How To Make Your Lockdown Birthday A Little More Fun

15 May 2020

I don't know about you, but I get stupidly excited about birthdays. As a teenager, I wasn't fussed about them, but now I'm in my 20s, they're the best thing ever. As soon as February turns into March, you bet I'm there, telling everyone that it's my birthday month and reminding them that the 28th is coming. There's no way that I let anyone in my life forget that I'm turning another year older!

But this year, things were a little bit different. I'd made lots of plans to go stay in Newcastle for the night, go play mini golf, have some lush food, play with some cats in a cat cafe, and it all got dashed by corona (I also got furloughed a few days before, which was a bit of a blow, but let's let that slide). I got myself really down about it and stayed in my head with thoughts of what my birthday could've been, until I picked myself up and thought about how to make a lockdown birthday special.

This was new territory for me - a birthday that was restricted to the confines of the house and easy to differentiate from the other same old lockdown days - but it was one that I was ready to tackle. So I've put together this post with a few suggestions of how you can make your lockdown birthday a little bit more fun!
All glammed up with nowhere to go
There ain't no harm in putting a bit of slap on just to stay at home. It's your big day, so go wild and get yourself glammed up to the nines. You could try following a YouTube tutorial if you've always wanted to ace that cut crease or experiment a bit of with colour and parade around like the gorgeous bird of paradise that you are. Dig out your freakum dress, do your hair and strut about, for no other reason that it's your birthday and you can do what you like.

Three courses (or more)
I don't know about you, but one thing I love to do on my birthday is go out for dinner. It's the perfect excuse to choose the place that you want to go and eat whatever the heck you want, and a lockdown birthday is no different (apart from you'll have to eat at the dining table or on your lap - soz). Choose your favourite cuisine, make an adventure out of going to the supermarket to buy the ingredients and cook up a storm (or have your lockdown buddies do it for you - it is your day after all). I had a Mexican feast for my day, followed by a Colin the Caterpillar cake and it was perfect.

Forget the cooking and order in
If a homemade dinner isn't up your street, take a look and see which restaurants are delivering in your area. If your fave is open and ready to bring your favourite dish to your door, you're on to a winner! If not, it's the perfect opportunity to try something new. Give a different cuisine a go or try out that place that's always caught your eye, but you've never had the chance to explore. You could also do an afternoon tea day like this - I've seen lots of places offering sandwiches, scones, cakes and tea in a box.
Don't forget the cake
Baking is just one of those things that's universally popular. Even if you can't bake and you have one of those 'expectations vs. reality' moments, you'll enjoy the process and have something delicious (or hilarious) at the end of it. Have a go at crafting your ideal birthday cake - pick your perfect flavour, go all out with the decorating and post it smugly on the 'gram when it comes looking like a professional made it. Or bake up a batch of brownies, cupcakes, biscuits - whatever takes your fancy.

Craft the perfect setting
I know you shouldn't have to decorate the house for your own birthday, but hear me out. Doing crafts is fun and therapeutic, even if you're just making easy peasy paper chains, some pom pom garlands or fancy origami flowers. Do a massive splurge on an online craft store and get a few bits in, so you can craft the perfect setting for your birthday. Rope in your family, partner or lockdown buddies to help out, stick a fun Spotify playlist on and make a real event of it!

Bring the cinema to your living room
Having a film marathon is easy enough, but take it that one step further with all of the trimmings. Get yourself some popcorn (bonus points if you pop it yourself), get some paper cups to have fizzy drinks in, maybe make a round of nachos, dim the lights and get yourself cosied up on the sofa. Make sure you pick your favourite film or something that you've been dying to see, and no one can argue with you! It's your turn to be in charge of the remote, so choose wisely.

Get ahead of the game
A games night is always a great option for a lockdown birthday, whether it's board games, video games or daft little games that you can play with a pen and paper. Every family has got a stash of board games in their house, so dig some out and get competitive (although, anyone your playing against better let you win - it's your birthday, so they have to), or order some new ones online. We bought Linkee, Dobble and Colour Brain, which are all fab to play, especially if there aren't too many of you in the house. Or if you want to take it that one step further, play some classic kid's party games, like musical statues, pass the parcel and what time is it Mr. Wolf? They'll have you in fits of giggles!
Cocktails in the kitchen
If kid's party games don't sound like your forte, a fancy cocktail making session in your kitchen may be the answer, especially if you've got yourself all glammed up. Try your hand at crafting some classic cocktails or have a go at making up your own recipe. You could do sugar-rimmed glasses, olives and crushed ice too - really go the whole hog! It makes me wonder what a Northernist cocktail would look like...

Have a five star spa experience
Lockdown is the perfect time to really indulge in a bit of self care and bring the spa experience to your bathroom. Don't skip out on the candles or the spa music to really set the mood! Either raid your stash to put together a little spa package, like a face mask, oils, moisturisers, face and body scrubs, bubble bath and anything else that you could possibly ask for in a spa. If you've got a willing pair of hands, a back, hand or foot massage would be gorgeous before sinking into a piping hot bath with lots of bubbles. Get your face mask on and slices of cucumber over your eyes if you want to be extra, and just relax.

Refresh and revitalise with fresh air
At the time of writing this, the Prime Minister has just announced that we're allowed to drive elsewhere to get some exercise, so take advantage. Go to the seaside for a walk to fill your lungs with sea air, followed by a whippy ice cream, or do a bit of forest exploring. Visit somewhere new, take pictures and collect things along the way to help you remember the lockdown birthday experience or take a new route around your local area to help you see the place you live in a different way.
Organise a virtual party
Obviously, right now, we can't see whoever we want to see and we can only hang out with the people that we live with, but that doesn't stop you from having a virtual party. Get your gang together on Zoom and have a digital do! There's so much you could do with this - a fancy dress party, virtual party games, a quiz, karaoke or just a big old catch up. There's nothing quite like seeing some friendly faces on your birthday, so organise a little virtual get together and enjoy!

Those are just a few ideas of how you can make a lockdown birthday that little bit more special. However you choose to spend it, I hope you have a fabulous day.

Give me your lockdown birthday suggestions in the comments below!

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