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29 May 2021

Source: Temper.TANTRUM

After writing up a whole piece about Teesside chocolatiers, I figured it was only right that we delve a little deeper into the luxurious world. I know that some of the chocolate makers I mentioned have incredible stories and future plans, so I'm eager to share them a bit more throughout my Indie Tees Collective series, and today, we're gonna be chatting about Temper.TANTRUM.

Not only do we have a fantastic and growing chocolate scene in Teesside, but also a growing vegan scene, and Temper.TANTRUM is part of this! Having only launched in 2020, their plant-based chocs are taking the Tees by storm, thanks to their beautiful, artisanal designs, and unreal flavour combinations. I'm talking about raspberry and tarragon, pomegranate and orange molasses, and toasted marshmallow. Has that whet your appetite a little? Read through the rest of this post to find out more!

Hello! Let's start with a bit of an introduction. Who are you and what is your business all about?

I’m Christopher Greenacre, the man behind Temper.TANTRUM Chocolates, an artisan vegan chocolate business. Temper.TANTRUM Chocolates offers a range of chocolate collections that will both intrigue with their appearance and delight the tastebuds with their flavours! Whether it’s twists on classic flavours, unusual ingredients or new flavour pairings, there should be something for everyone, and not only vegans! Oh, and there’s brownies too!

Where did the inspiration for Temper.TANTRUM come from? What made you want to kickstart it?

I’m actually not sure - it all started in the original lockdown last year. I’ve been a chef for the past ten years, always having a passion for sweet things and vegetarian/vegan products. Those lockdown days led me to doing something different to keep busy and keep the creative juices going, and so Temper.TANTRUM was born.

Which of your unique flavour combinations have been your favourite to make so far?

I couldn’t choose just one! From the early days, I loved the Ribena inspired bon bon, which featured a jelly and Ribena caramel ganache. At Christmas, the Carrot & Orange Caramel with Gingerbread was a big favourite of mine. One that’s available now, I would say the Raspberry & Tarragon Heart from the Wanderlust box.

Which box of chocolates would you recommend to a Temper.TANTRUM newbie?

For a newbie, I would go for either the Sweet Selection Bon Bons or the Caramel Bars. The Sweet Selection has some classic flavours like Biscoff, salted caramel and the customer favourite of Toasted Marshmallow, Cinnamon & White Chocolate Ganache. Whereas the Caramel Bars Box has a mix of unusual flavours like Smoked Vanilla Caramel and a vegan alternative to a Daim bar.

Source: Temper.TANTRUM

What do you enjoy most about running Temper.TANTRUM?

The feeling I get when someone places an order, or leaves a positive review. Nothing beats that feeling when something entirely made by you has made someone happy.

What has been Temper.TANTRUM's biggest achievement so far?

I would say the progress I’ve made since starting less than a year ago, but as a chef I’m used to hearing the phrase “Push, push Chef!!” And now I’m saying that to myself and always trying to push to the next thing.

What do you love about the Teesside independent scene?

As a newbie to the area (Southern Softie, you may say), I love how much it’s grown, even since I moved here last year.

Source: Temper.TANTRUM

What's next for Temper.TANTRUM? What do you hope for the future?

Up next, new flavours... a summer range will come soon, and new partnerships with other independent businesses. In the long term, I would love my own little shop so I could see all the lovely customers that have been supporting me!

And finally, recommend one other Teesside independent to us!

There’s so many to choose from and I haven’t got round to trying enough! I’ll recommend Dirt Vegan Desserts - having another great vegan business in the local area is awesome!

As Christopher said right at the start of these questions, Temper.TANTRUM offer something for everyone. You honestly don't need to be on a plant-based diet to enjoy their treats, and I can say this from experience. I absolutely loved the Spring Collection box that I bought for myself, and was absolutely floored by the flavours and quality of the chocolates. If this little Q&A has caught your interest, definitely check out Temper.TANTRUM on Facebook or Instagram, or put in an order via their website or Etsy.

Make sure you check back next week for another incredible Teesside independent!

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