January 2021 Gratitude List - New Job, Constant Learning & Blog Content

4 Feb 2021

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Wow guys, we actually did it! We made it past the 254th of January and we're finally in February! As always, the start of the year has dragged for what feels like forever, but it's definitely a whole other feeling when you're in a lockdown. But despite the world being a little bit bleak and time ticking by ever so slowly, January was actually pretty lovely from a personal perspective, which is great for my first gratitude list of 2021!

I came to the end of 2020 looking forward to 2021 and manifesting what I wanted the year to look like. I was mindful to not get ahead of myself, but I had a good idea of how I wanted the year to shape up and January has been a really good, solid step towards that final image. I definitely don't want to get all hippy dippy, but I think I want to do a bit more research into manifestation and the Law of Attraction because the little that I know about it right now has helped a lot. Anyway, without further ado, here is what I was grateful for in January.

  1. My new job - as some of you may know, I accepted a new job just before Christmas (an actual Christmas miracle after a couple of months being unemployed) and I started on the 4th of January. While it's in the same field as my past experience, but it's also so different, fast-paced and new. I still feel like a total newbie, but I'm constantly learning something new every day and I'm trying to soak up as much info from the pros around me as possible. It makes me love the world of content that little bit more and it's giving me so many tools for my career, as well as this little blog of mine.
  2. The snow, but also the snow going away - there's two sides to this coin. One side is that the snow we had throughout January was amazing and I can't even tell you the little kid feeling I had on the first morning that I woke up and saw a blanket of white outside. I don't even remember the last time I saw 'proper' snow, but here in our little village, when it snows, it SNOWS. Our door was frozen shut, I was slipping with every footstep and it was blinkin' freezing. It was fun while it lasted, but I was glad to see the back end of it towards the end of January. Please, no more snow in February!
  3. Kickass blog content - I was my own biggest fan in January when it came to my blog and I was so proud of the content I was putting out. I had so many messages about my Independent Tees Collective series, I did some really cool collaborations with key local names (I will become the Teesside expert) and I've had actual, real ideas. I've been so in love with writing and I've loved sharing all of my posts with the world even more, and it's felt so good to have that drive and passion. It makes me feel really positive and excited about what's to come in February blog-wise, so keep your eyes peeled.
  4. Making time to read - this sounds like such a small and insignificant thing, but I love reading and I've got a ton of books on my TBR, but I used to always put reading off. While I only read two books in January, they were really bloomin' good and I'm planning what to read next. It was really lovely to have some quiet time to get lost in a book and feel joy from reading again. It's something that I want to keep up over the year, so throw all of your book recommendations at me please.
  5. Dreaming a bit bigger - usually, with vague points like this, I'll just say something like 'watch this space', but when I do that, those things don't usually come to fruition. So this time, I'm explaining. I was dreaming a bit bigger throughout January and had a lot of thoughts about migrating The Northernist to Wordpress. I know that to some non-bloggers, this might seem like nothing, but it's a pretty big deal and quite the faff on. But if I did it, it would really open up lots of content opportunities for this blog. It would also give me the push to start the monthly newsletter that I was talking about throughout January, as well as maybe a Facebook group. I'm still a tiddly little fish in a big pond, but I think it's good to think big and see where you can expand!

So that was what my January looked like. It was a pretty relaxed month in terms of my personal life, but in from a new job and The Northernist perspectives, it's been crazy busy and hectic. I absolutely loved it though and I can't wait to continue this energy into February.

What were you grateful for in January?

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