Munchable Masterpieces In Middlesbrough With Miss Moneypenny's Cheesecakes* #AD

16 Aug 2020

I absolutely love birthday planning and I like to think that it's something I'm pretty decent at. I'm rubbish when it comes to my own birthday and I can never decide what I'd like to do, where I want to go for dinner or what I'd like as a gift, but I don't half enjoy other people's big days. So when Matthew's birthday came around at the start of August, I knew I wanted to do something big with his cake, but I wasn't sure how to go about it, considering we were going away for a couple of days before. With that in mind, I did something that I've never done before... I ordered a cake!

Now, I've never ordered a cake for anyone before because you guys know how much I like to bake. Granted, my celebration cakes aren't always the best, but it's the thought that counts, right? But with minimal time to bake something for my fella, I headed to Instagram to scout out a local baker who could help me out. After firing off a few messages and not having much luck (who saw the extremely rude reply I received from a baker that I posted on my story?), I stumbled across Miss Moneypenny's Cheesecakes. I'd never seen a post feed quite as delicious and incredible as hers, so I knew I had to ping her a message ASAP.

Luckily, cheesecake is one of Matthew's go to choices for dessert, so I knew that I was on to a real winner with this one. I sent off my message with an awkward 'I've never ordered a cake before so I don't really know what I'm doing' type of vibe, and Miss M was more then happy to help. She broke everything down for me, told me which flavours were on offer, gave me a choice of sizes and made sure she availability for his big day. It was exactly what I needed as a newbie to the cake ordering game!

With choices of a small (6") cheesecake at £25, a medium (8") cheesecake at £35 and a large (10") cheesecake at £45, I decided to go straight down the middle and opt for the medium*. It was most likely only going to be me and himself eating the cheesy treat, so this seemed like a good choice and the price was fantastic! I explained that Matthew likes chocolate, salted caramel and peanut butter, so Miss M ensured she would get a good mix, and throw in some Biscoff treats for good measure too. Then all that was left to do was wait for the day!

I thought that writing this post would be a total breeze, but I'm already getting distracted by the photos that I've included... they're reminding me of how unbelievably amazing this cheesecake was! Miss Moneypenny went absolutely all out with the creation and decoration of this masterpiece and the pair of us were floored when we saw it. She concocted a half and half cheesecake*, which is a very popular choice with her customers, and loaded it up with tons of chocolate treats on top. It was almost too incredible to cut!

On one half, we had all things peanut butter, so the filling of the cheesecake had peanut butter mixed in, then there were gooey drips of peanut butter and chocolate down the sides, plus peanut butter and chocolate treats on top, like Reese's, Cadbury Fudge pieces and peanut M&Ms. Basically, if you aren't a peanut butter fan, this definitely isn't the side for you, but we both adore peanut butter and were obsessed with the sweet but salty side. It was just dreamy and was super light, despite being loaded up with tons of rich flavours.

Then the other side featured a vanilla and caramel swirl filling, and I've got no clue how she managed to separate the two sides, but seriously, one minute there was peanut butter, and the next there was caramel. It was genius! Dripped down the side of the sweet caramel cheesecake were drips of sumptuous caramel and more chocolate, then chocolate caramel-themed treats on top, like Cadbury's Caramel, Caramac pieces, Malteser Buttons and the odd Biscoff biscuit. This was by far my favourite side because anything caramel and chocolate has my name all over it. It was sweet with just the slightest hint of salt, all the treats on top made total sense together and all the textures were beautiful. 

The base throughout the whole cheesecake was consistently gorgeous and really held nicely, which is what I want in a cheesecake. I can't be doing with crumbly bases! Miss Moneypenny also very kindly made Matthew a little plaque to sit on top of the cake, which was a really lovely touch. It was so clear to see that she had thought through every little detail possible and that she has a fantastic understanding of what works in the world of cheesecakes and what you should avoid. Hands down, it was one of the best cheesecakes I've ever had and it definitely makes me want to up my cheesecake game!

But the best thing about Miss Moneypenny's Cheesecakes is that it's a Boro-based biz, so us Teessiders don't need to look far to get our cheesecake fix. She makes all her creations at home in Nunthorpe, so if you're in the surrounding areas of Boro and even out in Stockton, Thornaby, Coulby Newham and even possibly out in Redcar, you'll be able to collect from her with no problems at all.

I definitely recommend checking out Miss Moneypenny's Cheesecakes, even if it's just to add a little bit more food porn to your Instagram timeline. She's an incredibly lovely lady and her cheesecake creations are simply to die for, so she deserves all of the support. She's also got some new designs in the pipeline, so keep an eye out for those, but if her new mini heart-shaped cheesecakes are anything to go off, I think they're going to be spectacular!

Which side would you like a slice of? Peanut butter or caramel and chocolate?

All items that are marked with a * have been sent to me or gifted for review purposes.

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