Jeffree Star's Blood Sugar Palette + An Attempt at a Cut Crease

15 Jan 2019

It feels like such a long time since I did a review of a makeup product that wasn't a first impressions. I'm pinning that to the fact that I've been a bit busy lately and haven't really had an excuse to do a full face or use anything new. But since when did we need an excuse to glam ourselves up for fun? So in my spare time, I've just been playing about with some bits and bobs that I've picked up recently, and one of those is Jeffree Star's Blood Sugar palette. I'll admit, I haven't been dipping into it like crazy because it's too beautiful to destroy, but I've played about with it enough to have some thoughts on it!

If you've read my 'the 5 new palette in my collection' post, you'll know that I picked this up on Boxing Day. I remember watching Jeffree's announcement video when this palette launched and I was instantly in love with it. I saw countless restocks come and go, but always convinced myself that I didn't need to spend that much money on an eyeshadow palette. After getting a little bit of money for Christmas, I was like 'yep, the time is now,' and I was surprised to see that it was in stock on Beauty Bay! I didn't think twice and couldn't get my details down quickly enough. Then it was just a waiting game, but as soon as I had it in my paws, I was acting as if I'd discovered the holy grail. I showed my sister, who is also a Jeffree Star fan, and her mouth dropped open. She said 'when are you ever going to use those colours?' but I'll get to that a bit further into the post!
Now, I don't own any of Jeffree's other palettes, but from what I've seen, this is arguably his most luxurious and completely different to anything else on the market. Where he went with fairly average packaging for palettes like Beauty Killer and Androgyny, he took it up a step with Blood Sugar and created something that has become pretty coveted in the makeup community.

As the palette name suggests, this whole palette is themed around medicine, particularly dentistry, and sweets, which tie together perfectly. Taking inspiration from that, he designed the packaging to look like a doctor's case, complete with faux red leather and metal clasps. It's chunky, which doesn't make it ideal for travelling, but it feels so high quality and weighty. I could even argue that the packaging alone makes it worth the price tag for anyone that was a collector or wanted a show piece for their vanity.

When you open it up, you're presented with a really great mirror - I much prefer a palette with a mirror because then you can get right up close and personal with your eyes while you're doing your face. Of course, there's also the 18 pack-a-punch shades in rounded square pans that are set in a red faux leather base. If you want to do a bit of maths, £46 (the RRP) split between 18 shadows is about £2.55 per shadow, which makes the price tag a little less of a blow, but let's take a look at the shades and talk about if I'll actually get use out of all of them.
I think everybody's initial reaction when they look at this palette is 'that's a lot of bright shades', however, if you look a little closer and past those unbelievable reds, you'll see that there actually is a fair amount of neutrals in the palette, making it a lot more versatile than it might first appear to be. I won't lie though, it was the reds that pulled me in. I've got enough neutral palettes already, so it was the brights that I was most excited about playing with.

According to the Jeffree Star website, there are three formulas in this palette - matte, metallic and foiled. I was pleased to see there were no shimmers because I'm all about the mattes and metallics. Now it's all well and good saying that these formulas are included in the palette, but we all want to know how they perform! As with all my review posts, take a look at my swatches below and how I think I will use/have used each shade. (I've been daft and done my swatches upside down, so they run from bottom to top).
  • Glucose - an opaque matte white. I feel as though whites are difficult to do and I've never been happy with the opacity of a white shade until I met Glucose. I've been using this with a light hand to set my eyeshadow primer, but I'm looking forward to using it for more avant garde looks!
  • Sugarcane - this is a matte, pink-toned nude that is just slightly darker than my skin tone, making it great as an eyeshadow base or as a light transition shade.
  • Cake Mix - a light orangey-brown matte that I've loved using as a transition shade. It's ideal for more neutral looks or for deepening up with a red shade!
  • Ouch - a darker, more brown version of Cake Mix, which means that the two pair together really well for neutral looks. It's ideal for darkening the crease.
  • Donor - one of my favourite shades in the palette (that I wish had a name that fit it better) and a shade that looks stunning all over the lid. It's a foiled bronze gold that adds instant warmth to the look and it feels like actual butter to apply.
  • Intravenous - a deep, chocolate brown matte that is perfect for deepening the outer corner or running under the lower lash line for a smoky effect.

It's clear to see that this is the more neutral row with two stand out shades in Glucose and Donor. The other 4 are very similar to shades that I already own, but that isn't to say I haven't been using them and loving them! I have found every single shade in this row to be very easy to work with. They are all very pigmented, so a little really does go a long way, but with a light hand, I've found that I can do a really pared back neutral look with this row. My favourite of the row is definitely Donor because I just can't believe how opaque and buttery it is. It's an absolute dream to swatch and it looks killer on the eyes, as you'll see further into this post.
  • Candy Floss - I freaking love the name of this shade and it suits the colour perfectly! My swatch looks terrible, but in person, it's beautiful. This is a metallic, frosted, cool pale pink shade. I haven't used it yet, but I think it could look gorgeous as an inner corner highlight when applied with a light hand.
  • Tongue Pop - anyone else instantly hear a tongue pop when they read that? This is a matte peach shade and something that I can see myself getting lots of wear out of in spring. It'd look great as a transition shade.
  • Sweetener - this is another gold, but it doesn't pack quite as much of a punch as Donor does. It's a lot softer and has a rosy tint to it, so it'd be great all over the lid for a romantic look.
  • Cavity - just look at this freaking shade! It's a matte, vivid, fuchsia pink and, I won't lie, I'm a little bit nervous about it. I've never worn anything quite so bright on my face and I don't really know how to, so give me suggestions!
  • O Positive - in the pan, this looks like just another grey shadow, but swatched, I found that it had a gorgeous mauve-y purple undertone. It would be great as a transition shade for cool-toned looks.
  • Root Canal - again, this is another scary one like Cavity, but it is so stunning. This is a matte, bright violet shade that I'm desperate to use, but don't really know how. Maybe it could work all over the lid and smoked out with the deeper purple from the next row?

