Accessible Baking and Sticky Toffee Cakes with Bakedin*

2 Dec 2018

If there's one thing I love more than baking, it's spreading the joy of baking. I know, I know, that sounds ridiculously cheesy and un-Brie-lievable, but it's true! Why else do you think I would share all my recipes on here? So when Bakedin got in contact with me and told me all about their Baking Club, I knew instantly that I had to work with them and share their products with you all!

Bakedin is a business that was started way back in 2013 after two friends realised that they both shared a passion for baking. Not only this, but they also realised that they both cared about making baking accessible and easy for everyone, so they started off with baking kits - "the full baking from scratch experience but with a little less hassle". The company has now gone on to produce even more baking kits, including mug cake kits (which I've tried and I must say, they are brilliant!), cake in a card kit and cocktail cake kits! Their Baking Club subscription box has also been named in the Independents top 15 food subscriptions two years running, alongside brands like Graze and HelloFresh. While I do enjoy a healthy subscription box, a bake in a box sounds even better to me!
The Baking Club is what excited me the most about Bakedin. Nothing sounds better to me than a box of baking goodies landing on your doorstep every month and a community of like-minded bakers for you to bake along with. After Michel Roux OBE was introduced to the Bakedin team, he was impressed with what they were producing and he now creates exclusive recipes for them, so you can be sure that with each new recipe every month, it has been stamped with a professional seal of approval. The seal of approval from one of the top pastry chefs in the world, no less! But what exactly do you get in a Baking Club box?

The idea behind the box is that Bakedin supply you with the exact amount of dry ingredients you need, so there is no waste, and helpful extras, such as greaseproof paper, sprinkles and anything else you may need! All you need to add are the things that can't be shipped, such as butter and milk. How amazing is that? This idea fits perfectly into my ethos about baking - it should be accessible for everyone. No matter your budget or where you live, everyone should be able to enjoy baking, and this box provides that from as little as £7 per month (but if you stick around til the end, I'm going to hook you up with a code to make your first box even cheaper).
So what did I get in my Baking Club box? I received the October subscription box, which was filled with ingredients to make a sticky toffee drip cake*. If there's one thing that is completely certain about me is that I love sticky toffee pudding. Alex will back me up here, but if there is sticky toffee pudding on the dessert menu, I find it hard to choose anything else, so this box was perfect for me! I realise you might be like, "Olivia, it's December now, why were you sent the October box?" - I know, I know, but I've actually had hold of this box since early November, but after I injured my foot, I wasn't able to easily get about the house, so the kitchen was pretty much out of bounds. But now that I'm hobbling about, I thought that this cake was the perfect way to celebrate my healing progress!

The ingredients I received were a bag of chopped dates and bicarbonate of soda, a bag of soft light brown sugar, a bag of flour and salt, a bag of icing sugar and a bag of demerara sugar. All I had to add to this was butter, cream, eggs and a bit of water (I also added some Fudge pieces because rules are made to be broken). I also received greaseproof paper, a butter measure (which is the most useful thing I think that I have in the kitchen now) and a wooden stick for checking if the cake is done. I was able to easily follow along with the recipe card included in the box, as each step had a photo to show how everything was done, so this subscription is great for beginners too!

I'll admit, my cake is a bit different to the photo supplied, but I can explain! After moving back to my mum's, all of my baking stuff got boxed up and left at my grandad's house, and that includes my tins. Unfortunately, my mum doesn't have two tins in the same size, so I had to use one tin and make the best of it. This meant that I had to turn the oven temperature down and bake the cake for a little bit longer with some foil on top to avoid burning, but it turned out pretty well! I also didn't cut the cake in half to make the two layers because I was a bit worried that they'd be uneven and flimsy, so I stuck with a solid cake. This meant that there was a heck of a lot of icing to go round, which I wasn't complaining about!
And here is the finished product! Like I said, I added some Fudge pieces on top, just to add some more chewy textures alongside the dates, because that's what sticky toffee is all about. Considering that this is my first bake in what feels like years, I'm really proud of it! I was especially chuffed because there was a minimal amount of washing up to do, thanks to the pre-weighed ingredients from Bakedin. It was so easy to snip open each bag and dump the contents into the bowl (following the recipe, of course) - no one enjoys having to weigh everything out!

But... the proof is in the pudding, so I bet you want to know how it tasted? I hate tooting my trumpet too hard, as you all know, but I think Alex and I did a pretty good job, especially when you take the tin snag into consideration. The cake crumb was rich and moist with a little bit of gooeyness from the dates. The icing was a simple vanilla buttercream, which added a sweet hit and smooth texture, and this was contrasted against the gorgeous, brown sugar flavour of the toffee sauce on top. It was all so so yummy, and I was rather proud of our little baking team. And it was so hard to believe that it came from a mix of ingredients in a box, but what's more impressive is everybody else's photos of their cakes in the Baking Club community on Facebook. A competition is ran every month in there for the best photo of the bake of the month, and the winner gets the price of the box refunded to them! It's definitely worth checking out.
Now, if you like the sound of all of this, let me tell you about the little discount code that I have. If you sign up for a Baking Club subscription and use my code NORTHERNIST299 (affiliate), you will receive your first box for only £2.99. Less than £3 for all of your pre-weighed ingredients! You don't need to sign up for a full year or six months. You can pay monthly, so if you just wanted to get the one box to try out first, that's totally fine! But by using that code, you can try out a box at a discounted price, and if you like it, you can continue with the subscription! There is no tie-in, so you can cancel at any time. It's a win-win!
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! What do you think of Bakedin and the Baking Club subscription box? I think it would make the perfect gift for a baking lover or for someone that is looking to do a little bit more baking, but isn't sure where to start. It's a brilliant idea and I'm looking forward to seeing all the future box recipes and photos!

Again, if you would like to try out the service, be sure to subscribe and use NORTHERNIST299 (affiliate) to get your first box for £2.99.

All items that are marked with a * have been sent to me or gifted by a PR company for review purposes. Affiliate links are clearly marked.

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