Making Iced Cinnamon Buns with Bakedin & Baking Kits On Your Doorstep* (AD)

6 Apr 2020

You guys know how much I used to bake. It felt like every other day that I'd have a brand new recipe on this blog! But when I started working full time, it felt like I didn't have a spare moment to indulge in the hobby that I loved the most. Well, thanks to this whole lockdown thing that we've got going on, I've found myself with a lot more time on my hands and I'm sure that you have to. I'm taking it as the perfect excuse to get back into baking and experiment with new recipes, starting with my chocolate orange donuts and Bakedin's Cinnamon Iced Bun Baking Kit*!

While I like to think of myself as an absolute beast at making brownies and cupcakes, I have never tackled any sort of bun before, so Bakedin were setting me a little challenge by sending me this kit. I can bosh everything in a bowl, mix it together and make a cake, but making dough, kneading and proving is a whole new world to me. But in my quest to try out new recipes, I gave this kit a good go and I'm over the moon with the results! They looked just like cinnamon swirls that you'd buy in a bakery, they made the house smell insanely good and they were incredibly delicious.

Who are Bakedin?

Bakedin is a business that was started way back in 2013 after two friends realised that they both shared a passion for baking. Not only this, but they also realised that they both cared about making baking accessible and easy for everyone, so they started off with baking kits - "the full baking from scratch experience but with a little less hassle". The company has now gone on to produce even more baking kits, including mug cake kits (which I've tried and I must say, they are brilliant!), cake in a card kit and cocktail cake kits! Their Baking Club subscription box has also been named in The Independent's top 15 food subscriptions for several years running, alongside brands like Graze and HelloFresh.

How did I manage with the kit?

I had an absolute blast making my iced cinnamon buns and it's something that I don't think I would've tried if I didn't have the kit. Like I said, making dough and all of the fancy things that come along with it is something that I've never delved into before. Sure, I've whacked a few ingredients into my mum's bread machine before, but that's a lot easier than actually making dough with your own fair hands from scratch.

From mixing the flour, milk, butter, yeast and sugar together, watching the dough form before my eyes, to kneading it out on the counter, I found every step to be so easy and it completely blew my mind. I had it in my head that making any kind of dough bake, whether it be bread, pizza or any sort of tasty bun, would be a royal pain, but I was totally wrong. Yes, the proving can take a little while, but hey, it frees up an hour or so where you can grab some lunch and watch an episode of Ru Paul's Drag Race (which is exactly what I did when making these buns).

The final buns went down a complete storm. Of course, there's only me and Matthew in the house at the minute, so we haven't got anyone to share them with. That definitely didn't stop us munching through the entire plate over a couple of days. They were great for a breakfast treat, a homemade dessert or even a sneaky treat when my other half wasn't looking.

If you want to take a look at the whole process and see me in the throes of baking action, you can take a look at my IGTV here! This was also the first time I've ever done an IGTV, so be sure to go and give it a bit of love (and tell Matthew how good he is at filming and editing).

Which part of the baking process was my favourite?

I absolutely loved peeking into the bowl after the proving was done. Baking was already so magical to me (because how does putting all of those things into the oven transform into something completely different?!), but seeing the dough expand and grow right before my eyes was on another level. It was also incredibly satisfying to push the dough into the bowl to squish out the air. It was just like those super satisfying videos that you see on Instagram of the putty or the kinetic sand. You know exactly what I mean!

Another part of the process that I really enjoyed was taking the buns out of the oven, which sounds daft because surely that's everyone's favourite bit, but these cinnamon buns filled the house with the most beautiful smell. You could smell the cinnamon coming from the oven before they were taken out, but once the door was opened, there was a huge waft of warm, sweet cinnamon air. It was totally mouthwatering and if I could capture that scent, bottle it and become a millionaire, I would!

Are the Bakedin Baking Kits beginner-friendly?

I think the reason why my buns turned out so much better than I thought would is because Bakedin make their kits so accessible for beginners. The instructions included in the box were so simple to read and understand, so even the most amateur of bakers would be able to get a grasp on how to create beautiful bakery-worthy buns from home. The box also included two tins, which is something that you don't usually find in a typical baking kit, and Bakedin are great at making sure they provide helpful extras like this in each of their kits, like greaseproof paper, cupcake cases and butter measures.

In terms of providing ingredients, Bakedin are second to none. We all know how it is right now. We're supposed to be staying inside as much as possible, avoiding other people and only taking trips if it's essential, which includes going to the supermarket to stock up on your baking bits. Well, the problem is that you go and wait in a queue that's spaced with 2 metre per person for over half hour to get in the shop, only to find that there's no stock of anything you need. Is anyone else having real trouble finding plain flour? Please, if you know where to find some, let me know! But with the Bakedin Baking Kits, you won't have that struggle anymore.

Inside each box, you'll have the correct amount dry ingredients weighed out in individual bags for you - yes, even the flour! All you need to add is that wet ingredients, which tends to be things that you already have in the house. For the Cinnamon Iced Bun Baking Kit*, I just needed butter and a bit of milk, both of which were things that we already had in the fridge, so there was no need for me to head out to the supermarket at all. Plus, with everything already weighed out for me, there was zero waste at all.
Absolutely everything about the Bakedin Iced Cinnamon Bun Baking Kit* is right up my street - a new recipe, new techniques, all dry ingredients included, easy instructions, extra tins for baking, no waste and the convenient deliver-to-your-door aspect. If you have the extra ingredients to add to the box contents, this means that you don't need to step a foot out of the door, making these kits a brilliant option for the current lockdown or for doing a bit of baking in general! You can buy the kits directly from the Bakedin website, Amazon (if you want to get that super fast Prime delivery), and most supermarket online shopping sites.

There's a whole host of other kits to discover aside from the Iced Cinnamon Bun Kit*, including gin and tonic cupcakes, double chocolate brownies and sticky toffee cakes. There truly is something for everyone, so it's worth taking a look and seeing what tickles your fancy. I think the Strawberry Daiquiri Kit is next on my list - yum!

Have you been baking during the lockdown? Let me know what you've made. You'll get bonus points if you send me photos too!

All items that are marked with a * have been sent to me or gifted by a PR company for review purposes.

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