Teesside Food & Drink Christmas Gift Guide 2020

18 Oct 2020

Deja Food Truck

Christmas is just around the corner, and whether you're someone who thinks the 'C' word should be kept under wraps until at least December or someone who wants to get the decorations out now, we need to start buying our gifts at some point! I don't know about you, but with everything that's gone on this year, I want to make a conscious effort to shop local this season. I love shopping independent as it is, but I feel like the events of 2020 mean that our indie businesses need us more than ever before!

For this Teesside gift guide, I'm going to be talking about food and drink stores across our region, with places to shop for savoury gifts, sweet gifts or boozy gifts. There's something for absolutely everyone, so take a look and make some notes.


The Truffled Hog

Fancy gifting someone the joy of a deli experience at home? This is exactly what The Truffled Hog in Stokesley are offering! You'll be able to bag oodles of cheese, wine and their special blend coffee beans, as well as the candles they use in store. It'll be just like sitting in a deli, watching the world go by. You'll also be able to treat your loved one's to their gorgeous Huskee cups, in both the takeout style or the stack of four with saucers.

Check out The Truffled Hog on Facebook or Instagram.

Hungry & Humble

You guys know that I'm a massive fan of Hungry & Humble, and the thought of one of their platters turning up on my doorstep for Christmas is too much to handle! Their serving boards are lovingly made and put together so perfectly - they're masterpieces to behold. If you don't fancy purchasing a board in case it doesn't get eaten around Christmas, fashion a little voucher together and purchase one in the future!

Check out Hungry & Humble on Facebook or Instagram.

The Cheese & Wine Shop

If there's two words that definitely belong together in the English language, it's 'cheese' and 'wine'. If the sound of those words are music to your ears too, then check out The Cheese & Wine Shop in Darlington. Stepping through its doors, you'll be transported to a European deli that's stacked wall to wall with varieties of cheese and wine from across the world. Why not put together your own little hamper?

Check out The Cheese & Wine Shop's websiteFacebook or Instagram.

Hungry & Humble

Rose & Potter

Rose & Potter in Markse were a fan favourite throughout lockdown for their delivered charcuterie boards, and they'll be well-love through Christmas too, I'm sure! They boast beautiful boards that are made up of local produce and are totally Instagram-worthy. If you were worried about the board not being eaten in time though, they also offer vouchers!

Check out Rose & Potter on Facebook or Instagram.

Real Meals

While ordering a deli-style platter is all well and good, you could go the whole nine yards and put one together yourself! Real Meals in Saltburn have a whole host of items you could include, like cheeses, meats, pies, sauces and so much more. You can either order online or pop into store, but I'm sure if you go in and speak to the lovely staff, they'll be able to give you some recommendations.

Check out Real Meals' website.

That Pantry

Brand new to the Saltburn foodie scene, That Pantry is an independent food and lifestyle store, that's stocked up with all kinds of dry foods, vegetables, oils and pretty much anything else that you might find in the pantry. Not only this, but you'll also find perfect gifting sets and kits, such as a homemade bacon curing kit and flavoured oil sets. It's the perfect place to shop for home cooks!

Check out That Pantry's Facebook or Instagram.

Deja Food Truck

Deja Food Truck has taken Teesside by storm after launching during lockdown and there's really no sign of them stopping. Usually, they'd announce their new menu on a Thursday, you'd get your order in and they'd deliver the next weekend. But for Christmas, they're giving you the chance to purchase vouchers so that your loved ones can pick up a homemade takeaway the next time they see a menu they fancy!

Check out Deja Food Truck on Facebook or Instagram.

The Next Meal

We all love Italian food, but there's nothing quite like proper authentic Italian food. Luckily for us, The Next Meal in Yarm serves up a whole host of fresh pasta and his own homemade sauces, but for Christmas, his charcuterie boards or his deli treats could be ideal! Try out his jars of aubergines, carrots or courgette, or choose from his selection of scrumptious boards.

Check out The Next Meal's website, Facebook or Instagram.

Miss Moneypenny's Cheesecakes


The Sweet Apron

We all know that the lead up to Christmas is one of the best bits about the whole festive season, so why not treat someone to a sweet countdown with a baklava advent calendar from The Sweet Apron? This calendar features 12 days of delicious baklava that you or your loved one can tuck into during the run up to Christmas. There's only a limited stock though, so get your orders in quick!

Check out The Sweet Apron on Facebook or Instagram.

Miss Moneypenny's Cheesecakes

If Miss Moneypenny's Cheesecakes aren't on your radars already, you absolutely need to check them out! With three different sizes to choose from or mini sharing cheesecakes, and a huge assortment of toppings, you'll be able to order the most perfect cheesecakes possible. Just take a look at that fully loaded cheesecake above and tell me it doesn't make your mouth water.

Check out Miss Moneypenny's Cheesecakes on Facebook or Instagram.

Knots & Crosses

You definitely haven't lived until you've tried a pretzel from Knots & Crosses! This is another business that launched during lockdown and now I don't think there's a single person in Teesside who hasn't heard of them. But for those who haven't, Knots & Crosses will be selling vouchers from November, so if your recipient loves bread pretzels with sweet (sometimes savoury) dipping sauce, treat them to a voucher!

Check out Knots & Crosses on Facebook or Instagram.

Reggae Delights

Bring a touch of sunshine to Christmas this year with Reggae Delights! While this Ingleby Barwick biz is loved for its jerk chicken, Jamaican patties and Caribbean twist on a parmo, they'll be delivering Christmas treats in time for the big day too. With a selection of rum and coconut truffles, banana and sultana cake, white chocolate and cranberry rock cakes, and rum fudge, this is a treat box that everyone will love.

