A Getaway To High Biggin At Beech Hill Hotel, Lake Windermere

26 Nov 2018

You know those competitions that you see on social media to win holidays that make you think "do people really ever win these things?" As I recently found out, the answer is most definitely yes, because I bloomin' went and won one! After reading Beth's post about her stay at Beech Hill Hotel & Spa, I went and followed their Twitter, only to notice that they were running a retweet giveaway. I entered, not thinking too much of it, and then a week or so later, it was announced that I'd won a 4 night stay at their luxurious, self-catering cottage, High Biggin. I was so so excited to get away and have some time just to chill out, especially after my ridiculous accident that you might have seen me talk about on Twitter or Insta. So Alex and I packed up our things, and headed off for a break away. We were both so impressed that I really wanted to share our experience with you all!

Before I jump into chatting about our time at High Biggin, let me tell you a bit about the house and Beech Hill Hotel & Spa. The origins of the original hotel can be traced back to the 1900s, but over time, it has developed and expanded to become the 4* establishment that it is today. But its growth isn't stopping there, as General Manager, Jonathan Allen, told us that the spa will be expanding within the next year, so look out for that! The hotel sits right by Lake Windermere, tucked neatly against the hillside, so if it's views you're after, this is certainly a destination to consider.

High Biggin is a completely separate building to the hotel and it lies about a 5 minute drive away, close to the town of Bowness. It's a 5* self-catering cottage with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, so it's ideal for family getaways. The cottage belongs to Fraser Richardson, Managing Director of Beech Hill, so he and his family live there from time to time (which I'm stupidly jealous of), meaning that the house is very well looked after. Before I give too much away about the place, let's move on and chat about how we found staying there and our favourite bits.
As you can see from these first two photos, the cottage is a traditional grey brick building, which is just quintessentially countryside. You know you're out in the sticks when you start seeing homes built in this way, so upon seeing the cottage, I felt immediately like I was away from home. Walking through the stone porch and leafy arch, we came to the huge, wooden front door that welcomed us into the spacious hallway. Of course, I immediately set about exploring the place as quickly as I could on my crutches.
The first room I had a peek in was the living room, which was super cosy with a log fire place and a baby grand piano. This was the perfect room to unwind in and over the course of our time at High Biggin, we spent evenings in here cuddled up by the fire and doing jigsaws (I say 'we' - Alex mainly did the jigsaws while I got frustrated at not being able to find the right pieces). And being a bit of a music nerd, I absolutely loved having access to a piano. I haven't played a piano in years, so being able to sit and tinkle the ivories when I fancied was just wonderful!

Along the ground floor corridor was the humongous kitchen, which was my favourite room in the whole house I think.
These photos just don't do the room justice at all. It's a proper cottage-style kitchen with absolutely everything you would need to cook a delicious meal. There's even a walk-in cupboard with shelves full of baking dishes and trays (it actually made me go 'oh wow' when I saw it!). There's a ton of space, so I was able to get around pretty easily on my crutches and help make our meals - including the fajitas that we made on the Aga. I've never ever used an Aga before, but now I seriously want one... We'd also been given a few foodie bits, such as bread, milk, juice, butter and wine, so we didn't need to go overboard on the grocery shopping that comes with a self-catering place.

Jonathan told us that the kitchen was an added extension, but it fits perfectly into the whole aesthetic of the house. There was an extra sitting area included just to the side of the kitchen, which I forgot to take photos of, but it was almost like a conservatory, and I could imagine that it would be the perfect place to have family nights. The added breakfast table made the kitchen a lovely place to sit in the morning to eat some toast and look out over the lake. The big glass doors that the breakfast table faced opened out on to the outdoor eating area, and that's where Alex found his favourite part of the cottage.
Please ignore that awful phone quality photo above - I didn't have my camera to hand! But yes, Alex fell head over heels in love with the hot tub and made a point to take a dip in it as often as he could. He's a lot braver than me as he even went in it during the night! But it really was lovely to climb in on a morning to wake ourselves up and take in the view. It was a nice little plus to staying in the cottage that we both, Alex in particular, really loved.
As for the rest of downstairs, there was the dining room that you can see above, which we didn't use at all, but we thought it was a gorgeous room. It's rather grand, but still has a touch of that countryside charm to it. It'd be brilliant for big family meals or if you were feeling super luxurious, you can actually have the Head Chef at Beech Hill come to High Biggin and prepare you a meal. A waiter comes to serve you the food and everything! While we loved the sound of that and the idea of being a bit fancy, we kept it simple and just opted to cook for ourselves.

