June 2020 Gratitude List - The Month of Change

1 Jul 2020


I know that I shouldn't have to apologise for being absent on here for pretty much the whole of June, but it's hard to get rid of the feeling. Throughout June, I allowed myself to take a bit of a step back from my blog. I didn't have the motivation or the desire to write, and I had no ideas for content, so instead of forcing it, I just put my energy elsewhere, which has done wonders for me mentally.

Another reason why I was quiet in June was because it was quite the month of change for me. I'll go into it a bit further in my list, but I'm feeling extremely happy and hopeful for the future because of a few decisions I made at the end of the month. It was a bit of a wild ride overall and a lot of big shifts happened, including being unfurloughed (which was a whole beast in itself), but I've come out of June feeling content and excited for what's to come.

So without further ado, here is my gratitude list for June!

  1. Choosing not to renew my tenancy agreement - I have lived in the same house, bar the time I spent back at my mum's with my dodgy foot, for around 6-7 years and I decided that it's about time I move on. There are lots of reasons why and maybe one day I'll get into it, but at the end of June, my tenancy agreement came to an end and I chose to move to Trimdon with Matthew. Yes, this means that I'm a bit further out of Teesside than I'd like to be, but that doesn't change the way I feel about the area and I will still be creating my usual Teesside content. I'm so flipping excited and pleased to be out of my old house, and I'm excited to inject a bit more of 'Olivia' to the Trimdon house.
  2. Finding joy in plants - how daft does that sound? But seriously, whilst I was furloughed, I planted a few things, like herbs, tomato plants and cucumbers, to name just a few, but in June, they really started to flourish. Granted, I've had a few casualties (RIP to the rocket and basil), but my cucumbers have flowered and my biggest tomato plant is just about to flower. They're like my children and I'm so proud of myself! Plus, it's going to be so lovely to have our own homegrown veg in our salads!
  3. The eased lockdown restrictions - here in the UK, we're still technically in lockdown. The virus hasn't gone away just yet and there are still measures in place to help reduce the spread, but the restrictions have been loosened slightly, and I'm so grateful for it. From July 4th, we're able to go to restaurants and pubs again, and while I'm not planning on going for a while, just to make sure places aren't too busy, I'm so buzzing to get back into a restaurant again. I've also loved being able to go sit in my mum's garden and see my family again. Of course, everyone should still be following guidelines, but it's bloomin' lovely to think that we're heading towards normality again.
  4. Taking the next step with an idea - I had an idea a few months ago for a Teesside-based thing and it was something that I kept to myself. I have this issue with sharing ideas and then getting so scared of them becoming a reality, then it never happens because I'm a scaredy-cat. But in June, I talked about this idea openly, sent some emails and was met with a really positive response. It's still just a fledgling thing, but the thought of it excites me and I'm interested in taking it all the way!
  5. Exciting collaborations - there was a week at the end of June when all of the good things came my way, and one of them was a super exciting collaboration proposition with a brand that I love (and has featured twice on this blog before). I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into it and I'll be creating content over the space of about four months for it, so keep your eyes peeled for that on here and Instagram!

Like I say, I'm really looking forward to the upcoming months and I'm hoping that I can find my urge to blog again. I'll be honest, I've missed it, but it doesn't do you well to force things, does it? Watch this space.

What were you grateful for in June?

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