Tasting Homemade Cakes with Bendelow's Kitchen*

24 Apr 2018

I share my love for a lot of things on this blog and one of the most prominent is cake. I've got a raging sweet tooth, so anything sugary, whether it's made by me or someone else, is right up my street. So when a DM popped up on Twitter from Dominique of Bendelow's Kitchen, asking if I wanted to try some of her cakes, I absolutely had to say yes! How could I possibly miss out on an opportunity to sample some homemade cakes? I headed to The Artizan, the cool, industrial gin bar where the event was being held for an evening of cake and great chat.

Being as eager as I am, I was actually the first person there, so I managed to grab a few photos before the beautiful displays of cheesecakes, cookies, cupcakes and fudges got snaffled up. There were so many delicious treats laid out for us and for people with all kinds of dietary requirements, including vegan Oreo cupcakes and gluten-free chocolate cupcakes! Soon, the room filled up with people, so I perched myself on a bench with the wonderful Fairy Wedmother and her husband, and got to tasting.
It was definitely the cheesecakes that had my heart. I'm an absolute sucker for the non-baked variety and Dominique had prepared tons of flavours, including caramel (my personal fave), strawberry, classic lemon, Nutella and raspberry. They were gorgeously creamy and rich, and as they were served in shot glasses, I couldn't help but think about how perfect they'd be for parties or weddings.

I also tried the chocolate fudge cake, as seen in the photo above, which was beautifully moist and just the right amount of chocolatey. Some chocolate fudge cakes are so intense that you just can't finish it, but this little slice was pure bliss! With a little splash of cream, it would have been sheer perfection.

I then helped myself to the red velvet cake because who can resist the tempting pull of red velvet cake? Definitely not me. Again, the cake was moist and topped off with some of the best tasting cream cheese frosting I've ever had. Seriously, I need to know Dominique's secret - how does she get it so firm but still tasting of cream cheese?
I learned that Dominique is only 23, which is absolutely mind-blowing to me. After all the months I've spent umm-ing and ahh-ing over whether I should sell cakes and whether they would do well, here is this lovely lady who is younger than me and absolutely killing the game. Oh, did I mention that she's also a full time mum and chairman of a local mother's charity, Mama Mates? She's a serious girl boss! After taking some time away from the kitchen, she's back and ready to take her business to the next level, which is what this event was all about. A relaunch launch, if you will.
I absolutely can't wait to see where Dominique takes Bendelow's Kitchen in the future, but I know that Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas will be seeing much more from her soon! I highly recommend you take a look at her Facebook page or Instagram if you're needing cakes for an event (or if you're just hungry for cake). I'm wanting to get started with out wedding planning, so I definitely have this fabulous lady in mind for our sweet table spread. Those cheesecakes are just calling my name!

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