8 Handmade Chocolate & Vegan Chocolate Businesses In Teesside

14 Apr 2021

If there's one thing you need to know about me, it's that I'm a chocoholic, through and through. I swear, if you cut me, I bleed liquid chocolate, and I'm a firm believer that chocolate is one of the main food groups. And I'm pretty sure that everyone I'm going to be talking about in this blog post feels the same way! Yes, today is all about chocolate, but more specifically, chocolate that is made in Teesside.

The Teesside foodie scene is constantly growing and it's always an amazing thing to see, but one area that I've noticed huge growth in lately is the chocolate department. It feels like everyone is being bitten by the choco bug, and we've now got a whole host of fantastic companies across our region that create beautiful, handmade chocolates. And not only do we have lots of chocolate companies, but a selection that provide 100% vegan options too! Ain't nobody getting left out in Teesside!

So I thought it would be a good idea to put together a little list of places for you to buy local chocolate from, whether you are vegan or not, and no matter the occasion. Tees-based chocolate is the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or just as a little something for yourself, so check out this list and satisfy that sweet tooth.

1. Amare Patisserie (offers vegan options)

Amare Patisserie is a relatively new discovery to me, and I'm already completely obsessed. These handmade chocolates are both absolutely exquisite to look at and beautiful to eat. They're like a party in a box! Each chocolate is tall and domed, leaving plenty of room inside for gorgeously flavoured truffle, ganache, mousse or gel. And the best bit about it is that they taste exactly how they're meant to taste. The passion fruit is punchy, the vanilla is like a scoop of ice cream, the orange is smooth and luxurious - there isn't a single flavour that's off! Plus, each chocolate is like a mini oil painting.

Check out Amare Patisserie on Facebook or Instagram. Order from Amare Patisserie via Etsy or their website.

2. tr:Eat (offers vegan options)

tr:Eat is a firm Tees favourite, including Mama Northernist, and for very good reason! Chris, the face behind the biz, pours his heart into his chocolates and it shows. The result is incredibly sumptuous, indulgent and rich chocolates that are too good to resist. Tr:Eat only uses the highest quality ingredients to make boxes of deluxe treats, as well as marshmallows and jellies. Basically, no stone is left unturned in the stylish sweets department when it comes to Tr:Eat, so whether you choose chocolate, jelly or marshmallow, you can be sure that everything is incredible. Make sure you try the salted caramel chocolates - you won't regret it!

Check out Tr:Eat on Facebook or Instagram. Order from Tr:Eat via their website.

3. Bear Faced Vegan (100% vegan)

Our first 100% vegan option of the list! Bear Faced Vegan create 'veganised' versions of our favourite chocolates, such as Kinder Buenos, Crunchies and Bounties, as well as luxury gifts. All of their products are lovingly prepared to order using the highest quality, responsibly sourced ingredients in a 100% vegan kitchen. So if you are on a plant-based diet, you can be sure that you are completely safe to try this brand, and if you are a non-vegan, this biz is a great chocolate alternative to try. The future looks super bright for Bear Faced and I reckon we'll be seeing them stocked in stores soon!

Check out Bear Faced Vegan on Facebook or Instagram. Order from Bear Faced Vegan via their website.

4. Chocolate Chops (offers vegan options)

Chocolate Chops is one of the newest chocolate-themed companies in the area, but they're already making waves. For starters, they launched without a name, running a competition where people could submit names and the winner would receive a free box of choccies. I think they picked a good'un! Then second of all, their chocolates are absolutely delicious. I'm talking about boxes of fancy little bonbons that are coated in edible paint streaks and flecks. Each is a bitesize portion of pure joy and there are a range of flavours in every box. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for this one!

Check out Chocolate Chops on Instagram. Order from Chocolate Chops via their shop or through DMs.

5. Chocolini's (offers vegan options)

I'm pretty sure everyone that has driven into Saltburn knows Chocolini's - you can't miss it! This chocolate shop has been a permanent fixture of the seaside independent scene and a crowd favourite for years, and for very good reason too! As soon as you walk through the door, you are hit with that unmistakeable chocolate smell, then you're presented with cases of goodies. I'm talking about handmade chocolates, cookies, fudge, ice cream, and hot drinks. Basically, if you want a sweet treat, they've got you covered. You can sit in the shop or take out for a lovely stroll along the beach, so it's a great spot to visit if you're ever out by the coast.

Check out Chocolini's on Facebook or Instagram. Visit Chocolini's in store at 3 Windsor Road, Saltburn, TS12 1AX, or buy online from their website.

Source: Temper.TANTRUM Chocolates

6. Temper.TANTRUM Chocolates (100% vegan)

Our second fully plant-based chocolatier is Temper.TANTRUM Chocolates, a brilliant biz that offers super high quality, opulent chocolate boxes and bars. If anyone tells you that being vegan is boring, point them in the direction of Temper.TANTRUM! Their creations are colouful, vibrant, and packed full of so much flavour that you wouldn't even realise the chocolates were made from plant-based ingredients. With familiar flavours like salted caramel, to more unusual offerings, such as vanilla roasted tomato jam with sweet balsamic or caramelised coconut milk, this little business just beckons us closer from curiosity. I'm predicting big things from them!

Check out Temper.TANTRUM Chocolates on Facebook or Instagram. Order from Temper.TANTRUM Chocolates via Etsy or their website.

7. House Of Chocolate (offers vegan options)

Imagine living in a house of chocolate with all of the most amazing smells and flavours... that's exactly what life is like for this biz! House Of Chocolate is an Ingleby Barwick-based spot that whips up small batch chocolates, as well as chocolate pizzas, Easter eggs, lollies, and hot chocolate bombes, following a craze that swept social media. Basically, they are whizzes at producing all kinds of chocolatey treats, so make a great choice all year round. Make sure you go and take a look at their 3D chocolate shoes - they are truly something to behold!

Check out House Of Chocolate on Facebook or Instagram. Order from House Of Chocolate via DMs.

Source: Close & Cocoa by The Raby Hunt

8. Close & Cocoa by The Raby Hunt

The Raby Hunt is a two Michelin star restaurant in Darlington, owned by self-taught chef, James Close. After being more than a dab hand at cooking and creating the most exquisite food (seriously, go check out their photos), James has turned his hand to chocolate to launch Close & Cocoa, a super high end, luxury chocolate brand. Their signature chocolate are the skulls, which are also the last serving on The Raby Hunt's tasting menu, but with boxes available to purchase, you can create your own fine dining experience at home. Keep your eyes peeled for future releases - they get snapped up fast!

Check out Close & Cocoa on Instagram, and check out The Raby Hunt on Facebook or Instagram. Order from Close & Cocoa via their website or on Tock.

Anyone else feeling particularly peckish for something smothered in chocolate now? I knew that writing this blog post would make me hungry! But I hope you've found it helpful and possibly discovered a new business that will add some extra sweetness into your life. Whether you need a gift for a parent, sibling, friend, partner, teacher, or yourself, check each and every one of these Teesside chocolate businesses to find the perfect choice!

What is your ideal flavour of chocolate?

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