Teesside Restaurant Week Returns For 2020

20 Jan 2020

Usually, Restaurant Weeks are reserved for the big cities, like Newcastle or Manchester. It's not something that I ever expected to have in our little corner of the North East, but after seeing a recommended post for an exclusive Teesside Restaurant Week menu, my interest was piqued. I visited the page and saw that there were posts on posts of a similar kind. My mouth pretty much dropped and then started to water after I realised that every single place featuring on this page was within driving distance for me. So yes, I'm extremely excited and pleased to tell you all that Teesside Restaurant Week is making a huge return at the start of February 2020!

You might be thinking, "a return? I didn't even know there was another Teesside Restaurant Week!" and I can't lie, I didn't know either. But it seems as though the first edition was held in November 2019 and it must've been such a stellar success, because this event is coming back with a bang!

So what exactly is Teesside Restaurant Week? Well, across our area, we have an absolute wealth of independent eateries and this event is all about celebrating them. Running from February 3rd - 7th, you'll be able to grab a three course meal at a selection of indie restaurants (I'll talk about some of the available places in just a sec) for only £15. Yes, a starter, main course and dessert kind of deal for only £15. It's a complete steal and a brilliant way to support some local restaurants. It's totally a foodie's idea of a good time, so you can expect to get a couple of reviews from me after trying some new places that week!

January and February are traditionally quite slow times of the year for restaurants. Everyone is spent up after Christmas and people are giving diets a go to balance all of the feasting over Christmas, so Restaurant Weeks aim to tackle that and help out with footfall. Who wouldn't to be a part of something that helps our independent scene during the difficult parts of the year?!

While it's all well and good chatting about Teesside Restaurant Week, the most important thing that we all want to know is which restaurants are getting involved? Well, for this edition of the event, there are over 35 restaurants confirmed and the doors are still open for others to sign up. There are places all across Teesside, from Stockton and Middlesbrough, to Billingham and Sedgefield, so there is bound to be a spot close to where you live!

To name just a few, there's Scrann in Norton, which is a sourdough pizza and charcuterie restaurant, so we can expect a pretty delicious menu from them; Tomahawk Steakhouse Potto, which is a meat lovers paradise; Il Mulino in Stokesley, which is a scrumptious Italian; and The Chairman in Middlesbrough, which has featured on my blog as one of my favourite spots in Boro for a Sunday dinner. As you can see, there's so much choice and so many different locations, so it's definitely worth checking out the Teesside Restaurant Week Facebook page to see if there's some in your town or if you fancy having a proper dinner out!

I'll be honest, there are lots of places included that I haven't tried out yet, so I'm absolutely buzzing to give some new eating spots a go, but one place I recommend to everyone is The Prickly Pear Bistro in Boro. I fell in love with this eaterie when I visited in October last year - the hidden gem-ness of it, the food, the family behind it, the decor... basically everything. You can read my post all about it or go along and check it out for yourself!

Like I said, I haven't sampled almost any of the restaurants that have been listed so far, so there's a lot of potential for me to find some new faves. I've been keeping my eyes peeled on the page to see all of the announcements and menus, so I thought I'd list a few places that have interested me so far!

The Herd & Herb - Sedgefield

This brand new Sedgefield restaurant is located inside the Hardwick Arms Hotel, right in the centre of the village. I'd spotted the sign for it whilst driving through and instantly fell in love with the name. After looking at their standard menus online, I fell even deeper in love, so I absolutely can't wait to find out what their menu for Restaurant Week looks like. Plus, with main dish prices of £16 and up, you're making quite a bit of a saving with the three course £15 offer!

The Mill - Stokesley

What I love about The Mill is that they're going with an around-the-world spin for their Restaurant Week menu. This pub will be offering dishes from the likes of Japan, France, Mexico and many others, so that their customers can sample different cuisines for each course. The Chinese shredded duck starter and ever so British sticky toffee pudding have my name written all over them!

Hope & Union - Stockton

This little pub is one of my mum's favourite spots in Stockton, but I've never actually been along myself. I know that it's a trendy little place near Green Dragon Yard that has really modern vibes and stylish drinks, so it's a spot that I'd love to try out for food! There's steak, burgers, parmos and all sorts of other pub grub, so I'm excited to see their dedicated Restaurant Week menu.

I hope that this little preview post has whet your appetite for Teesside Restaurant Week 2020 - it definitely has for me. I'm literally sat here with my mouth watering whilst I type! It's going to be an incredible week, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled on the page to see the updates and menus, and choose the places that you want to try.

Are you excited for Restaurant Week? Have any of these eateries taken your fancy?

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