In comparison to the first row, this row is a lot more daring and we start to see some more 'out there' colours appearing. You've still got a couple of fairly neutral shades - Tongue Pop and O Positive - but the others are definitely designed to make your eye makeup stand out a bit more. While I found that the mattes in the first row performed really well, the mattes in the second row blew them out of the water. Just look at the pigment in Cavity and Root Canal! If you were looking for brights, you definitely won't be disappointed with this palette. As for the two metallics, I didn't find them as blinding as the foiled shade, Donor, from the first row, but that's because it's a totally different formula. Because of that, Candy Floss and Sweetener could be two shades that could be easily worked into an every day makeup look.
  • Prick - a matte orange-red shade. This is a beautiful shade and was definitely designed for all of us red shadow lovers. This could work all over the lid or in the crease for a bold look.
  • Cherry Soda - every time I see that shade name, I instantly crave a cherry Coke (I'm so sad it's been discontinued in the UK). This is a slightly darker version of Prick, although it doesn't look like it in the swatches. I have used this all through my crease for the makeup look included in this blog post and it works like a dream.
  • Fresh Meat - this is a gorgeous, matte, purple-red berry shade, and again, I used this to deepen the makeup look in this post and it really transformed my eyes into more of a pinky-purple look. I blooming love this colour!
  • Blood Sugar - the namesake of the palette does not let us down. This is a foiled, Christmas red shade that would be gorgeous all over the lid. I can't wait to give it a go!
  • Extraction - this is a matte raspberry purple shade that I can see myself reaching for time and time again. This would make a beautiful crease shade and I think it would look extra yummy on brown eyes.
  • Coma - a deep, matte, eggplant purple that would pair beautifully with Extraction. I used this in my cut crease to deepen the outer corner and ran lightly through my crease for an extra bit of dimension. It's a gorgeous colour that would be perfect for autumn.

This row is my favourite by far. I'm a massive red-toned shadow fan, so it was these shades that I was drawn to when I first saw the palette. And again, it seems like the mattes in this row perform a lot better than those in the other two rows. I'm not saying that the formula is different - it could be that the brightness of the shades helps them to apply better? Either way, I'm in love! I realise that shades like this aren't for everyone, but you can absolutely use a light hand to get a less vivid colour payoff, and that's something I've found across the board with the matte shadows in this palette. Even though you get stellar pigmentation from them, they're definitely buildable, so you play about with applying them softly and working them up to being a bit bolder.

So my overall thoughts on the shades is more than positive. I'm absolutely blown away by the quality of them and the way that they perform. I've said that shadows have been buttery before on my blog, but I've never quite felt 'buttery' like the Donor and Blood Sugar shades. They literally seem to melt on to the finger. And I don't think I've ever seen matte shades that are as pigmented! Just look at Root Canal and Glucose, for example... they're completely opaque, which is really want you want in a matte shadow. As I've continued to reiterate, though, they can be applied lightly for a softer appearance.

I really think I'll get use out of every single shade, apart from maybe Cavity and Root Canal. I think they're both beautiful, but I have no clue how to pull them off! I think I'll need to do a little bit more playing around and figuring out how to use them, then I'll get back to you. But because I think I'll get use out of almost every single shade, the £46 price tag really was worth it to me. It also has really big pans and a shelf life of 12 months, so I won't need to repurchase in a hurry, making it a bit of an investment in a weird way, kinda? Sorta?

So, I've never ever claimed to be good at makeup, I just like using it and talking about it, so go easy on me! I thought I'd try out a cut crease for the second time ever with this palette and share the look with you guys. Now, obviously, you can see that I need a bit more practise with doing a cut crease, but I'm really pleased with how it turned out. 

I started off by running Cherry Soda quite heavily through my crease. I went a bit haphazard with it because I was hoping to blend it all together before cutting the crease. I then applied Fresh Meat over the top, which give the look a much more pink tint. I blended these two together and softened the edges out with a touch of Sugarcane. Finally, I went in with a light hand and used Coma to deepen the crease and the outer corner.

To cut my crease, I used Makeup Revolution's Conceal & Define, then lightly patted Glucose on top to set it. I used my finger to apply the bulk of Donor on to my lid, then went in with a brush to bring the shadow closer to the cut line. I then used Fresh Meat and Coma under my lower lash line to complete the eyeshadow.

I popped on my favourite No7 Stay Perfect Liquid Liner and a coat of Tarte's Maneater mascara, and I was good to go! This was definitely one of the most adventurous looks I've tried and, like I said, I'm pretty chuffed with how it turned out. I'm really looking forward to playing with the palette a bit more and seeing what I can come up with next.
While Jeffree Star is a bit of a love-him-or-hate-him character, you have to admit that the guy makes killer makeup. I've heard amazing things about his liquid lipsticks, but it's a shame that I hate wearing things on my lips. I may have to try one as an eyeliner though!

Have you tried the Blood Sugar palette or would you like to? Which shade do you think is best?

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  1. Such a pretty palette - I love the look you’ve created with the shadows xx

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