My Favourite Place For Sunday Dinner In Middlesbrough - The Chairman

28 Apr 2019

If you were to ask me what I would want as my final meal on Earth, I would have to say a Sunday dinner. Yes, I'm that typical Brit that can't resist the steamy deliciousness of Yorkshire puddings, mash and veg, completely slathered in gravy. We tend to have a roast every Sunday at my mum's - this has been a tradition for years - but sometimes, dinner is cancelled, leaving me with a hankering that I can't ignore. So today, I wanted to share my favourite spot for a Sunday dinner in Middlesbrough - the place that has become a go-to for a plate of hearty home comfort, The Chairman.

Alex and I stumbled upon The Chairman by accident in 2018 after looking for somewhere for a roast. We'd thought about going for a Toby, but we wanted to give somewhere new a go. Plus, we all know that Toby is like a zoo on a Sunday. So, after scouring Google, we settled on The Chairman. It was within walking distance, had a reasonably priced menu and was on one of our favourite streets, Bedford Street (if you like cute eateries and pubs, check out Baker and Bedford Street in Boro). We gave it a go and almost instantly fell in love.

It's a fairly small place that has totally embraced the industrial roots of the town. There's exposed brickwork, wooden tables and plenty of metal, so it's pretty trendy, but the staff are so incredibly friendly that it's impossible to feel unwelcome. One of my favourite things about it is the rack of board games, so if you can have a quick game of Scrabble, Jenga or Snakes & Ladders before your food arrives, if you fancy!
The roast menu is exclusive to Sundays and as you can see, you get a great selection of things to choose from. We tend to go for the classic Sunday roast with one of the meats, which includes 2-3 pieces of meat, roasties, a homemade Yorkshire pudding, mash, carrots, leek, courgette, mangetout and lashings of gravy. I have absolutely no problems with paying £9 for all of this, but if you wanted anything extra, you can also order more roasties, a side of cauliflower cheese or stuffing balls for £2 each.

The Chairman have had a bit of a menu facelift recently too, because on this particular outing to the bar & kitchen, we saw that there were new food additions, including the roast meat sandwich and the Yorkshire pudding wrap. I haven't tried either of these yet, but oh man, how good do they sound?

But if you're not big on a roast, there's plenty of other options available. Most of these are also available on the weekday menu (along with a small plate, tapas-style menu), so if you fancied a sandwich, burger or anything else that is quite pub grub-esque, you could always visit through the rest of the week.
 My usual choice for a Chairman roast is the lamb because it's studded with garlic and rosemary, and it just tastes incredible, but on this trip, I surprised myself and opted for the beef. This joint is marinated in wholegrain mustard and served up medium rare, which is exactly how I prefer it.

I had about two and a half slices of meat on my dinner, which was perfect. The wholegrain mustard marinade gave such an amazing flavour, while the central, rarer parts of the beef just melted away in the mouth. It was simply beautiful! Paired up with the garlic and rosemary roasties, this made a duo that was so difficult to beat. 
Alex went for the lamb, so that we could do some splitsies, and it was as perfect as always. It was so tender and flavourful from the rosemary and garlic, which worked perfectly with the roasties. There really is something about rosemary and garlic, isn't there? While the meat was particularly lovely, Alex reckons that his highlight was the gravy. The individual elements on his plate were fab, especially the mash, he says, but the gravy really pulled it all together.

In my opinion, no extras are needed. There is so much packed on to the plate, that I start to feel full about halfway through the dish. It would definitely be rude to waste any though, because the food is just so darn gorgeous, so the pair of us polished off our plates and allowed or stomachs to settle for a bit of pudding.
The pudding menu is something else that seems to have had a facelift at The Chairman, and there is now a much larger selection. You can find typical pub faves, like sticky toffee pudding and chocolate brownie, and much more unusual options, like Eton mess and banoffee pie! I'm a bit sad that they don't do the sharing fondue anymore, but we went for a sticky toffee pudding with two spoons.

When it arrived, I was glad that a second spoon was brought over because it was a monster of a cake! It was a gorgeously steamed pud that really taste like toffee. The cake was so soft and airy, and the syrup was deliciously sweet. It also wasn't so hot that you burned the roof of your mouth as soon as you took a bite, but it was still warm enough to melt the ice cream on impact. It was honestly heavenly!

Overall, this meal of two Sunday dinners, a pudding, a beer and a lemonade came to around £27, which is a really good price for such high quality food. Yes, it's not probably not something that you'd do every single week, but you could get a similar dinner in another restaurant for a much higher price, so I have no qualms with treating us to a dinner from The Chairman every now and then!

The Chairman (17 - 19 Bedford Street, Middlesbrough, TS1 2LL) is open Tuesday - Thursday from 11AM - 11PM, Friday and Saturday from 11AM - 12AM, and Sunday from 12PM - 5PM.

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