10 Places To Get Seriously Good Brownies In Teesside

17 Mar 2021

One thing I really love about blogging and chatting to independent business owners is learning about what other people want to read. Sometimes, my mind dries up of ideas, so when someone comes forward and says 'you should a post on such and such', it just makes my day! After a conversation on Chateau Bleu's doorstep about local brownie bakers, she has inspired me to make a list of 10 places to get seriously good brownies in Teesside.

Now, while I love a brownie or two, especially gooey ones that are loaded up with lots of chunks of chocolate, I'm actually only familiar with a few brownie bakers in the area. So I turned to the power of Instagram to help me out, and you guys came in your droves to tell me about your favourite brownie spots! So this list has been a real collaborative effort and it's actually given me some new spots to try out.

1. Chateau Bleu Brownie Bakery, Darlington

Of course, it's only right that I kick off this list with the lady that inspired me, Chateau Bleu Brownie Bakery. This biz is described as a millennial, luxury brownie company that aims to re-invent modern baking with beautifully packaged brownies. While they definitely hit the mark with this, I think there's so much more to them! Their brownies are super moreish, fudgy and available with a range of toppings. From Creme Egg to lashings of caramel, there's something for everyone!

Order from Chateau Bleu for local delivery or collection. You can order through their website or via Messenger.

2. Brownie Points Kitchen, Darlington

If you haven't feasted your eyes upon Brownie Points Kitchen yet, then you need to get over to their Instagram for a look! Getting your hands on their brownies relies on quick fingers and sharp wits - you've got to be in it to win it and know when their products drop. In their words, their 'outrageously sexy' brownies are the thickest, chunkiest things and practically dripping in toppings. With over 25 flavours to choose from for bespoke orders, and random boxes dropping every Wednesday and Friday, they aren't one to miss.

Order from Brownie Points for delivery to areas around Darlington. You can order through their website or via Messenger.

3. That Cake, Saltburn

That Cake are a firm Insta fave for their beautiful photography and incredible bakes. One that has particularly captured the heart of Teessiders is their brownies, which they offer for collection from their Saltburn store or delivery across the UK. They do them oh-so-well with a range of flavours (as I'm typing this, they've just released their Easter menu - six flavours, including Malteser Bunny, in one box!) and the thickest slices that the coast has ever seen. As well as brownies, you can get your mitts on mega cake slices, cookies, sweetie boxes and so much more!

Order via That Cake's website for collection from their Saltburn shop or delivery across the UK.

4. Coastal Bakes, Redcar

As if one coastal brownie baker wasn't enough, we've got another in the form of Coastal Bakes. While this biz is loved across Teesside for their variety of bakes, their brownies are simply sensational and so well priced! I'm talking about 2 brownies for £3 kinda prices, which you definitely can't be mad at. They offer a huge range of flavours, including the dreamy salted caramel and pretzel, Biscoff, and chocolate orange, alongside their gigantic cookies and other sweet treats.

Order from Coastal Bakes for collection from Redcar. You can order through Instagram DMs or via Messenger.

5. Truffle Pig Brownies, Hartlepool

Stay in and pig out with Hartlepool-based Truffle Pig Brownies. As the name might suggest, this biz specialises in making super fudgy and gooey brownie boxes, with new mixed boxes dropping every week. Their flavours are absolutely to die for, including Snickers, Nutella & Kinder, banoffee and sticky toffee. Honestly, I'm just drooling typing this out! With mixed boxes for £15 or the opportunity to message for bespoke orders, this is a perfect option if you are in the Hartlepool area.

Order from Truffle Pig Brownies for collection or delivery in the Hartlepool area. You can order through Instagram DMs or via Messenger.

6. Jenny's Incredible Edibles, Middlesbrough

Like the name might suggest, Jenny's Incredible Edibles produces some of the most delicious treats in Boro. Jenny has been baking wholesale creations since 2012, but has recently jumped into the world of celebration cakes and treat boxes for home delivery. While she makes a whole host of scrumptious bakes, her brownies are absolutely to die for. Make sure you get your hands on her white chocolate and raspberry flavour - it's so sweet, tangy and chocolatey!

Order from Jenny's Incredible Edibles for collection or delivery across Teesside. You can order through Instagram DMs or via Messenger.

7. Keeksies Cakes, Saltburn

Not only does our coast line have the most amazing views and Insta spots, but it also has an abundance of brownie bakers to satisfy your sweet tooth! You'll find Keeksies Cakes in Saltburn, and she has recently announced that she's outgrown her kitchen and will be opening her own shop, which is what we love to see! I'll be first in line when she opens her doors to buy one of her huge brownie slabs, preferably her Oreo or chocolate orange flavour. But for now, you can order from Keeksies for postal anywhere in the UK, which is ideal if you're a bit further afield and fancy indulging.

Order from Keeksies Cakes for delivery across Teesside and the UK. You can order through her website, through Instagram DMs or via Messenger.

8. Berry's Kitchen, Hartlepool

Berry's Kitchen in Hartlepool is ran by professional chef, Colin Berry, so you just know his brownies are going to be good. This is another biz that offers a whole scope of baked goods, but it's the brownies that take the crown. They're honestly like slabs of fudge that melt in the mouth and each are topped a variety of goodies, including Daim bars, caramel, Reese's, and mint Aero. Basically, any treat you want, he's got a flavour for you! Keep your eyes peeled for the monthly brownie boxes and exciting occasional drops in the future.

Order from Berry's Kitchen for collection or delivery in the Hartlepool area and the UK. You can order through their Instagram DMs or via Messenger.

9. Kate Bakes Cakes, Middlesbrough

Kate of Kate Bakes Cakes in Boro offers up some of the most beautiful celebration cakes and cupcakes, but I'm a particular fan of her brownie slabs. She serves up her slabs as one whole piece, which gives you the chance to cut the slice sizes that you want. If you're feeling particularly naughty, you could have humongous slices, or cut them a little more daintily for little mouthfuls of pure bliss. Her brownie slabs are available for postal delivery across the UK too, so no one has to miss out!

Order from Kate Bakes Cakes for collection or delivery in Middlesbrough and across the UK. You can order through Instagram DMs or via Messenger.

10. Hobo Coffee House, Yarm

If you haven't seen the photos from Hobo Coffee House of the baked goods that they serve, you need to take a look! This biz is currently opening most days from the morning to the early afternoon to offer socially distant coffee and cake, so make sure you get down to Yarm to try their brownies. Seriously, they bake some of the filthiest, chunkiest brownies I think I've ever seen, as well as a whole host of other tray bakes. If you want to avoid missing out on your favourite flavours, you can also preorder boxes of their treats!

Visit Hobo Coffee House at 30 High Street, Yarm, TS15 9AE. If you would like to preorder a brownie box, send them an Instagram DM or ping them on Messenger.

My gosh, is anyone else craving something gooey, chocolatey and brownie-esque after that? I've got such a hankering for a homebaked brownie, so I think I'm gonna go put an order in!

Tell me where else I can find banging brownies on the Tees!

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