Photos From Krakow's Old Town Easter Market

6 Apr 2018

We're officially back on UK soil and missing Krakow like crazy. As you know, J and I went on holiday from March 25th - 29th to Poland, and I thought that we should get the ball rolling with the posts that I want to share! I've got a whole load saved in my draft, but for a gentle start, I thought I'd share some photos that I took of the Easter market.

As I wrote in the Krakow itinerary post, I had a couple of things planned and booked for our trip, but neither of us knew that the Easter market was happening. I only found out when we arrived at our Airbnb apartment and looked the Krakow Old Town geotag on Instagram. As someone that loves a market, you can imagine how excited I was when I was scrolling through photos of food stalls and Easter crafts. I knew that we'd have to visit it at some point during our trip (we actually went every single day) and see what was on offer.
One thing I was a little worried about before we left was the language barrier. Neither of us know any Polish and I knew that it would take us a good while to learn any, no matter how hard we tried. Those spellings and pronunciations are difficult to get your head around! But we found that almost everyone we spoke to was amazing at speaking English and it was quite easy to guess what some words meant, so don't be afraid if you see Polish like on the photo above!
Being a meat-loving South African, J wanted to try all of the meat goods on offer at the market and had his heart captured by the sausages you can see above. They were absolutely gorgeous and we were almost tempted to buy some uncooked ones from the stall to bring home.
It's become a little bit of a tradition with us to try churros from every place we visit and the ones we had from the Easter market were some of the best. We got to the stall just as the fresh dough was going into the frying oil, so our churros were warm and crisp. We topped them off with melted chocolate and cinnamon sugar, and they were just beautiful!
While J was all about the sausages, I was about pierogis, particularly the fried ones. These are dumplings that are stuffed with all sorts of things, similar to wontons or ravioli. We tried a few different kinds, but I fell in love with the Ruskie filling, which is potato, onion and cheese. They were so so good and even just looking at that picture above is making me hungry for more.
I'm so glad we visited during the time that this market was on, even though we had no idea until we got there! In all honesty, I didn't know Easter markets were a big thing, but this market proved me wrong. I'd love to visit more seasonal markets like this in the future - German Christmas markets, anyone?

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