Check out Reggae Delights on Facebook or Instagram.


There's nothing better than being gifted a box of chocolates and what better way to give this cocoa-y deliciousness than buying from a local maker? tr:Eat is a independent chocolatier with a knack for creating some of the fanciest chocolates I think I've ever seen. With a range of flavours and beautifully colourful designs, a box from tr:Eat would make the perfect gift for any mum, sister or partner.

Check out tr:Eat on Facebook or Instagram.

Fudge It

Who doesn't love a bit of fudge during the festive season? Luckily for us Teessiders, Fudge It in Middlesbrough are going to be offering up their Christmas menu pretty soon! Speaking from experience, Fudge It's creations are incredible moreish, delicious and just downright beautiful. Make sure you keep an eye on their pages for festive announcements.

Check out Fudge It's Facebook or Instagram.

LaLa Bakes

LaLa Bakes

Lovely LaLa Bakes is the most talented teenager in Teesside and whips up some of the most incredible baked goods that I've ever seen. From cakesicles to cupcakes, and brownies to biscuits, LaLa fills up her boxes with so many goodies! And what's even better is that she'll be taking orders from Christmas right about now, so go get inspired by her previous bakes and chat to her about bespoke boxes.

Check out LaLa Bakes on Facebook or Instagram.

Tallulah's Bakery

You guys will all remember how I fell in love with Tallulah's Bakery's beach-themed bake box and I was so excited to hear that she was bringing out a Christmas version! There are no sneak peeks yet, but judging by her beachy box, I can only imagine how amazing it's going to be. It would be the perfect gift for a cake lover.

Check out Tallulah's Bakery on Facebook or Instagram.

Blondie Baker

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, the blondies from Blondie Baker are simply the best darn blondies I've ever had. And if you want to give someone the gift of the best darn blondies, this is the place to go. With blondie bars, tiered blondie celebration cakes and her signature blondie pies, she bakes up all things blonde, so if you want to gift something a little bit different, she's the gal for you!

Check out Blondie Baker on Facebook or Instagram.

The Pick 'n' Mix Cheesecake Company

There's no one in the world that doesn't love a bit of cheesecake, so treat your loved ones to a selection of minis from The Pick 'n' Mix Cheese Company! This indie biz will have a selection of festive flavours on offer, but they also offer bespoke creations too. Their raspberry ripple cheesecake sounds amazing and I'm sure anyone would love a box of sweet cheesy goodness on the big day!

Check out The Pick 'n' Mix Cheesecake Company on Facebook.

Jenny's Incredible Edibles

What could be better than a box of brownies, blondies, shortbreads, brookies and a whole assortment of other delightful treats dropping on your doorstep for Christmas? Not a lot! Jenny's Incredible Edibles specialise in scrumptious treat boxes like these, as well as celebration cakes, so you can either pick up a box of sweet tooth-satisfying goodies or an extra special cake!

Check out Jenny's Incredible Edibles on Facebook or Instagram.

The Little Gin Palace


The Sitting Room

Everyone loves a kit and if your recipient is a cocktail fan, they'd love a boozy drinks kit from The Sitting Room in Saltburn. This eclectic vintage tea shop and cocktail bar are making up mulled gin, whiskey cocktail, signature cocktail, coffee cocktail and Prosecco cocktail kits just in time for Christmas, and they include everything you need to make a selection of alcoholic treats.

Check out The Sitting Room's Facebook or Instagram.

The Little Gin Palace

Gin has been a pretty big deal in recent years, so give someone the gift of a good tipple with The Little Gin Palace! This biz provides individual bottles of various gins, as well as kits for those who want to try out mixology at home. Take a look at the photo above to see how I got on with their passionfruit martini kit! If I can do it, anyone can.

Check out The Little Gin Palace's website, Facebook or Instagram.

Fourteen Drops

If wine is what you're looking for, then look no further than Fourteen Drops in Yarm. This store specialises in stocking every single kind of wine you can think of after years of experience of sourcing wines for hotels, bars and shops. Their list is huge, but they also stock a range of other drinks and charcuterie-style food, so it's the whole package!

Check out Fourteen Drops on Facebook or Instagram.

Daisy Distillery

Nestled by the Cleveland Way, Daisy Distillery is the home of the handcrafted Cleveland Way gin, which includes the iconic Roseberry Topping motif. This independent business has a variety of flavours available in their gin line, but there's also an infused IPA and an ale included in the range, so it's definitely a brand that proud Teessiders will love.

Check out Daisy Distillery's websiteFacebook or Instagram.

Steel River Gin

I'm a massive fan of Steel River Gin, from the packaging design, to the flavour choices, right down to the free sample in the mini hip flask. Again, a gin from this company would be perfect for a proud Teessider or someone who is looking to bulk out their home bar stash. You've absolutely got to give the Club Tropicana flavour a try!

Check out Steel River Gin's websiteFacebook or Instagram.

Hops and Dots Brewery

Having launched in 2018, Hops and Dots Brewery is a pretty new spot in Linthorpe that specialises in craft beer combined with accessibility. Their beers promote braille alongside great tasting drinks, so everyone is able to enjoy what they produce! With oodles of guest beers and their own creations on their site, there's plenty for you to gift to your favourite beer lover.

Check out Hops and Dots' websiteFacebook or Instagram.

I hope that this gift guide helped you out in some way, whether you're treating yourself or looking for the perfect gifts for your loved ones. It was certainly a lot of fun having a look around to see which businesses I should include, but if there are any others that you think I should add, please let me know!

Which local food or drink supplier do you think you'll be buying from?

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