There was also a convenient downstairs bathroom and a door to the garage, but enough about downstairs - let me show you what we found when we clambered up the stairs!
This is the master bedroom and, originally, I had wanted to sleep in every bed in the house, considering that there are 4 bedrooms, but we ended up loving the master bedroom so much that we stayed there for the entire time. It was HUGE - probably the biggest bedroom I have ever stayed in, and again, the photos really don't do it justice. The super king bed was extremely comfortable and it was so gorgeous to wake up in the morning and be able to sit in bed, looking out across the trees outside of the window. It was complete bliss! There was a big TV that we used to watch I'm A Celeb on a night, and an assortment of armchairs and a sofa to lounge on. There was also a door that led outside to a little picnic area, so in summer, I can imagine that I would use that a ton.
Attached to the bedroom, was a massive bathroom with the biggest bath that I've ever seen. This was, by far, my second favourite room in the house, and you can bet that I used that bath tub every single night. If I'd wanted to, I could've been completely submerged under the water and there would still be room to spare. It was also a jacuzzi bath, so I absolutely loved using bubble bath and switching the jacuzzi on to be completely surrounded by bubbles. It was just like heaven, I swear! And to get myself completely relaxed, I liked to play a bit of spa music every now and then. There was also a little room with a vanity table and wardrobe in, which would have been the perfect spot to get beautified on a morning.

Like I said, we didn't use any of the other bedrooms, but we did have a little look in them, and all of them were a great size. A couple of them had en-suites and there was another bathroom on the landing, which Alex preferred to use over the one attached to the master bedroom. Due to all the sleeping space, High Biggin could comfortably sleep up to 8 people, so if you're looking for a group getaway, this could be the place.
So overall, we absolutely loved our stay at High Biggin. Anyone staying there gets complimentary access to Lakeview Spa back at Beech Hill Hotel, but unfortunately, because of my foot, we decided to give it a miss. However, the spa does look beautiful, and like I mentioned at the start of this post, it'll be expanding over the next year! But we found High Biggin to be just like a home away from home. We had everything we needed and we knew that the hotel wasn't too far away if we did need anything. It was very clean and comfortable, and we had more than enough room! I'm not sure I've ever felt more relaxed on a break before!

To sum up, our highlights were definitely the kitchen, the bathroom in the master bedroom and its huge bath, the hot tub, and the jigsaws. We loved that all of the essentials had been left for us (including washing up liquid - thank goodness we didn't listen to my mum and buy more to take with us) and all the little added extras were very much appreciated, like the Kendal mint cake.

I really can't recommend High Biggin or Beech Hill enough. From start to finish, the customer service was amazing and so helpful, and checking in and out was a breeze. We will DEFINITELY be coming back another day - I'd like to try the hotel itself out because it looks stunning. But we'll save that for another day! Of course, we didn't stay in the cottage all day every day, so keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming posts about some of the things we did on this trip.

This trip was won as part of a competition. It was not gifted to me in exchange for a blog post and I was under no obligation to write a blog post.

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing time and the photographs are really great.

    Shan / www.candytuftandcorncockle.com

  2. Oh it looks gorgeous - I especially love the kitchen Aga and the real fire. Very cosy. Looks like you had loads of room too. Next time you must try the hot tub at night - it's magical xx

    Well done on winning, what a treat xx