at that photo above - you can't tell me they don't look great! While they stock them all from their little shop in Hoults Yard, but you can also grab their bakes from Fenwicks if you're in the city centre.

4. The Lamp Room, Seaham

Eagle-eyed Matthew spotted a friend sharing The Lamp Room on Facebook and instantly fell in love with the look of their garlic parmo. We knew that it was somewhere we absolutely needed to check out, but it also helps that it's located in Seaham, a place that I've not really explored before. While this sea front eaterie offers a surf & turf menu and tapas on select nights in a week, we specifically want to go along to try the daily menu, which lists lots of incredible dishes, like panackelty, burgers, pies and, of course, a parmo.

I've heard lots of lovely things about The Lamp Room, so I'm keen to go out to Seaham for the day, have a mooch, then have dinner. If anyone has any recommendations of things to do in Seaham, let me know!

Source: The George Pub & Grill

5. The George Pub & Grill, Stockton

Obviously, I had to feature something that was a true Teesside eaterie and I'm not sure it gets more classic Teesside than The George Pub & Grill. You could ask anyone from the area about this place, and I'm certain that they'd all tell you that it's the spot to get a parmo. And despite being a born and bred Teessider, I've never actually visited, even after the pub was featured on LadBible and Metro. After this lockdown is lifted, I'm definitely going to be rectifying that!

This place is famed for its naughty dishes, like parmos with crazy toppings (I'm lusting after the mozzarella dipper one), humongous burgers, Yorkshire pudding wraps and monster steaks. Nothing is done by halves, so no doubt it would be the only meal I eat that day, but I'm just gasping for really indulgent treat and I think The George is that!

6. The Mustard Tree, Middlesbrough

If you've been a reader of my blog for a while, you'll know how much I love the Baker and Bedford Street area of Middlesbrough, and The Mustard Tree is one of the newer additions to Bedford. I remember peeking through the windows when the place was getting done up to see if I could figure out what it would become, and since it opened, I've been dying to go along! To put it simply, The Mustard Tree is a cocktail and tapas bar, so it's ideal for a bit of a luxurious evening out, but it also offers a main menu if tapas doesn't tickle your fancy.

After having a snoop on the website, it looks like the bar is also bringing in a 'build your own' menu, where you'll be able to put your very own burgers, pizzas and parmos together. It sounds like heaven and it's a bonus that this spot is within walking distance from my house!

Source: Ted & Ginger's

7. Ted & Ginger's, Stockton

Gosh, just looking at that photo above is making my stomach growl. There are tons of little independent places to discover in Stockton and one of the ones I've had my eye on for a few months is Ted & Ginger's. This foodie spot started as a haven for gourmet toasties, which it totally still is, but they now offer a range of other dishes throughout the day, like stonebaked sourdough pizzas, chicken kebabs and drool-worthy sharing boards. It all sounds out of this world, so I'll definitely be there when the lockdown is lifted.

With finding good places to eat and independent spots, you need to move away from the main high street and explore the side streets a little bit more. Ted & Ginger's can be found in Regency West Mall, just near Stockton Arc, so if you come off the beaten track a little bit, you're certain to find some true gems.

8. The Dispensary, Newcastle

One thing I don't do enough is go out for brunch. I'm more of a lunch or dinner girl, but brunch is one of those things that sounds so fancy. I think that The Dispensary Coffee House in Newcastle looks like a fabulous spot for brunch, so it would be somewhere I'd like to visit if I've stayed over in the city. They serve up the most unreal pancakes that I think I've ever seen - I'm talking about Instagrammable stacks with lashings of toppings, cream and sauce - as well as breakfast nachos, picture perfect milkshakes and so much more. They're a hot spot for those who want to get some fantastic food snaps!

If you can't get to The Dispensary's main store in Heber Street, you can also pop along to the smaller venue at The Stack. You can still grab a selection of their goodies and eat them in a takeaway box as you explore the city.

Source: Spanish City

9. Spanish City, Whitley Bay

Whitley Bay is another place that I've never been to (am I even Northern?!) and I've heard so much about Spanish City that it couldn't not make it on to this list. This stunning building on the coast houses a variety of eateries, including the award-winning Trenchers fish and chip restaurant, 1910 Steak & Sea Food, and Valerie's Tearoom. It sat empty and untouched for years, but it's come back with a beautiful refurbishment that lets all the visitors experience dining under the signature dome.

Now, with so many places inside Spanish City, I haven't quite decided where it is that I'd like to dine. I'm definitely tempted by Trenchers because when you're by the sea, it's hard to not choose fish and chips, but I'd love to know if anyone has any recommendations! Give your thoughts in the comments below.

10. My Cookie Dough, Intu Metrocentre

Last, but by absolutely no means least, we've got My Cookie Dough, a chain of cookie dough kiosks that can be found all over the UK. I realise that this isn't an independent like the rest of the foodie spots featured in this post, but listen... when I saw that My Cookie Dough was coming to the Metrocentre, I was so excited. Their boxes of warm cookie dough with ice cream and drizzles of sauce just look so good, and what better way to eat cookie dough than when you're doing a spot of shopping?

Seriously, if you haven't looked yet, go over and take a peek at their menu, and get ready to drool. The Slutty Brownie is calling my name and I need it in my life pronto!

Source: My Cookie Dough
So those are 10 spots that I'm excited to try once lockdown is over. Like I said, I've got a mega list written down with restaurants in other places, like York, Edinburgh and Glasgow, to name just a few, and no doubt you'll see me tick a few of them off over the months after lockdown! But I'd love to know if any of you have been to any of the spots I mentioned in this post and any other recommendations you might have.

Speaking of recommendations, if you want to find out more about 8 places you should try in Teesside, you should check out this post! I've included some of my top favourites and a little bit about each one.

Which places feature on your list for post-lockdown?

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