Transitioning to Loose Leaf Tea with Adagio Teas* + GIVEAWAY

6 May 2018

I'm kind of obsessed with loose leaf tea and have been for a good few years now. In fact, I prefer it to bagged tea! The kitchen windowsill behind my kettle is piled high with tins and bags of all kinds of tea (and it's kind of terrible to say, but I haven't finished a single variety yet, but I keep buying more). You can never have enough right? If I've had a particularly tough day or it's a super gloomy outside, there's nothing better than filling up my strainer with tea leaves and making a piping mug of tea. As you will have seen in my White Eternal Spring cupcakes post, I was working with Adagio Teas and used their tea to make cupcakes, but this time, I'm going to be talking about all the benefits of transitioning to loose leaf. Make sure you stick around til the end because I'm going to be talking about a giveaway!

Now, what exactly sets Adagio Teas apart from other tea companies? For a start, their range of teas is utterly gigantic. They have a huge catalogue of concoctions and I could spend all day looking through it and finding out about all the different flavours and pairings. This sort of variety just isn't something that you get with bagged tea. Looking for something decaffeinated and delicious? Try the decaf vanilla. Feeling anxious? The chamomile is the one for you. Adagio's hand-picked teas are sourced directly from origin, so they are also filled with nutrients with no added sugar and all-natural flavours, as well as being gluten free and vegan. Any unusual flavourings, such as the mint chocolate in the Cocomint Green*, which is my tip top favourite so far, comes from essential oils, so there is nothing harmful or unnatural involved! With all of that combined, it's not difficult to see why Adagio is such a popular brand and I recommend you take a look at their site, whether you're a loose leaf fan or not. However, if you aren't, I'm going to tell you why I think you should be and how Adagio can make the transition to loose leaf much easier for you!
I mainly drink tea because I enjoy the flavours, but I'm also aware that there are a range of health benefits that come from consuming the delicious drink. It's a well-known fact that green tea can help you to naturally lose weight. Of course, when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, it's much more noticeable, but according to a study by Tufts University, "participants who drank three cups of green tea a day lost twice as much weight as non-tea drinkers." That's quite a significant finding, but of course, losing weight isn't on everyone's agenda, so how about I tell you that green tea has also been shown to improve the strength of your immune system? There's all kinds of information here about the ways in which tea (not just green) can benefit your health, but the fact that grabbed my attention the most was "women who start drinking tea at a younger age have been found to benefit from a lower risk of ovarian cancer later on in life." We have a bit of a history of cancer in my family, so knowing that drinking tea could lower the risk of ovarian cancer really hit home for me.

Anyway, enough about health, let's get down to business. Why don't more people drink loose leaf tea? I'll be honest, I think it's because a lot of people view it as a bit of a chore. You have to boil the water, get a strainer out, pick a tea, fill the strainer, put it all in a cup, clean up any bits that might have fallen on to the counter... but it doesn't have to be like that! Adagio have produced the most amazing teapot, the IngenuiTEA teapot*, that gets rid of the "hard work". All you need to do is add your leaves to it, fill it up with hot water and let it steep. Then when you're ready, you simply place it on top of your cup and the tea will be released. Thanks to the mesh filter inside, the tea leaves will remain in the pot, leaving you with a cup of crystal clear tea of your choice! It works with absolutely any cup, so it can be used in the home or whilst travelling. Not only is this pot available on it's own, but it can also be bought as part of a set*. You receive the teapot and a box of 4 different teas to try, so it's ideal for a loose leaf beginner, a tea lover or for Mother's Day!
If you're really struggling to stray from bagged tea, Adagio sell paper filters*. At £4 for 100 tea bags, you really can't go wrong. They're big enough to fill with ease and can be used in a cup or even in a traditional teapot. What makes these especially great for me is that they're made from 100% taste-neutral wood and hemp fibers. My mum is in the process of going plastic free at the minute and something she found out at one of her WI meetings was that there is 25% plastic in a tea bag. 25%! That's a lot of plastic for such a tiny thing that we use once and throw away, so by using these all natural tea bags, I know that the environment isn't suffering for it. Not only this, but according to Adagio, many of the big brand bagged teas use lower grade teas, meaning that they will colour your water a good shade of brown, but there won't be much flavour. So by making your own bags up, you're sticking two fingers up to the big companies that have cheated you out of a good cuppa for so many years!
Of course, I realise that not everyone will want to jump on the loose leaf tea bandwagon - heck, some people may be totally against the idea - but hopefully, I've shown you that it's accessible and very easy to make the change. There are so many benefits to drinking loose leaf tea, so even if you think that it's not for you, I highly recommend you take a look at the Adagio Teas website. I promise that it's not all hippy dippy and only for "the cool kids". There's something for absolutely everyone, like candy apple tea*, classic English Breakfast, a holiday blend called Yuletide Toddy and even chocolate chip tea. Many are also caffeine-free, so they're child-friendly! There's a whole world of delicious teas just waiting for you!

And so, that brings me to my giveaway! I'll be running a competition alongside this post on Twitter where you can win a loose leaf tea starter kit from Adagio. This includes an IngenuiTEA teapot and a box of four tea samples. I've chosen to giveaway the Herbal Garden set, because this gives you a good mix of tea flavours, including peppermint and chamomile! If you'd like to enter, head over to my Twitter, follow me and retweet my pinned tweet!

All items that are marked with a * have been sent to me or gifted by a PR company for review purposes.

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